Scenario:Ezecrain - An Old Map's Temptation

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An Old Map's Temptation

(Captain) and company have come to the forest on Ezecrain’s map, which they think could be a treasure map. Ezecrain warns them that once they get lost in this forest, there is no escape. Suddenly, the party hears the scream of someone being attacked by monsters. They head there to help.

Vyrn: Hey, what did the browless guy steal from Drang?
Ezecrain: Drang...? Oh, you mean that careless Erune.
After saying that, Ezecrain takes out the stolen map and spreads it out in front of the party.
Vyrn: Could this be... a treasure map?!
Ezecrain: Beats me... You want to confirm that yourself?
Lyria: Wow! It’s a treasure hunt! This is so exciting! Right, (Captain)?
The party heads to the dense forest with high hopes in their hearts.
Vyrn: What!? There’s no treasure anywhere!
Ezecrain: No one ever said this was a treasure map. You people get ahead of yourselves...
Vyrn: T-Then what kind of map is it?
Ezecrain: Unfortunately, the only thing there is a place of historic interest.
Ezecrain: Either way, this map has already served its purpose.
Vyrn: But we came this far already... But isn’t this a map that Drang had?
Vyrn: Maybe if you go deep in the forest, we’ll find treasure there...?
Ezecrain: This forest is on a very complex terrain as if to protect the historical site. Once you get lost, you will never escape it.
Vyrn: Haha! That’s where the map comes in!
Ezecrain: I don’t have time to waste with your little games.
Vyrn: Hold on! Hey, browless guy!
Monster: Grrrr!
???: Whoa! Save me!
Vyrn: Oh, no! Did you hear that, (Captain)?! I heard a scream from the forest...
Ezecrain: ...!
Lyria: Oh, Ezecrain! Wait for us!
Vyrn: Heh! After all he said, the browless guy can’t ignore someone in need!
Vyrn: All right! Let’s go, too, (Captain)!

An Old Map's Temptation: Scene 2

While (Captain) are attacked by monsters, Drang comes to help. He confronts Ezecrain to return his stolen treasure map. But Ezecrain states that he has already collected the treasure hidden in the historical site as written on the map.

Vyrn: Phew... Is that the last of the monsters?
Drang: Nice! You guys are great!
Vyrn: What the... hey! Why are you here being attacked by monsters?!
Drang: What a coincidence. I’m in luck to have you guys save me!
Vyrn: Geez, you’re such a troublemaker. You should take care of monsters on your own!
Drang: I thought we were friends! Don’t be so cold!
Vyrn: Hey! We’re not friends!
Drang: Oh? I thought I saw a familiar face! Well, if it isn’t Ezecrain, the map thief!
Drang: Tsk tsk… I got lost because of you.
Ezecrain: Ugh... More trouble...
Drang: Hey, you... Can you give me back the treasure map you stole from me? I really need that...
Ezecrain: Hmph... Treasure map? Unfortunately, the treasure you seek is nowhere on this historical site.
Drang: Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?! What did you do to my spoils?!
Ezecrain: Spoils? Don’t make me laugh. You seem to have hidden all the valuables you stole from evildoers here, but...
Ezecrain: I’ve already collected all of them. Looks like you’ve wasted your time here.
Drang: No way! How could you do that?! Gimme back my treasure!
Monster: Graaagh!
Lyria: Ack! W-We got trouble! We’re surrounded by monsters...
Drang: Eek! It’s your turn! Get ‘em!

An Old Map's Temptation: Scene 3

Drang escapes the forest with the map while the party is fighting monsters. In order to escape the labyrinth forest, Ezecrain seeks guidance from the amethyst.

Vyrn: Good job! You defeated all those monsters!
Lyria: Yup! (Captain) and Ezecrain looks really cool back there!
Lyria: We’re pretty deep inside the forest. So… where is the exit?
Vyrn: Leave that to me! The map says... huh?
Vyrn: Oh, no! The map is gone!
Lyria: Speaking of which, I think Drang said he’s holding onto the map...
Vyrn: What?! He just took it and ran...
Vyrn: Damnit! He’s planning to escape the forest by himself!
Ezecrain: Sigh... Do you people just make one problem after another?
Ezecrain: You leave me no choice... Follow me.
Ezecrain: Sigh... May the amethyst guide us...
Lyria: Wow, that’s amazing! Amethysts can give directions!
Ezecrain: Who’s making me do this?
Ezecrain: Geez. We don’t even know where the monsters could be hiding. Stick together.

An Old Map's Temptation: Scene 4

Sierokarte brings many requests for Ezecrain. Rumor has it that he will take back the treasures that were taken by evildoers. Among those requests, Ezecrain finds out that there is information of the villain he seeks through the guidance of the amethyst. (Captain), Ezecrain, and the others decide to stick together to achieve their purpose.

Vyrn: Phew... Looks like we managed to escape the forest...
Lyria: It’s all thanks to you, Ezecrain!
Ezecrain: Don’t make me use the amethyst over something stupid like this!
Ezecrain: Don’t ever drag me into your troubles ever again. You got it?
Vyrn: Sorry...
Sierokarte: Hey, guys! Sorry to bother you when you’re so tired!
Sierokarte: There are actually lots of requests being sent for Ezecrain!
Lyria: Wow...! That’s amazing!
Sierokarte: Hehehe! The rumor’s going around that you’ll take back the treasures that were stolen by the bad guys!
Vyrn: I get it! So that’s what you did with the treasure you took from Drang!
Ezecrain: Hmph. I’m only doing this because it’s on the way to fulfilling my objective.
Vyrn: What?! The amethyst is reacting to something! What’s going on?!
Lyria: Could it be that among the requests is information that Ezecrain is looking for?
Ezecrain: I found it...
Ezecrain: It seems that there is a group of scam artists in the western sky causing trouble.
Vyrn: Say what!? And those guys might be enemies of your clan?
Ezecrain: ...
Vyrn: Hey! You’re going there, right?
Ezecrain: Naturally. If the amethyst guides me, I will follow it.
Vyrn: All right! Then leave it to (Captain)!
Vyrn: We’ll go with you until your goal is complete!
Ezecrain: Geez... You people are so carefree...
Ezecrain: Do what you want. Just don’t get in my way.
Shouldering the fate of his clan, Ezecrain moves toward the direction that the amethyst guides him.
Watched over by his skyfarer friends, Ezecrain’s journey will continue until the day he completes his objective.