Scenario:Estarriola - Broken Chalice Restored

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Broken Chalice Restored

Some time after the matter concerning Estarriola concludes, Temperance manifests in front of (Captain) and reveals that Estarriola is still alive within the memory of the battlefield. Estarriola is rescued and agrees to join the crew when he wakes up months later.

Some time has passed since Temperance designated (Captain) as the new chalice.
Lyria: Hm?
Lyria picks up the Temperance card with curiosity.
Vyrn: What is it, Lyria?
Lyria: It feels like the card's power is weaker somehow...
Vyrn: It is? What does that mean?
Lyria: I don't know. But...
Lyria: It definitely felt stronger when we were at the mountain.
Lyria: It feels like... when water leaks out from a broken cup...
Vyrn, Lyria, and (Captain) are reminded of Estarriola whenever they look at the card.
Although they hadn't witnessed his death firsthand, they assume that he isn't coming back.
Vyrn: This card used to belong to Old Man Snoozy.
Vyrn: I don't know why it would get weaker, but...
Vyrn: Maybe that primal beast is about to use the old-timer's life to make a new world...
Vyrn: And Old Man Snoozy decided to sacrifice himself so that couldn't happen or something...
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: What I'm saying is, I don't wanna get too involved here.
Vyrn: It's probably still scheming for a way to make a new world.
Lyria: Yes...
Lyria: ...
The declining power of Temperance weighs on the minds of the crew members.
Temperance: Heed me.
Temperance: Thou who is accompanied by the little beast, thou whose fate is entwined with the girl in blue. Heed my words.
Vyrn: Mm... What's goin' on?
  1. Huh?

Choose: Huh?

Awakening to someone's voice, the crew sees Temperance standing in the room.
Lyria: It's you!
Temperance: I am fading... I am incomplete... Before my life ends, we must speak...
Vyrn: Your life is ending? Hey, what's the big idea?
Vyrn: After that incident on the mountain, you never answered no matter how much we called you.
Temperance ignores the crew's shock, opting to continue speaking with indifference.
Temperance: I am not the only one. All Arcarum exist because of The World.
Temperance: We, who once lived as different primal beasts, fell during the War.
Temperance: From my rotting corpse, my core was retrieved, and I was thus given this form by The World.
Lyria: The World?
Temperance: Originator of the Arcarum, a name given by the inhabitants of this fomenting realm.
Temperance: You have met him once before.
Vyrn: Wait a minute. You mean that thing from the picture in Amalthea was The World?
Vyrn: A primal beast that can make other primal beasts can only spell one thing: trouble!
Lyria: ...!
Temperance: Those of us birthed by The World cannot rebel, myself included.
Temperance: Except...
Temperance: My body has begun to rot. Accordingly The World's keystone has been removed.
Lyria: A removed keystone?
Temperance: As I gorged on the emotions of my little pactbearer...
Temperance: I began to consider the manner in which our fates are entwined.
Temperance: In turn I was being consumed by the little one's magic power.
Temperance: And now the Evoker tying my flesh and soul to this world is gone... My time here grows short.
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: Oh no...
Temperance was molded anew by the hands of The World.
But in trying to rid herself of The World's curse, she now faces imminent extinction.
(Captain) and company can't handle the thought of Temperance quietly accepting her death.
They are dumbstruck that Temperance, with Estarriola's death on her mind, is rotting away.
Lyria: Hm? Wait a minute...
Vyrn: What is it, Lyria?
Lyria: Just now, Temperance said her fate is connected with Estarriola's.
Vyrn: Yep, that's what she said.
Lyria: That's what makes it strange.
Vyrn: What does?
Lyria: If they share the same fate, then when one half dies, the other half should die at the same time too...
Lyria: But Temperance is still alive.
Vyrn: Yeah, that's—Hey! Then do you think...
Vyrn: Old Man Snoozy's still okay?
Lyria: I'm not sure, but Estarriola told us something before.
Lyria: Temperance is like an encyclopedia that records everything in this world and replays them.
Lyria: Temperance, please tell me something. Is Estarriola still alive?
Temperance: ...
Lyria: Please! We have to know!
Lyria: He's still alive, isn't he!
Temperance: Yes...
Lyria: I knew it!
Vyrn: For real?
Lyria: But you don't have the power to save him.
Temperance: Yes.
Temperance: I have nothing left to spare... His life's fire is petering out.
Temperance: Resistance is futile against the tide of rotting fate.
Vyrn: What are you talkin' about!
Lyria: Don't say that! What good is waiting to die—
  1. There's more than one way to live!

Choose: There's more than one way to live!

A mere spectator up until this point, (Captain) finally interjects.
Lyria: (Captain)? Yes, that's right! You can't give up!
Vyrn: The old-timer's still alive, ain't he?
Vyrn: We haven't the foggiest what you were told to do, but...
Vyrn: Since you're free from The World, living on is what you gotta do!
(Captain) asks Temperance to let them into the spirit world again.
Temperance: Understand that I shall not have enough strength to return thee to thine world.
Temperance: If thou art prepared to lose everything, I will open the way.
  1. Not gonna happen! We'll save you!

Choose: Not gonna happen! We'll save you!

Temperance: Poor fools...
Temperance: If thou hast power to change fate, bare it for the stars to see...
Lyria: Where are we?
Vyrn: Hey, someone's here!
Estarriola: Ooo... oooo...
Estarriola: Oooooo....
Estarriola: Why... Why was my wife killed? Aaah!
Estarriola: Guh... Gaaaah!
Lyria: Estarriola!
Vyrn: What is this?
Estarriola: Huff... Huff... I... can't...
Estarriola: Heed me, Temperance! Soothe me... Soothe these cursed emotions!
Temperance: Thou hast my consent in all its forms. Now then, little one, swear a pact to me.
Estarriola: I was thoroughly deceived...
Temperance: ...
Estarriola: Though my body wasn't my own, I remember watching your deeds as if I were dreaming.
Estarriola: It was a test run, wasn't it?
Temperance: ...
Estarriola: You seized my body, tapped into my superior intellect of magic, and destroyed a country overnight.
Temperance: Yes.
Estarriola: My emotions weren't tempered.
Estarriola: It was something else. You tempered something important in me.
Temperance: ...
Estarriola: Tell me, Temperance. With each passing year, your face resembles that of my dead wife. Is this your idea of contempt?
Estarriola: Or is it your way of showing consideration?
Temperance: ...
Estarriola: A primal beast created by another primal beast is afforded no solace.
Estarriola: A mere pawn who doesn't see how they fit in the grand machinations of The World...
Estarriola: That is a poor pitiful beast...
Estarriola: Your power tempers time.
Estarriola: Though it's not time itself that stops. You defy the longevity of a living being, terminating the flow of its mortality.
Estarriola: Using this power, you keep me in a state of constant sleep, forever preserving my life.
Temperance: Yes.
Estarriola: That's what you choose to reply to? You have other questions to answer.
Temperance: ...
Estarriola: A concentration of pure spirit is stimulated within the basic organs keeping me alive.
Estarriola: I call this autonomous tempering.
Estarriola: By implementing this system in me, you can achieve advanced magics that surpass logical reasoning.
Estarriola: Thus the infinity I have attained is not limited to longevity. My vessel fills with magical power...
Vyrn: Are these memories between Old Man Snoozy and Temperance?
Lyria: Estarriola...
The crew continues to watch Estarriola grapple with his situation.
Vyrn: So, like, the old-timer's in pretty bad shape right now, but the tempering thing is keeping him alive somehow...
Having witnessed the secret behind Estarriola's longevity, the crew understands why he is still alive.
Nevertheless the crew continues to look for a way to save Estarriola and Temperance as their shared fate nears its end.
Lyria: This place look familiar.
Vyrn: It's the battlefield the old-timer wanted us to fight on. The one from the War.
Lyria: Look over there! Someone's on the ground!
Lyria: Is this another memory?
A small figure lies on the field of battle.
Something about this memory feels different this time around. The crew subconsciously picks up the pace.
What they find is the gruesome sight of Estarriola, flesh torn, throat crushed, and smeared with blood.
Lyria: ...!
Vyrn: Old-timer!
Vyrn: This is awful! How can anyone call this being alive?
Lyria: What should we do, (Captain)?
(Captain) takes hold of the Temperance card and calls out to her.
But there is no response.
The dimension she created is warped. The power maintaining this ethereal world is beginning to weaken.
Vyrn: Hey, hey, we're in big trouble here! Temperance can't hold this place together anymore!
Lyria: ...!
A thought pops into Lyria's head, and she steps back from Estarriola's side.
Lyria: Water! I'll give him some water!
Lyria uses her healing water to staunch the bleeding.
The collapse of the ethereal world subsides.
Lyria: Thank goodness. Water meant something after all!
Vyrn: Nice one, Lyria! But we can't breathe easy just yet!
(Captain) tries calling out the Temperance card again.
And once again, there is no response.
Impatience starts giving way to despair, but then Estarriola's finger gives the tiniest twitch.
Lyria: Estarriola! Can you hear me?
Although his eyes remain tightly shut, his fingertip moves beyond a shadow of a doubt.
Lyria: Oh, I remember he can cast spells with his finger!
Lyria: I think he's trying to tell us something!
Vyrn: I bet you're right. Hold the card to his finger, (Captain)!
(Captain) touches the card to Estarriola's finger.
Their guess works as expected. Estarriola invokes a spell.
He and those around him are returned to the real world.
Vyrn: Phew! We made it back to our world!
Lyria: But if you think about it, weren't we the ones that were rescued?
Vyrn: How's the old-timer doin'?
Lyria: Gasp! Oh no! The bleeding got worse!
They carry him back to the airship where the collective skills of medically-inclined crewmates save Estarriola's life.
Estarriola: ...
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: ...
Like before, he shows no sign of opening his eyes.
Temperance: ...
They can only take solace in Temperance's unwavering position at Estarriola's side.
A few months pass.
Estarriola: Hum...
Estarriola: Where... am I?
Sunlight streams in through a window, pure blue sky on the other side of the pane. The door is slightly ajar, from which the sound of someone's laughter can be heard.
It's been months since Estarriola last awoke. He looks around the unfamiliar scene.
Temperance: ...
Catching a glimpse of Temperance at his side, it all becomes clear to him what had happened.
Estarriola: They nursed me back to life, those young'uns...
Temperance: Yes.
Estarriola: And you were rescued by them too...
Temperance: Yes.
Estarriola: You and I are two halves of a beating heart.
Temperance: Yes.
Estarriola: If I die, you die as well.
Temperance: Yes.
Estarriola: We're in the same boat... And we will sink together when the time comes.
Estarriola: You resemble her so much... That kind, gentle face of my wife...
Temperance: It is a reflection of your heart that I fed upon.
Estarriola: Haha... Whazzat, you say?
Estarriola: This face I see before me... is a reflection of my own heart, which you ate, you say...
Estarriola: Hm... My heart...
Temperance: ...
Vyrn: Hey, hey! Old Man Snoozy! You're awake!
Lyria: Estarriola! I'm glad you're awake!
Estarriola: You guys...
The crew is overjoyed to see that the senior has survived his ordeal.
Estarriola acknowledges that (Captain) and company are responsible for his new lease on life.
Estarriola: So you folks brought me back from the verge of death.
Lyria: Does it still hurt? Are you okay?
Estarriola: Haha...
Lyria: ...?
Estarriola: Am I to be indebted for the rest of this long life?
Vyrn: Hmm. You don't seem too happy to be alive.
Estarriola: I'm sorry. Just my age talking. You have nothing to worry about, my girl.
Lyria: I'm relieved to hear that!
Estarriola: Will you listen to me regarding the truth behind the Arcarum?
Vyrn: Yeah, we know already! We heard it from her!
Vyrn: The World created the Arcarum, right?
Estarriola: Yes, that's right.
Vyrn: We were gonna tell you when you woke up.
Vyrn: Temperance has been freed from the curse of The World!
Vyrn: You don't have to stop her motives anymore!
Estarriola: What was that?
Vyrn: What I mean is—
  1. Join us!
  2. Won't you travel with us?

Choose: Join us!

Estarriola: Join you?
(Captain) and company look at Estarriola, waiting for a reply.
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Choose: Won't you travel with us?

Estarriola: You want to travel with me?
(Captain) and company look at Estarriola, waiting for a reply.

Continue 1

The senior stares into those glimmering eyes and swallows his words.
Estarriola: ...
Estarriola: Young skyfarer, little dragon, and my girl... Please listen to me.
Estarriola: If it is my power you folks need, then every last drop shall be yours.
Estarriola: Though my remaining years is perhaps an inadequate repayment for what you have done for me...
Estarriola: Because you rescued a doddering geezer such as I, for my saviors and the realm, use me as you see fit.
  1. Is that a yes?

Choose: Is that a yes?

Estarriola: Yes. I am in your care.
Vyrn: Old-timer!
Lyria: You shouldn't think about risking your life because of duty! You're our crewmate now! Right, (Captain)?
Estarriola: I'm not sure what you're saying. Were you folks not the ones who risked your lives to save me?
Lyria: Um... That's...
Estarriola: Haha. I see.
Estarriola: Temperance still has a role to play in foiling The World's secret schemes.
Estarriola: She and I are joined at the hip.
Estarriola: The deceit of the Arcarum can't be allowed to go overlooked.
Estarriola: That is my destiny as an Evoker of the Arcarum
Temperance: ...
Estarriola: I swear to defy The World until one of us has drawn our last breath.