Scenario:Eugen and Carren - Family Matters

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Family Matters

Eugen and Carren talk about their respective pasts. Not wanting to go into detail about herIn-game typo; should be "his." daughter, Apollonia, Eugen shifts the conversation to Carren's relationship with her parents.

It had been some time since Carren had taken advantage of her uncle Eugen's kindness to barge her way onto the Grandcypher.
Eugen was almost certain Carren would give up the skyfaring life sooner or later.
However, her bubbling enthusiasm as of late indicates otherwise. Eugen feels conflicted over the matter.
Eugen: Well, color me impressed... I sure wasn't expecting you to pick up cargo transport jobs while we were on the move.
Carren: Hehe! Why didn't you tell me where we're going? I would've picked up a little more work!
Carren: I mean... There's just not much to do, you know? C'mon. Not a cloud in the sky? No monsters? Boring.
Eugen: Hey, now... Don't go getting too relaxed. You don't always get a warning...
Carren: Yeesh, I got it. Nothing's gonna catch me off guard!
The Grandcypher sails peacefully, still a ways from its destination.
The two stand on the deck, sharing the silence and the view of an endless blue sky.
Carren remembers something that she just has to share.
Carren: Actually... How's Polly doing?
Eugen: Hm? Polly?
Carren: Yeah, Polly. You know? Your kid? Not that I know much about her.
Eugen: Wait... How d'you even know about Apollonia? You sure as heck didn't hear of her from me...
Carren: I dunno... Something about your face reminded me...
Carren: We met once when I was a kid, right?
Carren: And I'm pretty sure I saw a Polly... Can't remember if it was a person or a picture though.
Eugen: Oh? I met you, eh? That had to be ten, maybe fifteen years ago. Went back to see the family and all...
Eugen: Wait a sec! You weren't more than a toddler back then! What were you? One? Two? That's some memory you got there!
Carren: Hah! I knew it! So how's she doing? Good?
Eugen: Er... Well... Probably, I guess...
Eugen: Hmm... what about you? Are you keeping in touch with your folks? You must've written 'em a few times by now?
Carren: Nah, not really. Why would I? They're just gonna tell me to bring my butt back home.
Eugen: Yeah... they were always pretty worried about you. And if they hear you're here with me...
Carren: Hmph! They worry way too much! They nag and nag and nag! It really ticks me off!
Carren: Hehe! Things are so much easier as a skyfarer! Not to mention you wouldn't chew me out unless it's something really big.
Carren: So, uh... is Polly a skyfarer too? Or does she spend her days doing something else?
Eugen: Er... Well, hm... I wonder...
Carren: She's probably out there living free and easy. Must be nice to have cool parents.
Eugen: Hm... y-yeah...
Carren: What? What's with the face?
Eugen: Nothing... I got something in my eye, is all...
Carren: Like, even if I told my parents I was the best skyfarer ever, they'd just be like, "Sure, wait 'til you get into some real trouble..."
Carren: So, Eugen... How do I get them to come around?
Eugen: Haha. Don't ask me. I ain't your dad, kid.
Carren: Hrm...
Eugen: To be honest, I kind of get how they feel.
Eugen: It's one of those things, eh? They live their whole lives on the ground, and their daughter's running off doing who knows what. They're worried, I bet.
Carren: I guess you could say that... But it's not like I'm completely clueless about this lifestyle. I mean, you're doing pretty good yourself.
Eugen: Haha! How about that. You wanna make it as a skyfarer so that your parents will finally accept it, huh?
Eugen: Well, how're they going to do that if you never actually reach out to them?
Carren: Hm... you have a point...
Eugen: Right? You keep that connection open, and you'll both reach some kind of understanding. One day, at least.
Eugen: (I'm one to talk...)
Carren: Hrm. Keep it open, huh...
Carren: I got it! I'll just go ahead and write 'em back!
Eugen: S-sure...
Carren: Wha? You're making that face. Something in your eye again?
Eugen: Nah. It's nothing. Just a little headache, is all...
Because Eugen avoids delving into his own past, Carren has no idea how much pain her uncle has been through.
The old soldier and the girl would continue to travel together, occasionally finding themselves at the mercy of the troubles they carry with them.