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To a Truly Clear Day

One day the crew visits an island plagued by cloudy days but familiar to Elta. To cheer the residents of the town, Elta decides to play them songs. The next day Elta encounters a mysterious Harvin who enjoys his music so much so that she gives him new strings that produce beautiful sounds.

Elta not in crew

Without a home to call his own, Elta roams the skies as a minstrel carrying an undying love for music in his heart.
His only desire is to make the world a happier place, and to that end, he travels from land to land performing wherever he goes.
He happened upon (Captain)'s crew and has been traveling with them ever since.
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Elta is a crew member

Elta is a minstrel who roams the skies to bring joy to people with his songs.
While he is less inclined to battle than others, he is a proud member of the crew who always puts his best foot forward.
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One day, they travel to a certain island enveloped in clouds together.
Vyrn: Sigh... Are we there yet? I just wanna sleep in a cozy bed already...
Elta: Today was pretty rough, wasn't it? And it's already so dark out...
(Captain) and crew are on their way to a town with an inn after having finished a big job for Siero.
Vyrn: But sheesh, it's hard to even make out anything with all these clouds... You sure we won't crash into anything?
Looking out from the windows, the crew isn't able to see anything but clouds.
Rackam: All right, everybody! We're here!
Vyrn: Phew... We finally made it.
The crew disembarks the Grandcypher and begins searching for the local inn.
Rackam: Geez... What's with this fog? Looks like the entire island's been swallowed by clouds.
Elta: Wait... This place...
Vyrn: What's up, Elta? Why do you look surprised?
Elta: I didn't realize it sooner because of the clouds, but I used to regularly visit this island before I met you all.
Elta: I owe the people here so much. They really used to look after me.
Elta: I'm so glad I get to be here again.
Rackam: That's the bard life for ya. So the people here are going to start hooting and hollering when they see you?
Elta: I don't know about that...
Elta: Oh, but I do know that if you follow that road, you'll find an inn where the path veers.
Vyrn: You really do know your way around here! The sooner we get there, the better! I'm totally bushed.
Elta: I, um... Would you all mind if I paid a visit to some people by myself?
Rackam: Why not? Who doesn't enjoy seeing an old friend. He's okay to leave us for a bit, right, (Captain)?
  1. Of course!
  2. We'll be lonely without you.

Choose: Of course!
Elta: Thank you!
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Choose: We'll be lonely without you.
Elta: Really? Okay... I'll hold off for now!
Vyrn: (Captain)'s not saying you can't go or anything like that.
Elta: But...
Vyrn: Don't worry 'bout it! We're in the same town anyways. (Captain)'s just exaggerating.
Elta: O-okay! I'll be on my way then. I'll just be gone a day, (Captain). I promise!
Vyrn: We'll be waiting at the inn! Have fun!
Elta: Got it! If anything happens, I'll head over to you in a jiffy!
Continue 2
Elta: Wow... It's been so long. But this place really hasn't changed a bit!
Tavern Staff: Hello ther—
Tavern Staff: Hey! If it isn't Elta!
Elta: H-hello... Nice to see you again.
Tavern Staff: How long has it been! Look, everyone, it's Elta!
Tavern Regular 1: Hey there, Elta! What brings you back? We haven't seen you in ages.
Tavern Regular 2: Anyway... We're just glad to see you again.
Since joining (Captain)'s crew, Elta has not set foot onto this island.
The residents of the town greet Elta with open arms. However, he learns that something has been afflicting the town recently.
Elta: The weather?
Tavern Regular 2: Lately it's been a real problem... I mean, it'll get overcast from time to time, but the clouds rarely stick around for this long.
Tavern Regular 2: Hmm... I'd say it's probably been weeks since we last saw the sun. People are even starting to get sick.
Tavern Regular 1: It's pretty bad... Crops won't grow, people are falling ill, and it's just so depressing.
Tavern Regular 1: But there's really nothing we can do except wait till it clears. Not like anyone can alter the weather...
Elta: I didn't know that kind of thing happened here...
Tavern Regular 1: You probably didn't notice. It usually doesn't last this long, and it didn't start getting real bad until just recently.
Tavern Regular 2: Even this old timer can't recall a time it was this awful since I was young. Must be one of those once-in-a-blue-moon things.
Elta: Is that so? I can't imagine how hard it must be for everyone to not have sunlight...
Elta realizes that he has his instrument on him.
Elta: Oh, that's right! I don't think I can do anything about the weather, but a cheerful melody might brighten things up a little.
Elta: So how about a song to lift everyone's spirits?
Tavern Staff: Oh! Just the words I was waiting for!
Elta: Haha... Okay, here I go.
Elta begins to play a tune akin to something heard at a wedding or harvest festival.
As the day turns to night, more residents gather to hear Elta play.
Tavern Regular 3: Hahaha! You really know how to liven the mood with your music!
Elta: I'm just glad to be of service.
Tavern Regular 3: Say, would you do that one number next? You know, the one with the knight that slays the dragon...
Elta: Sure thing! Coming right up...
Elta prepares to play his next song.
Migrant: Put a lid on it! The night's s'posed to be silent!
Elta flushes red as a customer sitting alone in the back of the tavern berates his playing.
Elta: ...!
Elta: Who is that?
Tavern Regular 3: Ah, yeah. That guy's new here... Sorry, he's kinda on edge 'cause of the clouds.
Tavern Regular 3: Can't really blame him. I'd be pretty upset if I moved to a new place and the weather was crap for so long.
Elta: I see...
The lone customer makes his way over to Elta.
Migrant: I ain't trying to hear your stale tunes, boy. I'm tryna have my drink in peace.
Elta: I'm sorry for disturbing you... B-but...
Migrant: Quit your mumbling! If you got something to say, then speak up!
Elta: Um... I know the weather has been pretty bad recently. I'd be in a pretty dismal mood too if I hadn't seen the sun in so long.
Elta: I just thought some music might be appropriate at a time like this...
Elta: Would... Would you like to join us? You may even enjoy yourself.
Migrant: ...
Tavern Regular 1: Yeah, come get in on this!
Tavern Regular 1: How about it, everybody?
Migrant: Ugh... Like hell I will... This booze's lost its flavor anyways...
Elta: Wait!
The man angrily exits the tavern.
Tavern Regular 3: Whoa... Did y'all see that? Elta got the drunk to leave without causin' a commotion. I don't believe it!
Tavern Regular 2: Hahaha! Elta, you've really grown.
Tavern Staff: Hehehe... I remember when Elta was just a little scaredy-cat.
Tavern Staff: I guess you've grown a backbone now, eh, Elta?
Elta: I... I dunno if I've grown that much...
Deflecting the compliments, Elta directs everyone's attention to another song.
Hoping to bring joy to the ailing residents, he continues his performance with a medley of tunes.
Unbeknownst to him, someone outside the tavern has taken notice of his music and listens intently.
???: ...
???: Beautiful... Whose song is this?
A Harvin woman stops in her tracks after hearing the music, but she chooses to stay outside the tavern the melodies are coming from.
She stands still, her heart stolen by the music.
Elta plays songs long into the night, and as morning approaches, the residents are taken by sleep one by one.
Before long everyone is sound asleep, while Elta continues playing his lullaby.
Elta: Ah! The strings broke... Probably because I played for too long.
Elta hears the sound of birds chirping outside, and when he looks out the window he sees sunlight pouring onto the land.
Elta: What? Could it be?
Elta walks outside the tavern and looks up into the sky.
Elta: It's the sun! The clouds are gone!
The clouds enveloping the island finally part, revealing an exhilaratingly blue sky.
Elta: Look, everyone! The skies are clear!
Elta: Oh... Heh. They're still sound asleep.
The tavern patrons and even some of the workers can be heard snoring.
Elta: It's as if I have the entire sky all to myself! Hmm, hmm...
Elta: Hmm, hmm, hmm!
???: Hey.
Elta: Ahh!
???: Did I scare you? Sorry.
Elta: W-who are you?
???: Are you angry?
Elta: What?
???: I don't like scary things. So don't be angry.
Elta: Oh, no! Not at all! Um, I'm sorry for shouting earlier.
Elta: And you are?
???: You're quite the performer. I listened to your playing all night.
Elta: Well, that puts a smile on my face!
Elta: Wait... But you weren't inside, right?
???: I don't like loud places. So I listened out here.
Elta: What? From dusk till dawn?
???: Yes... And?
The woman doesn't seem fazed, while Elta is left speechless.
???: How are you able to make such beautiful music?
Elta: I don't know if I would call it beautiful...
Elta: But maybe it's because of my friends that I can play this way.
???: Because of your friends?
Elta: Well... I used to be a lone traveler, but now I'm part of a crew.
Elta: I've been through so much with them. I've had so many experiences that I wouldn't have had otherwise.
Elta: I even fought a snake this big one time.
???: You're scaring me. Don't talk about snakes.
Elta: Oh... S-sorry.
Elta: Actually... I was really scared back then too.
Elta: I used to be scared of everything. But thanks to my travels with the crew, I've grown a little bit.
Elta: And since I've started traveling with them, my music has matured as well.
Elta: That's why I think my friends have changed the way I play.
???: ...
Elta: Um... Does that make sense?
???: Yes. The melody that flows from you is delicate, yet I felt something much more robust within it. I thought that was strange.
???: Whoever your friends are, they must be wonderful people. They give you strength even from afar.
Elta: The melody that... flows from me?
???: Say, would you play something for me again?
Elta: You mean... here and now?
???: Yes... I want to get to know these friends of yours through your melody. What do you say?
Elta: Of course! Playing on such a glorious morning like today is good for the soul!
Elta recalls what happened to his strings.
Elta: Oh, right... My strings broke.
Elta: S-sorry... I have some replacements on the ship. I'll be right back, okay?
???: It's fine. Just use these.
Elta: Huh?
She takes out some strings of her own to replace the broken ones as Elta looks on in surprise.
???: Here. Now you can play.
Elta: T-thank you! Here goes!
Elta: ...
Elta: (Wait, what's this?)
Elta: (The sound is completely different from before! I never knew I could make such beautiful music!)
Elta: (It's like my voice is being guided...)
Elta: (I played all throughout the night, but with these strings I feel like I can still keep on going.)
???: Hehe. You must really love your friends.
The music, like a melodic invitation, draws the residents in their homes to take a peak outside their windows and find out where the music is coming from.
Before Elta knows it, he is surrounded by a large crowd.
Elta: W-wow... Looks like the whole town's come out.
???: It's getting loud. I'm leaving.
???: Goodbye. Your melody was lovely. Take care of your friends.
Elta: Huh? But wait...
Resident 1: Elta! You've really done it this time... Showin' us the clear blue skies with your music!
Elta: Oh? I was just...
Elta: (I've never met that woman before... Did she just move to this island?)
Tavern Regular 1: Hahaha! What a lovely morning!
Elta: Right? There's nothing better than a clear blue sky!
Tavern Regular 1: Well, there's that too. But I meant that your song made it even more perfect!
Elta: Hmm?
Resident 1: Agreed. It was so nice waking up today to a clear blue sky with your music.
Resident 1: Even the people who were feeling sick were able to get up today and start their work in the fields!
Vyrn: Yo! Elta!
Elta: (Captain)! Vyrn! Good morning!
Vyrn: Haha! Your song woke us up!
Elta: Oh no! Did it? I'm sorry! I didn't mean to wake you all this early...
Vyrn: No complaints here! That was a great way to start the day! I feel ready to get to work!
  1. It's all thanks to you, Elta.

Choose: It's all thanks to you, Elta.
Elta: (Captain)...
Elta takes a moment to look at his instrument and appreciate it.
Elta: (It's all thanks to these strings.)
Elta: (They have the power to heal and soothe.)
Migrant: ...
Elta looks up to see the lone drunk from the previous night standing in front of him once more.
Migrant: Sorry 'bout yesterday... I was just so bent out of shape, ya know... I didn't mean any of it.
Elta: That's okay. You don't have to worry about it.
Migrant: Your song... I think it really helped me. When I woke up, I felt like a whole new person.
Migrant: Thank you. Next time I'll be sure to give your songs a good listen.
Elta: O-of course! I appreciate it!
Tavern Regular 1: I have an idea! How about we put a band together? Beats just waiting for the clouds to clear.
Tavern Regular 3: Oh! That's a great idea! No reason we should let the gloom and doom of the clouds bring our spirits down!
Resident 1: Yeah! Singing on cloudy days does sound like a lot of fun! Let's have Elta teach us the basics!
To pass rough times with smiles on their faces, the residents set about learning the ways of the musician.
Perhaps the strings bestowed upon him by the mysterious woman have awakened something inside of Elta.
Vyrn: Wow, it looks like everyone's really getting into it!
Elta: Isn't it great? I'm so glad!
Elta: But...
Vyrn: Hm? What's up?
Elta: Oh, no... It's nothing.
Elta: (Who was that woman?)
Elta wonders if the woman, who disappeared in the crowd so soon, was merely a figment of his imagination.
However, the strings on his instrument are all the proof he needs of their fated meeting.