Scenario:Eso - A Giant in Search of Courage

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A Giant in Search of Courage

Stumbling through the blackness of a cave, (Captain) and company bump into a shaking mouse of a boy.

Eso was on a mission to prove to the folks back in the village that he wasn’t going to let a little lack of light scare him. He searched for a stone in which a god slept.

His mission complete, Eso steeled himself to join our heroes on their journey.

The party finds themselves in the dankest, clammiest of caves, so dark you can hardly see the tip of your own nose.
Lyria: Whaa...Katalina...snff, and (Captain)...snff...
Katalina: It’s okay, Lyria.

This is just some musty old cave.

No monsters or any?
The party found themselves blocked by a large, shadowy figure.
Katalina: Eek!
Lyria: Waugh!
???: Aaaagh!
???: away! Don’t come any closer!
Katalina: H-hold on! Is that a person?
Vyrn: What’s happened?

Hey, guy! Simmer down!

You’re acting like we’re gonna eat you or something!
???: Er...and you are?
Vyrn: The name’s Vyrn!

This here’s (Captain).

We’re part of an order on a quest to find primal crystals.
Vyrn: So? How ‘bout you? What brings you to a place like this?
Eso: I, uh...I got lost. I’ve been here a few days, I think...
Katalina: Wha?!

This place is swarmed with monsters?

And you don’t have a scratch on you...
Eso: Monsters don’t scare me one bit. But...uh...
Katalina: Hm?
Lyria: wouldn’t happen to be afraid of the dark...would you?
Eso: Hey! I never said that! It’s just...I, uh, don’t like it...
Vyrn:, Mr. I-Don’t-Like-the-Dark. What’re you doing here?
Eso: I, uh...actually...
The boy Eso shared why he’d been lurking about in the darkness all by himself.
He’d been raised in a remote village. Though unspeakably brave in the face of myriad monsters and beastfolk, he was scared of heights and the dark...
But he’d be the one to get the last laugh. He’d come in search of a stone spoken of in legend...
Eso: So the legend says that a god sleeps in a special stone. I wanna find it. I wanna show them.
Eso: Y’know, prove that I’m no yellow belly.
Lyria: Hmm...a god in a stone. (Captain), don’t you think that sounds like...
Vyrn: Yeah! Sounds like it might be a primal crystal.
Vyrn: Hey, guy. How about you tell us more about this stone. Where do we need to look?
Eso: No clue. The only thing I know is that it’s a god in a stone.
Vyrn: ...what?!’re looking for it. But you don’t know where it is...?
Eso: Yup. But I figure it should be gentle...and warm. I mean, a god lives in it.
Eso: So I’ve been going where it’s warm. I figure I’ll definitely find it that way.
Vyrn: What!? That’s all you’re going on?! Your gut!
Katalina: Wow...that’s kind of awesome...
Eso: ...awesome? You think I’m awesome?
Katalina: Wait. No, no way...
Lyria: You're amazing! You’re facing your fears to find a primal crystal!
Lyria: Yes!

You’re super brave, Eso!

I wish I could be like you!
Eso: Really?

No one ever told me that before.

I like how that sounds.
Eso: I’m brave...a brave warrior.

I couldn’t come here if I wasn’t.

I gotta find that stone.
Eso: But it’s hard. Looking for it, I mean.

None of the villagers have found it.

It’s probably way, way, deep inside.
Eso: But, that you’ve said it...

I don’t know how to find it.

This is bad...
Lyria: H-hey! Why don’t we look for it together?
Lyria: We actually might be searching for the same thing.
Lyria: In that case... It’ll probably be much faster if we do it together. Right, (Captain)?
  1. I’d feel better if Eso’s with us
  2. Friendship will light the way

Choose: I’d feel better if Eso’s with us
Eso: Better...
Eso: Well, then. Leave it to me.

I’m the village’s best arm wrestler.

That’ll come in handy.
Eso: I’m coming with you guys!
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Choose: Friendship will light the way
Eso: I’m not afraid of a little dark! I just don’t like it!
Eso: That doesn’t sound too bad. I wanna come with you guys!
Continue 1
Lyria: Good for you! First thing’s first...the cave...
Eso: Eek!
Katalina: Erm...why don’t you come out? No need to be scared.
Eso: I...I’m not scared!
Eso’s large frame betrayed a rather sensitive disposition. He walked along with his new companions.
Perhaps he’d look more fearsome once they’d left the cloying darkness of the cave behind...