Scenario:Eustace - Still Snow

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Still Snow

While hunting through the Society's archives, Eustace discovers that the official report of the encounter on Moon Sliver has been heavily doctored. A few moments later, a man from a rival Society sector enters the room, catching Eustace in the middle of his sleuthing.

The snowfields are quiet and monochromatic. Warmth left him long ago, so he trudges onward with the frost biting at his limbs.
He should be moving toward a purpose, but instead he is driven by fear.
Closing his eyes, he can see the roaring flames, the lamentations of happier days now lost.
And having witnessed them go, he is left only with this insufferable silence.
It is unyielding as it resonates throughout the void of his mind, a hymn of loss that only he can hear.
Eustace: ...
A lone Erune rummages through a dark and gloomy archive.
As he flits through document after document, Eustace spots something that catches his eye.
Eustace: Is this it?
Finally it is within his grasp: the record of the conflict on Moon Sliver.
Eustace: Hmm...
This is the place where the Phantagrande branch of the Society stores its most classified documents.
Eustace, filled with suspicion concerning his own commanding organization, pores over the battle record—one available only to those with a certain level of authorization.
Eustace: What's this...
After a few seconds of reading, it becomes clear that the report has been tampered with.
Eustace: ...
Automagods, moondwellers, Pyet-A...
All of the hard facts that had been exposed during the battle—every single one—is missing from the pages.
Eustace: The disparity between this report and my debriefing is too great.
Eustace: (It's obvious the Society is attempting to cover something up.)
Eustace: (But what could that something be...)
Eustace: ...
Intent on getting to the bottom of the mystery, he continues reading through the document. However...
Eustace: ...
The sound of approaching footsteps echoes down the hall. He quickly stows the report back in its proper place on the shelf.
Society Soldier 1: Oh, is that you, Eustace?
Eustace: Aren't you...
The man is a member of the Society's new force, a sect openly opposed to weapon contractors like Eustace.
Society Soldier 1: You hardly ever come out to this branch, sir.
Eustace: I suppose I don't.
Society Soldier 1: Is there a record I can help you find? I know this archive like the back of my hand.
Eustace: I'm already finished here.
Society Soldier 1: That was quick! Well, if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask.
Eustace: Sure.
Society Soldier 1: ...
Vyrn: Hey, anybody seen where Sourpuss went? He left a while ago.
Lyria: It is getting late...
Vyrn: Is it just me, or has he been runnin' himself ragged lately?
Lyria: I think so. He's been leaving the airship a lot more.
Vyrn: Even if he is a member of our crew, he's also one of the Society's top agents, huh?
Lyria: They keep him pretty busy, don't they?
(Captain) and the others first met Eustace during a skirmish at North Vast.
???: The blue-haired girl you're currently working with can control the power of primal beasts.
???: This girl has the potential to become a threat to us.
???: Monitor the girl and her fellow skyfarers.
If you deem her a threat, eliminate her.
At first Eustace joined the crew because he was ordered to by the higher-ups at the Society.
???: The decision was reached at a recent meeting. The girl has been judged a considerable danger.
???: With the ability to use the power of many primal beasts, she's an extreme danger to us. Eliminate her... and her friends.
???: It is your duty to see this happens swiftly.
Eustace: ...
Eustace: All I want...
???: ...?
Eustace: All I want is peace and quiet.
???: Hm? Yes, we're well aware. But what's your point?
Eustace: Therefore... I refuse.
Now, shirking these orders, Eustace travels with (Captain) and the others on their journey.
Lyria: Eustace is really cautious and strong, so maybe we shouldn't worry, but still...
  1. It is kinda lonely...
  2. Nothing we can do about it.

Choose: It is kinda lonely...
Lyria: That's what I thought too...
Vyrn: Sourpuss is such a weird character.
Vyrn: He never cuts loose with us, but just havin' him around makes you feel at home, you know?
Lyria: He really does...
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Choose: Nothing we can do about it.
Vyrn: Yeah, it won't help nothin' if we complain to him.
Lyria: I suppose so...
Continue 1
Lyria: But no matter how busy he is, he's always been there for us during our worst times.
Lyria: That's why I want to support him if things aren't going well.
Vyrn: I hear ya. He's not exactly an open book, so I doubt he'd say something if he was stressed.
Lyria: I just wish he'd hurry up and come back already.
Eustace: ...
Lyria: Eustace! Welcome back!
Vyrn: Whoa! Speak of the primal, and it shall awaken!
Eustace: The primal?
Lyria: Hehe. We were just talking about you, Eustace, and then you showed up.
Eustace: Ah. An idiom. Quaint.
Having nothing else to say, Eustace slinks to a corner of the room away from (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn and sits at a table.
Eustace: ...
He then unholsters his beloved gun, Flamek.
Lyria: Ahhh. It already feels better having him back.
Vyrn: Now that things have returned to normal, we can finally relax!
???: Indeed, leaving the blue-haired girl to her own devices would present a problem.
???: Given the impending circumstances, any potential risk factors must be eliminated.
???: And going along with that, we'll need to rediscuss the actions of that weapon contractor, Eustace.
???: You mean the fact that he's currently in the same skyfarer crew as the girl?
???: The fact that Eustace is stationed near them means we can understand the girl's position, effectively giving us control of the situation.
???: You think so?
???: What are you suggesting?
???: Do you really believe Eustace has the capability to enact the will of the Society? That he can watch and detain the girl if necessary?
???: You think he's betrayed us? Absurd.
???: He is a suspicious one; he has a history for theatrics.
???: Ignoring orders, destroying transceivers, going rogue. Certainly stands out, doesn't he?
???: If you ask me, the fact he hasn't been investigated before is the most bizarre issue at hand.
???: But he has—he's been discussed at length already.
???: It was determined that his current standing with the crew is too valuable a tool to waste.
???: Which is exactly why I propose we reopen the discussion.
???: You're right. These situations can change at a moment's notice after all.
???: In any case, I can't help but say that leaving things as they are now is, well, a stupid plan.
???: …………
Lyria: What! I'm telling you, that's not what happened!
Vyrn: What do you mean! Lyria, you were...
???: ...
Eustace: Sigh...
Vyrn: Huh? Sourpuss, you okay?
Eustace: I need to leave the ship.
Lyria: Oh...
  1. Again?
  2. Be careful out there.

Choose: Again?
Eustace: ...
Eustace: Sorry.
(Captain) scowls, earning a somewhat pacifying head pat for the effort.
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Choose: Be careful out there.
Eustace: I will. You too.
Continue 2
Lyria: Please come back to us, Eustace.
Eustace: I'll be back.
Lyria: Sigh...
(Captain) and Lyria both give a despondent sigh as Eustace exits the room.
Despite their reservations, despite the intuition telling them that something bad is coming, neither lift their voice in protest as he leaves.