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Fire Watch

Elmott's Blazing skewers are a hit at the beach house, and his skills with fire enable him to prepare even a hundred orders at once. He gets so focused on cooking that Lyria and (Captain) have to force him to take a break for lunch.

Elmott not in crew

While visiting a certain village, the crew sees a small fire in a nearby forest.
While searching for the source of the fire, they come across a suspicious-looking youth.
???: Now then, run along, little kiddies. It's not safe around here. Fires tend to pop up, you see, and how beautifully they burn...
With these ominous words, the youth vanishes into the shadows.
The source of the fire ends up disappearing before the flames can pose a serious threat.
But the crew notices something unusual in the forest the next day and hastens once again to the source of the flames.
???: Listen up. I happen to like your fires, but this is going a little far for a prank.
Fire Monster: Grrr...
The youth unleashes a burst of flame. The monster vanishes, and silence falls over the forest.
At that inopportune moment, however, some villagers arrive at the scene.
The youth, who calls himself Elmott, and the crew are in danger of being blamed as arsonists by the villagers.
But they escape the predicament by working together, and Elmott accompanies the crew from then on.
Elmott: Ha-ha! Burn, baby! Burn!
Elmott: Heh-heh... There was never any escape for you, my pretties.
The crew finds itself doing part-time work at Sierokarte's beach house.
Elmott, a master of fire, has been tasked with grilling in the kitchen.
Elmott: Heh... But fear not. I won't let a single drop of juicy deliciousness escape you.
Elmott: Screaming like that won't help you. Just resign yourselves to your juicy fate.
Lyria, who's in charge of the dining area, comes up in the middle of Elmott's earnest conversation with the food.
Lyria: Um... Elmott! We have an order for three more Blazing Skewers!
Elmott: Heh-heh... I just finished a few more. Take 'em!
Elmott's own invention, Blazing Skewers, is the talk of the beach.
And they're the reason long lines have been forming at the beach house every day.
Lyria: We're in trouble, Elmott!
Elmott: What's up, Lyria? Calm down a sec.
Lyria: Um... Well, we've just had a group order for Blazing Skewers.
Elmott: A group order, eh? Well, how many for?
Lyria: Uh... Well, that's the thing... It's an order for one hundred!
Elmott: Say what? A hundred?
Lyria: But... Well, there's no way we can fill such a large order, right? I'll go and explain to—
Elmott: Wait, Lyria! Don't go giving up so soon.
Lyria: R-really? You mean there's a way?
Elmott: Yeah, but you gotta do something for me.
Elmott: I need all the grills you got. Pronto.
Lyria: Okay! I'm on it!
Elmott: Heh-heh... Looks like things are finally heatin' up around here.
Elmott leaves the kitchen and sets up the grills on the beach.
He positions himself in the center of all ten of them.
Elmott: Let's get cookin'.
Elmott: Hyaaa!
With a swing of his staff, he lights all ten grills in a single instant.
Elmott: Heh-heh... Good boys!
Thanks to his skill, none of the flames burn too hot or too cold.
Lyria: Wow! Amazing, Elmott!
Elmott: Heh-heh... Now I just gotta get the roasting done!
Lyria: The customers are counting on you! When you're finished, just give me a call!
Elmott: Gotcha. Here I go!
Thanks to Elmott's flame-wielding abilities, the crew manages to handle the massive order.
People start talking about Elmott's Blazing Skewer show after that, and business at the the beach house skyrockets.
Lyria: Huff... huff... The rush finally seems to be over.
Vyrn: Sheesh... I never guessed things would take off like that.
After getting through the rush, the crew takes a break in the beach house.
Before they know it, the table in front of them is full of sumptuous cuisine, and they begin a late lunch.
Lyria: Munch, munch... This is so tasty!
Vyrn: Gulp... I can see what all the fuss was about now! These Blazing Skewers live up to the hype!
The crew savors the piquant seasoning and perfectly grilled meat of the skewers.
Lyria: Hm? Where's Elmott by the way?
Vyrn: Now that you mention it, I haven't seen him either.
  1. I'll go check.
  2. Om nom nom!

Choose: I'll go check.
(Captain) goes to the kitchen to look for Elmott.
He's there preparing more Blazing Skewers, muttering to his cooking as usual.
Elmott: Hey, (Captain). What's up?
(Captain) grabs Elmott's hand and tries to drag him over to where the others are feasting.
Elmott: Whoa, hold it!
Elmott: I'm roasting some Blazing Skewers here!
Heaving a sigh, (Captain) wordlessly moves to stand beside Elmott.
Elmott: Hey. I'll bring 'em when they're done, so you go back and wait, okay?
(Captain) will have none of that and instead gazes at the quivering flames alongside Elmott.
Elmott: Humph... Whatever.
For the short time it takes for the Blazing Skewers to cook, Elmott and (Captain) stand in silence.
Once the food is ready, (Captain) takes Elmott, who has run out of excuses, and forces him to join the others.
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Choose: Om nom nom!
Lyria: Um... Guess I'd better look for him myself then.
Lyria goes to the kitchen to look for Elmott.
He's there preparing more Blazing Skewers, muttering to his cooking as usual.
Lyria: Um... Elmott?
Elmott: Oh, Lyria? Good timing.
Elmott: These Blazing Skewers are ready. Could you take 'em out for me?
Lyria takes the freshly grilled skewers from Elmott.
After handing them over, he instantly turns his attention to preparing the next batch.
Lyria: Um...
Elmott: Huh? Did you want anything else?
Lyria: W-well... Why don't you take a break and come eat with us?
Elmott: Don't worry about me. I'm fine here.
Lyria: Hmm... Then I guess I'll just have to help you here!
Elmott: Wha? Didn't I tell you to take those out already?
Lyria: No! I can't stand seeing you leave yourself out like this!
Seeing Lyria's determination, Elmott lets out a sigh.
Elmott: Oh, if you insist.
Elmott brusquely takes the plate of Blazing Skewers from Lyria's hands.
Lyria: Um... So you mean—
Elmott: Yeah, I guess I'll take a quick break.
Lyria: Hee-hee... Let's go see everyone!
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Thus Elmott ends up joining the lively lunch break with the rest of the crew.