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The Blazing Teacher

Elmott is serving as a special guest teacher at Mysteria Academy. On the last day of his week-long tenure, however, a student attempts to take his own life. Elmott manages to stop the boy, but senses there is more to the incident than meets the eye.

Elmott: Anyway... don't go thinkin' you can get by with a shy flame.
Elmott: Go all-out first, then adjust from there.
Elmott: Like how you light a stove. Only you are the stove.
Elmott: Y'know what, I'll just show ya.
Elmott: Blazing Prison!
Female Student 1: Wow! It's beautiful!
Male Student 1: Now I know why they call him the Blazing Teach!
Elmott: Quit it. This ain't some circus show.
Elmott: And cut that Blazing Teach stuff out while you're at it! I'm just a temp here!
His brash demeanor, however, does nothing to deter the students from admiring him.
For this is Mysteria Academy, leading institute of the arcane arts, where magical aptitude speaks louder than words.
Elmott: Sigh... What've I gotten myself into.
Elmott: I ain't cut out for this teacher stuff. Shoulda turned this job down the second they mentioned it.
Any version of Elmott is a crew member

Elmott has separated from the crew for a time to lecture at Mysteria Academy.
The story begins several days prior, when the crew receives an unexpected visit from a stranger.
No version of Elmott in crew

Elmott, a young man with a natural affinity for fire and a passion for all its intricacies.
In the past he had been wrongly accused of arson. To help him escape, (Captain) and the crew brought him into their ranks.
But the story of how Elmott came to lecture at Mysteria Academy begins several days prior, when the crew receives an unexpected visit from a stranger.
Elmott: What? You're from Mysteria Academy?
Academy Staff: Yes! The academy would be honored if you could share your knowledge of pyromancy with our—
Elmott: Back up. This the same academy I'm thinking about? The famous one?
Elmott: And how's a big-shot sorcerer like you know about me anyway?
Academy Staff: Mm? Why, Mr. Elmott, are you not aware?
Academy Staff: Your name's quite known among the practitioners of magic. The young and talented skyfaring pyromancer with a tongue as sharp as his flames are superb!
Elmott: Oh? That so? Guess a guy's name gets around with all that island hopping.
Academy Staff: Yes, and after looking into the rumors, we can say without a doubt, your flames truly are a sight to behold!
Elmott: Humph. That so?
Elmott: ...
Elmott: Quite a thing to hear my little party tricks get such high praise.
Elmott: So, what do you want from me anyway?
Academy Staff: The academy would like to formally invite you to the campus as a special guest teacher!
Elmott: Me? A teacher?
Elmott: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Elmott: Are you serious?
Academy Staff: Indeed we are! We hope for a one-week course where you will instruct students in—
Elmott: Heh heh heh...
Elmott: Gya-ha-ha!
Academy Staff: S-sir, is... everything all right?
Elmott: Listen, guy. Being a teach ain't just about having good magic. You gotta have character, personality. Y'know, be likeable.
Elmott: Look at me. I'm shady as heck. Call me if you want to scare those kids instead.
Elmott: Am I right or am I right, (Captain)?
  1. Goodbye shade, hello sunshine!
  2. He's actually really good with kids.

Choose: Goodbye shade, hello sunshine!

Elmott: Hey!
Elmott: Whose side are you on here!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: He's actually really good with kids.

Elmott: Wait, what?
Elmott: What're you talking about! I hate kids! Hate 'em!
Go to "Continue 1"

Continue 1

Academy Staff: Oho! It seems your captain approves!
Academy Staff: Thank you, Captain! Well then, Mr. Elmott, there's not a moment to lose! If we leave now, we might still catch the express liner to Mysteria!
Elmott: H-hey, wait!
Elmott: Get your hands off me! Where's my say in this!
Elmott: I ain't no teacher, ya hear me! Ain't no—
Thus Elmott was spirited away to Mysteria.
And in but a blink of an eye, the week-long course had passed.
Elmott: Whew... Finally. It's over.
Academy Staff: Mr. Elmott! Congratulations on concluding the course! I must say that was a wonderful finale!
Elmott: Humph. Now all that's left is to write a report and bid this straitjacket good riddance.
Academy Staff: Oho, but I hear your class is receiving such high praises from the students! You're the most requested lecturer in the academy!
Elmott: They must have really liked the lightshow.
Academy Staff: Oh no, it wasn't just that. Your evaluation as a teacher is also among the highest in the academy! The other lecturers are asking for you to be given a full-time position here!
Elmott: Me? A real teacher? You're joking.
Academy Staff: Nothing but the truth, Mr. Elmott! Incidentally, I'm to be set for promotion on the merit of finding you!
Elmott: Humph. There are some crazy people in this world.
Elmott: But I'll admit this sure beats being called an arsonist.
Elmott: ...
Academy Staff: So what do you say? If it's all right with you, we can go inform the others now.
Elmott: Yeah right. I'm a skyfarer, all right? I ain't interested in none of this teachy stuff.
Female Student 1: Aaahh!
Male Student 1: Up there! Someone's on the roof!
Elmott: Huh? What's goin' on over there.
A commotion rises up outside.
Students gather around to look at the figure standing atop one of the buildings.
Male Student 2: It's over... It's all over! I don't want to live anymore!
Male Student 2: Damn it! Damn it all!
Academy Staff: No! He's going to...
D-don't do it! It's not worth it!
Elmott: Say. You know the story behind this?
Academy Staff: The other day he... he was caught stealing. Shoplifting, I believe. As a result he's to be suspended from the academy.
Female Student 2: No! You're wrong! Tommy would never do something like that!
Academy Staff: Hm? Ah, you're his friend, aren't you. But the investigation concluded that he was guilty.
Female Student 2: But... but still!
Academy Staff: At any rate, I need you to call for aid from the staff room. Mr. Elmott and I will talk to the boy and buy some time.
Academy Staff: Hm? Mr. Elmott? Where'd he go?
Tommy: Sob... Goodbye, Yulia. I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused you.
Elmott: Hey there, Tommy. Your friend told me you were up here. I'm assuming she's that Yulia you mentioned.
Tommy: Wha! Y-you're that special teacher.
Elmott: I remember seeing you the first day I got here. Right in the front row. Your eyes were sparklin' like some puppy dog about to get a belly rub.
Elmott: But come on, kid. It's just a suspension. Ain't exactly the end of the world.
Tommy: What's it to you? You're not even a teacher here anymore!
Elmott: Wrong. Still a teacher till sunset.
Elmott: Hup!
Tommy: Wha!
Elmott's punch lands Tommy right in the gut.
He then catches the student as he loses consciousness and brings him to the infirmary.
Elmott: Oof... There you go.
He'll be fine. Should wake up in an hour or so.
Academy Staff: Thank you for saving him.
Elmott: So, what is it you're not telling me?
Elmott: From the look I saw on his face, there's gotta be more to this.
Academy Staff: Hmm, I do agree. However, I don't know much more than what I've already told you.
Yulia: Excuse me... Might I speak with you, sir?
Elmott: Ah, good timing. I got some questions for you myself.
Delinquent 1: Hahaha! Oi, oi, y' heard? The little runt's got the whole school in a fuss!
Delinquent 2: Pfft! Haha! Tried to jump off the roof, did he? Like he had the guts!
Delinquent Boss: Heh heh... Save it for later, boys. Show's just getting started.
Shadows lurk and snicker in the dark recesses of the academy grounds.
Little do they know that the Blazing Teacher's lesson is about to begin.