Scenario:Elmott - The Midnight Prowler

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The Midnight Prowler

The crew meets a mysterious guy named Elmott when putting out a fire. The next day, they see him defeating the true arsonist, but the villagers suspect the crew of the crime. Elmott offers to buy them time to escape, but Lyria convinces him to come along.

Late one night, (Captain) and company return to a certain village to report the completion of a monster hunting mission.
Just as they're about to return to the airship, a villager comes running out of the forest, white as a sheet.
Villager: Aah! Fire! The forest is on fire!
Vyrn: Say what! Then again, now that you mention it, it does smell like something's burning...
Lyria: Look! There's smoke rising from the forest!
Vyrn: This could be trouble... Let's help put out the fire!
(Captain) and company rush into the fire-swept forest.
As they search for the cause of the fire, a suspicious young man appears.
???: What the? What are you all doin' here? Run along to bed now, kiddies.
Vyrn: Excuse you! Don't judge us by our looks! I'll have you know we're perfectly capable skyfarers!
???: Like I care, kid. Listen, you won't grow up big and strong if you keep walkin' around at this time of night, if you know what I'm sayin'.
???: Hang on... Just one thing... You there, what's your name?
Vyrn: Hm? This is (Captain), the captain of our crew!
???: I see. Your scent is like mine. I'll try to remember your face at least.
???: Now then, run along, little kiddies. It's not safe around here. Fires tend to pop up, you see, and how beautifully they burn...
With that, the young man disappears into the darkness.
The fire is doused before it gets out of hand, and the cause of the fire has apparently vanished... but the villagers have other ideas.
Villager 1: Hey, have you heard? There was another fire scare in the forest yesterday.
Villager 2: Yeah. Four days in a row, huh? Rumor has it there's an arsonist in town. I bet there'll be another fire tonight.
Vyrn: Hmm... Say, do you think it could be that shady guy from yesterday?
Lyria: I'm not sure about that. He didn't seem like such a bad person to me...
Lyria: ...!
Do you smell that?
Vyrn: Look! There's smoke coming from the forest again! C'mon! We'd better hurry, (Captain)!
???: Listen up. I happen to like your fires, but this is going a little far for a prank.
Fire Monster: Grrr...
???: There are a ton of people here who'd prefer it if the forest weren't on fire. So, yeah, I'm gonna need you to stop.
???: Relax... It won't hurt a bit. My flames can turn any monster to ash in an instant!
The moment he unleashes flames, the monster vanishes, and silence falls over the forest.
???: Whew...
Vyrn: That was incredible... Did he really just do that?
???: Hm? You're the kids from yesterday...
???: What are you doing here? Didn't I warn you not to walk around out here? It's unsafe, remember?
Lyria: Um... Was that monster behind all the fires?
???: Maybe. So what? What do you care?
Lyria: Then that means you aren't the arsonist... In fact, you're the hero...
Elmott: Ha! Like I care about that! I, the great Elmott, simply burn things as I please... That's all there is to it.
Elmott: That monster earlier was simply trespassing on my turf, and I didn't appreciate it. That's all.
Elmott: Besides, the villagers all have it out for me anyway.
Villager: Hey! Over there! Look at those suspicious people! I bet they did it!
Elmott: Just great. Here comes trouble.
Elmott: Okay, kids! You better get away from the village before you get involved in this mess.
Elmott: You're skyfarers, right? I'll buy you some time, so take your ship and get out of here... fast!
Lyria: Huh? But what about you, Elmott?
Elmott: Well, as you can see, this misunderstanding isn't likely to get cleared up. I'll have to leave the village, assuming I can get away.
Lyria: In that case... why don't you just come with us?
Elmott: What? Don't be ridiculous!
Lyria: But you'll be charged with a crime you didn't commit if you don't!
Elmott: But why would I go with you guys?
  1. Can you really escape on your own?
  2. We can't just abandon you here.

Choose: Can you really escape on your own?

Elmott: Huh? Don't underestimate me, kid... As if anyone from the village could give me trouble.
Vyrn: Whoa! They're coming from over there too! They've nearly got us surrounded!
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Choose: We can't just abandon you here.

Elmott: Like I care... I'm not so weak that I need some kid worryin' about me.
Lyria: But I refuse to just abandon you!

Continue 1

Elmott: What a pain! Fine, whatever! Let's go, Captain.
Elmott: But I don't want to hear about it if you end up regretting bringing me with you.
Lyria: Everything will be fine! Right, (Captain)? Now let's go! This way!
Vyrn: Can we cut the small talk and just get out of here already?
And so, under the cover of night, (Captain) and company leave the village behind.
With Elmott newly counted among their number, the crew resumes its journey.