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Hit List

(Captain) and the crew are heading to the Odajumoki hideout to look for Beatrix who has gone off the radar. Taking the lead is Skull, who starts to talk about the secret of his gang. According to him, the Odajumoki are all dog people, and it seems like he has a vast trove of doggy trivia. Eustace is interested, but suddenly he receives an order from the Society to eliminate Lyria. After contemplating his situation for a little while, Eustace asks (Captain) is he can accompany the crew on their travels.

(Captain) and the crew, along with Eustace, search Nordvjast for Beatrix, who they have lost contact with.
They have got some information of out Skull, a member of the outlaw gang Odajumoki, about the whereabouts of his hideout.
On the way to the hideout, Skull is bored, and picks a fight with Eustace.
Skull: Hey, hey listen. Hey, listen. Do you want to hear my most secret secret? Hey, Eustace.
Skull: Sooooo, do you want to know? Do you want to know the secret of the Odajumoki? Hey, Eustace.
Eustace: …Silence. Hollow-Skull.
Skull: What! Are you saying my head is empty? Idiot! I… am a genius!
Lyria: Hmm… I-I wanna know the secret!
Skull: Aha! I seeee. Then, I'll tell you… The secret of the Odajumoki is…
Skull: We are all dog lovers! All the Odajumoki love dogs!
Eustace: !
Lyria: Oooooo, is that why you all ride dogs?
Skull: Yes? Because they are so soft and fluffy, they're suuuper nice to ride.
Vyrn: But, riding dogs… Just seems a little bit, wrong?
Hearing Vyrn's words, Eustace nods in agreement.
Skull: Huh? It's wrong? You jerks don't know anything!
Skull: Did you know that we Odajumoki have strong ties to the Nord Husky? Hmm?
Eustace: The Nord Husky… is a breed of dog?
Skull: Aaah, yes. The Nord Husky is a ferocious man eating dog, but they are wise and have a strong sense of duty.
Skull: Because we love and care for the dogs, they respect us and actively try to help us!
Eustace: …I see. A mutually beneficial relationship…
Vyrn, seeing a content Eustace nod approvingly, whispers to (Captain) and Lyria…
Vyrn: Pssst. Yanno, Sourpuss… doesn't he seem to be uncharacteristically happy?
Lyria: Now that you mention it, he does. Is it because he likes dogs?
Skull: Hey, why are you whispering? Did you get bored of my story? I bet you did…
Skull: …Even though I had eeeeven more useful doggy trivia to tell you guys…
Eustace: Doggy… Trivia?
Eustace: Like, how to snuggle them?
Skull: Huh? What are you saying? Could it be, you like dogs too?
Skull: Tehehe, I'm right, you do like dogs don't you? Right, doggy trivia, hmmm…. You want me to tell you more? Yeah?
Skull: Tehehe, if you do, you have to pledge a vow of loyalty to me! Bend down, you're too tall!
Vyrn: Oh dear, he shouldn't goad Sourpuss... He's scary, that Erune…
Vyrn: Nevertheless it is surprising that Sourpuss likes dogs…
Lyria: Heehee, I agree. It appears Eustace has a cute side.
Lyria: Isn't that right, (Captain)…
Transceiver: Buzz buzz buzz buzz.
Feeling the vibrations of his transceiver, Eustace leaves the chatting crew and heads toward a gap in the nearby rock face.
???: Eustace. I have two reports for you.
???: One. Once Zeta and Vaseraga complete their current assignment they will head to your location.
Eustace: Understood.
???: Two. There is an additional mission I have to assign you.
???: The blue-haired girl with which you are currently equated can manipulate the power of primal beasts.
???: This girl will potentially become a threat.
???: Observe the girl and her fellow skyfarers. If you deem her a threat, eliminate her.
???: We are relying on you, Eustace.
The one-sided conversation finishes, and Eustace put the transceiver back in his chest pocket.
Eustace: …Eliminate?
Vyrn: Yeah. We can take Sourpuss with us too.
Vyrn: Huh, where did Sourpuss go?
Eustace: I am here.
Lyria: Eek! When did you get behind (Captain)?
Eustace: …(Captain). I have something to say to you…
Eustace: …After this request is completed, I'd like to accompany you for a while.
Vyrn: W-what? But why?
Eustace: A whim.
Vyrn: Huh, a whim? Actually that's quite convenient.
Eustace: What?
Lyria: While you were gone, Eustace, we had all promised to go to this village where you can pet doggies.
Lyria: When we go, you should come with us!
Eustace: Go with you…
Lyria: You like doggles don't you, Eustace? That's why we should all go together!
Eustace: Ha.
Vyrn: Hmm? Are you laughing?
Eustace doesn't answer, but swiftly walks ahead of the group.
Lyria: What's wrong… Eustace….
Vyrn: (Sigh) I don't get that guy… He seems like he hates us… but, doesn't?
While pondering the ambiguity of Eustace's response, the crew follow him and press onwards.
His new mission weighing on his shoulders, Eustace harbors mixed feelings toward the crew's promise, and is unsure of what to do…