Scenario:Elmott and Suframare - Teacher vs Midnight Prowler

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Teacher vs Midnight Prowler

That night Elmott returned home to get an earful from Suframare. She’d been up half the night worrying herself sick. Suframare decided to tag along the next night and found that Elmott had been using this time to do a little monster hunting and keep the kids in town safe. Their fondness for the youngster’s wellbeing helped a little to bridge the gap between them. No sooner had Elmott returned home than he and Vyrn began to bicker. Suframare appeared, ready to give another sermon. Elmott sighed. He still had a long way to go with this partner of his.

On a certain island. Ever a fan of his nightly constitutionals, Elmott strolls through the forest at a leisurely pace.
As usual, Elmott had himself a late dinner and prepared to get himself a bit of shuteye. However...
Suframare: Hey! Elmott! Where exactly did you get off to?
Elmott: Wha? I go where I want and do what I want.
Suframare: Goodness... do you realize how worried everyone is?! Especially Vyrn!
Elmott: Sigh... even the lizard’s worried about me. I’m gonna lose my edge...
Suframare: Hey! You keep changing the subject!
Elmott: (Hah. You know... she kind of looks like... )
Elmott: (Snkkt... she moves just like that monkey doll I had when I was a kid... )
Suframare: Hey! Would you care to tell me what’s so funny? Everybody is worried sick about you! And I won’t have it!
Elmott: Damn... you know what, kid? You’re a real pain in the ass. The lizard’s already on my list. You wanna be on there, too?
Suframare: What?! Who exactly are you calling “kid”? I’m 22 years old, I’ll have you know! I’m a fully grown adult!
Elmott: Hm? That’s not far off from me. You know, it’s hard to tell with Harvin...
Suframare: Wha? You’re in your 20s? Hehe. I could’ve sworn you were younger than me, given how you look...
Elmott: Wow. That’s a first. People usually think I’m older.
Suframare: Hehe. Well it’s quite the shock!
Suframare: ... wait a second! Did you just try to change the subject?! Hey! What kind of way is that to treat your teacher?!
Elmott: (... dang. So close... )
Suframare: Goodness, me... do you understand? If you’re going to be out late, you need to let me?
Elmott: Hah! You think I’m so kinda juvenile delinquent, don’tcha?! Fine, fine! I got it. I’m gonna hit the hay. Night.
Suframare: Hey! ... I’m not done talking!
Elmott decided he’d had enough for tonight. He went back to his room.
Suframare wasn’t quite satisfied with that, but what could she do? She took a dip in the bath and went to bed.
And the next night.
Monster: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
Elmott: Alright. I know you gotta eat like everyone else...
Elmott: But towns are for people. They’re off limits. You know what happens if you step foot in town, don’t you?
Elmott: Whew...
Elmott: Tsk... what? The damned lizard is worried about me? Who the hell does he think he is...
Suframare: Hey! Elmott! I was wondering where you went! And I find you here!
Elmott: What?! You followed me?!
Suframare: Gracious, me... this place is dangerous, you know! Just a little while ago, monsters came down from the mountains and attacked the children!
Suframare: I told Vyrn the same thing I told you! Practicing magic at night can get you hurt. Just don’t do it!
Elmott: Sigh... nothing’s gonna hurt me. You said monsters, right? Look over there.
Suframare followed Elmott’s finger to a pile of smoldering flames. Words failed her.
Elmott: Heh... you see that? You don’t need to worry about me.
Suframare: ... so you heard about the monsters in the forest and decided you’d protect Vyrn... and the children...
Elmott: Hah! You’re reading way too much into this. I wanna burn things... so I do.
Suframare: I see... so I guess I can tell Vyrn it’s safe now. He’s been wanting to work on his magic.
Elmott: Just wondering... why do you gotta teach him magic?
Suframare: Because he said he wants to learn, of course. I couldn’t have asked for a better pupil! Hehe...
Suframare: Hehe. Didn’t you come to me because you wanted to learn, Elmott?
Elmott: Nah. Old Elmott here’s been able to use fire since the day he was born. I just needed to figure out how to control it.
Suframare: I see... it’s natural for you. You’re a bit like Lily in that respect.
Elmott: Hm? What’s that supposed to mean?
Suframare: Lily is a princess of the Crystalia family... born with an innate and powerful magic. In fact, everything around her freezes...
Suframare: She needed something to keep her power in check... she went out all alone in search of spring. And she’s still so young...
Elmott: Come again? No one stopped her? They just let a kid wonder out alone? Can’t say I like the sound of that...
Suframare: Of course I thought to stop her. But by the time I knew it was already too late... how could such a thing happen...
Alec not in crew

Elmott: It happens to lots of kids... you got ones who can control fire, lightning, you name it. They get chased out to who knows where...
Alec is a crew member

Elmott: It happens to lots of kids... like with Alec...
Elmott: Tsk... makes me sick.
Suframare: It does indeed... I hope one day to be someone that can help Lily and children like her...
Suframare: But it’s so wonderful of you, Elmott! You use your anger for the sake of the little ones!
Suframare: Hehe. I knew you were a much sweeter child than you let on! I understand now!
Elmott: Wha? For the love of... what part of me looks sweet to you?
Suframare: But you know... the way you worry yourself over the children is the way everyone else worries about you.
Suframare: Listen, will you? You don’t have to face the danger alone! You hear?
Elmott: (Here we go again... what a pain in the ass... )
And so, with his work finished, Elmott followed Suframare back to the inn.
Vyrn: Hey! Didn’t expect you to be back so early!
Elmott: Wha? What d’you expect... can’t take a walk with some little bug buzzing in your damn ear...
Vyrn: Hm? Bug? You mean Suframare?
Elmott: Who else... you’re telling me being around her all day doesn’t get to you?
Vyrn: What?! You can’t talk about her like that!
Elmott: Huh? C’mon. She’s a real pest, right?
Vyrn: GRRRR! You’re gonna eat those words, guy!
Suframare: Hey! Vyrn! Elmott! You musn’t fight!
Elmott: (Wha?! There she goes again! Some teacher I’ve got here... )
Suframare: Gracious... I’m you’re getting along, but no fighting! Ever!
Vyrn: But you heard how he was talking about you...
Suframare: No means no, Vyrn! No ifs, ands, or buts!
Elmott: (Hah... how about that. She’s the spitting image... )
Suframare: Hey! Elmott! Would you care to tell me what’s so funny? I’m quite angry, you know!
Elmott: Snkkt... nothing.
It seemed that, in spite of her severe demeanor, even Suframare could show a bit of kindness to a student as rambunctious as Elmott.
And so the day finally came when they realized they had a shared interest in the well-being of children.