Scenario:Eso - Inconceivable Calamity

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Inconceivable Calamity

The crew travels to the island nearest to Eso's homeland, and inquire with a local resident about the whereabouts of Eso's people. She confirms that they came through the island recently, but have already departed after searching the remnants of a nearby storm for clues as to the origin of the disaster that befell their island. The crew follows in the footsteps of Eso's people to gather information.

Eso: I see something. An island.
Vyrn: Ooh! So that's the closest island to your old hometown, yeah?
(Captain) and the crew have left Eso's home island, which had been reduced to a barren wasteland following some kind of disaster.
Searching for any traces of the survivors who had left the island, the crew decides to start by visiting a neighboring island.
Eso: My tribe does not usually bother with other islands, but they may have come here in order to escape.
Lyria: Right! Here's hoping we find some kind of clue!
Elderly Villager: Well now, it's not often outsiders come to visit us!
They find a small village on the island where they are welcomed as rare visitors.
Lyria: Um... Did any other people happen to come to this island before us?
Elderly Villager: Let me think... Well, sometimes merchants and the like come here, but...
Elderly Villager: Oh, that's right! About three months back, we had quite a few visitors.
Elderly Villager: Yes... And their clothing was very similar to what you happen to be wearing, young man!
The elderly woman points at Eso with a smile.
Eso: Similar to me? That must be my tribe! Where are they now?
Elderly Villager: They already left, I'm afraid. I don't know where they were headed.
Eso: I see...
Elderly Villager: Oh, but that reminds me. While they were here, they went to see the storm damage.
Vyrn: Hmm? Storm damage?
Elderly Villager: Well...
The woman explains that just before Eso's tribe arrived on their island, they were visited by a large storm.
Elderly Villager: No one here in the village was hurt, but the other side of the island is a total mess! The storm even changed the land itself!
Vyrn: Say what? It changed the land?
Elderly Villager: Yes indeed! That storm tore it right up and made cliffs!
Lyria: Whoa! Cliffs, huh? Where are they?
Elderly Villager: They're on the opposite edge of the island, over that way.
Eso: Over that way? Wait a sec, that's—!
The direction she's pointing is the same direction as Eso's home island.
Katalina: Yeah. The "storm" that hit this island may have been a remnant of whatever hit Eso's island.
Vyrn: Seems like an understatement considering it tore chunks out of this island, though...
Katalina: I wonder... Was it really just a simple storm?
Elderly Villager: Who can say? My hubby said it was as if the Grim Basin itself was spreading!
Katalina: Wha... The Grim Basin?
Elderly Villager: That's right. He used to be a skyfarer, you see.
Katalina: ...
Eso: I want to go to these cliffs that my people went to see.
Vyrn: Yeah! Let's go have ourselves a look!
The further they go from the village, the more apparent the storm's damage becomes.
Eso: Better than my island, but still a foreboding sight.
Lyria: Yeah... All the plants and trees have been destroyed...
Eso: Hm? A monster! Ready yourself, (Captain)!

Inconceivable Calamity: Scene 2

The crew reach the area most affected by the recent storm, which had enough destructive force to change the entire landscape. There, Eso finds coded messages from his people leading him to a small cave. Despite fearing the dark, Eso bravely steps foot inside for the sake of his tribe.

Vyrn: Whew... Feels like we've been walking all day... Are we there yet?
Eso: Look over there. The island just splits. That must be what the old woman was talking about.
Katalina: Yeah, she wasn't kidding when she said cliffs...
Vyrn: Wowie wow wow... It really did change the shape of the island.
Lyria: So, Eso's tribe came to see this too, huh?
Katalina: Yeah. I wonder what went through their minds when they saw this...
Eso: Hm? Is that—?
Eso gasps, as if noticing something, then suddenly takes off running toward the cliff edge.
Vyrn: Hey! Wait! Don't go too close to the edge! It's dangerous!
Eso: I knew it...
Eso sinks to his knees at the very edge and stares longingly at the ground.
Katalina: What's the matter? Did you find something?
Eso: This... is a sign from my tribe!
Lyria: Huh? What is it?
Katalina: Hmm... Looks like there's a little branch impaled in the ground next to a rock...
Eso: When we go hunting, my tribe uses signs like this to tell others where prey or traps might be.
Vyrn: Oh, I get it now! So, what does this sign mean?
Eso: It's pointing somewhere... There!
They follow several more signs and finally arrive at a small cave.
Eso: The signs point inside.
Vyrn: But Eso, it's going to be dark in there. Will you be OK?
Eso hasn't quite overcome his fear of the dark, but he nods slowly in response to Vyrn's question.
Eso: Now's not the time to complain. Besides... I'm not alone. I'll be fine.
Katalina: You're right. Let's go. There might be monsters in there, so stay on your guard, everyone!
Monster: GRRRR!
Eso: I won't let you get in our way! I... I'm with my friends! We can't lose!

Inconceivable Calamity: Scene 3

Heroically clearing the cave of monsters, Eso follows signs left by his people to find a leaf-wrapped letter from his chief hidden under a boulder. Shockingly, the letter suggests the disaster that befell Eso's island was man-made. Donning the robe bequeathed to him by his tribe, he vows to solve the grave mystery that lies before him and return prosperity to his homeland.

Vyrn: Whew... That takes care of that. I gotta say, Eso, you've gotten really strong!
Eso: Really? You think I've gotten stronger?
Katalina: Definitely. Even in the dark, you fought valiantly.
Eso: I see... Now I really want find my tribe and show them how far I've come.
Lyria: Yeah, I bet! I hope you can meet up with them soon. And we'll do whatever it takes!
Eso: Oh! The sign points to here. This must be the final spot.
Vyrn: Huh? But there's a big boulder here!
Eso: I'll move it. Everyone step back.
Eso: Nngh... Hrngh!
Vyrn: Y-you're amazing, Eso! Ooh... Looks like something was under the boulder!
Eso: This is... a letter.
Hidden beneath the boulder is a letter wrapped in a bright green leaf.
Katalina: I see. This way, only a strong warrior would be able to obtain it.
Vyrn: But that's a really convoluted way of giving him another letter... They could have just included it with the first one!
Eso: There must be an important reason for them doing this.
Eso: My tribe does not run and hide. This is not normal.
As Eso's face becomes clouded with anxiety, (Captain) gently pats him on the back.
Vyrn: Heh heh! Don't sweat it, Eso! We're with you, buddy!
Eso: Right. Thank you. I'll read the letter.
Eso takes the leaf-wrapped letter from its hiding place beneath the boulder and slowly opens it.
Eso: The chief wrote this one too.
"If you've made it this far, then first, allow me to apologize for all the trouble."
"There was nowhere to hide this back on our island. Not a single tree."
Katalina: Hmm... So they felt the need to hide it, then.
A tense atmosphere descends on them as Eso continues to read the letter.
Eso: "I will document here what I know of the disaster that befell the village."
"It did not occur naturally. Nor was it the wrath of the gods."
"No. This disaster was inflicted by human hands."
Vyrn: Say what? Humans did that?
Eso: There's more.
"We do not know who is responsible, but whoever they are... To us, their power is equivalent to a god's."
Eso: As powerful as a god?
Vyrn: Come on! There's no way any human could have that kind of power!
Katalina: Indeed. Are they trying to say a mere human manipulated the Grim Basin?
Eso: We are not a tribe of lies and speculation.
Eso: They took every precaution to get this message to me. It must be the truth.
Katalina: Understood. Is that all the letter says?
Eso: No... There's a little more.
"If you're reading this letter, you likely have the white robe in your possession."
"Surely you understand the meaning it holds... Wear it with pride."
"You are a hero who carries the fate of the next generation of our tribe on their shoulders...."
Eso finishes reading the letter.
Eso: The meaning of this robe...
Lyria: Um... What meaning is that, exactly?
Eso: This robe is sacred, passed down through countless generations for use in our rituals.
Eso: Many living things are embroidered here. They represent rebirth.
Eso: My tribe accepts that the almighty power of nature can bring destruction. They do not fight it.
Eso: Because they believe in the rebirth that destruction brings. That, too, is represented in this robe.
Vyrn: I see... So now it's like you're in charge of handling this rebirth business!
Eso: I want to do right by everyone.
Katalina: Glad to hear it! Besides... it seems this disaster didn't occur naturally.
Eso: Right. I don't know who did this, but they won't get away with what they've done.
Eso: I will find them. And I will do whatever it takes to return my tribe to its former glory.
Eso's eyes shine with a newfound resolve even in his hated darkness.
Eso, (Captain) and the rest of the crew set off once more in pursuit of the mystery behind this mysterious, unknown power...