Scenario:Estarriola - The Results of Temperance

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The Results of Temperance

The crew catches a glimpse of Estarriola's past; he used to be a royal sorcerer until he was framed for being the leader of an anti-royal faction. His wife was killed, and he made a pact with the primal beast Temperance, whose power suppressed his raging emotions. But as Estarriola slept, Temperance commandeered his magical power and destroyed his kingdom overnight.

Estarriola sees the crew off to the battlefield, becoming wistful.
He touches his red stone and shuts his eyes, squeezing them tightly as he sighs.
Estarriola: When I look back, meeting you was also karma...
I once served the royal palace as its resident sorcerer. Few in the kingdom knew who I was.
My one-track focus on magic research must have made me seem like a dullard to most, but there was value in seeking absolute truth using the royal laboratories.
Though it would seem I was the only one who thought that way.
They used me, an oblivious pawn in a political game. All of my research was misappropriated as tools of trickery.
Little did I know I had been branded as the ringleader of an anti-royal faction.
By the time I noticed, it was already too late. They took my wife hostage. What else could I do but lament my own stupidity as I stood before her corpse?
Eventually sorrow gave way to rage. It was all about to change.
Estarriola: Huff... Huff... I'm descending into the abyss of madness... Dark fury boring into all my fibers...
I shuddered like never before, my body yearning for interdiction against its will.
Playing to the king's sympathies, I unrepentantly manipulated politicians to secure forbidden research materials, and then I sought out Temperance.
I willingly reached out to the primal beast.
Primal Beast: Thou hast my consent in all its forms. Now then, little one, swear a pact to me.
Hers was the power of restraint, which immediately suppressed my rage and delirium.
Even in the presence of my dead beloved, my composure wavered naught, as if I were in a calming sleep.
No. It's fair to say that I had indeed fallen into slumber.
Estarriola: It can't be...
When I awoke the next morning, the kingdom had been reduced to ashes.
Estarriola: I was thoroughly deceived...
Primal Beast: ...
Estarriola: Though my body wasn't my own, I remember watching your deeds as if I were dreaming.
Estarriola: It was a test run, wasn't it?
Primal Beast: ...
Estarriola: You seized my body, tapped into my superior intellect of magic, and destroyed a country overnight.
Primal Beast: Yes.
Estarriola: My emotions weren't tempered.
Estarriola: It was something else. You tempered something important in me.
Primal Beast: ...
Estarriola: Tell me, Arcarum beast. With each passing year, your face resembles that of my dead wife. Is this your idea of contempt?
Estarriola: Or is it your way of showing consideration?
Primal Beast: ...
Estarriola: Humph. I must be imagining it. The thought of something like you harboring mortal-like emotions is in the realm of impossibility.
Estarriola: I suppose I've once again fallen under your spell without noticing.
Estarriola: Or is that all in my head as well?
The primal beast shows no acknowledgement, but she does offer apathetic words.
Primal Beast: To answer is to err. Thus I heed you not.