Scenario:Ezecrain - Mr. Chains and His Pupil

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Mr. Chains and His Pupil

Ezecrain consoles Salria when he sees her taking up any chore to keep her mind off her village. Salria breaks down and cries herself to sleep in his arms. Ezecrain's hate of those that destroyed his village is rekindled.

The crew learns that the Crystal of Beginnings, a treasure stolen from Ezecrain's village, is on Sharom Island.
The crew sets out there with Ezecrain and his niece, Salria.
Salria: I'm really happy to be traveling with everyone!
Lyria: We're glad to have you on board, Sally!
Salria: If there's anything I can do to help out, please let me know.
Salria: I want to show my appreciation for everything (Captain) and everyone else is doing for me.
Vyrn: Haha! Thanks, Sally! But you don't have to worry about stuff like that.
Salria: Well... just let me know if there's anything I can do.
Ezecrain: Maybe we should first consider how much help you'd actually be.
Salria: Grr! Uncle Ezzy, I can do the laundry and cleaning and, umm... other stuff like cooking!
Lyria: Haha! Okay then, you can help me wash the upper deck a little later.
And so, Salria works dutifully and is often seen throughout the ship.
Salria: Lyria! Where do we put the garbage?
Lyria: Let's toss that in this bag over here! Thanks for helping!
Salria: Sure thing!
Salria: So we're just going to peel these potatoes?
Vyrn: Yup! Thanks for helping out. I couldn'ta done this alone.
Salria: I'm just glad I can help. I hope this turns out tasty!
Lyria: Sally, you're doing so well! You've helped us all out a lot.
Salria: Really? You mean it?
I'm happy to hear that.
Vyrn: Haha! Sally's a real pro with her hands. She peeled those potatoes super fast!
While (Captain) and crew speak joyfully with Salria, Ezecrain, in stark contrast, keeps his eyes fixed solemnly on Salria.
Ezecrain: ...
Salria: Hmm... I think the laundry's dry... I guess I'll start folding it.
Salria: All righty...
A fierce gust blows the sheets over Salria's face.
Salria: Wh-whoa!
Ezecrain: Sigh...
What are you doing, Salria?
Salria: Huff!
Thank you, Uncle Ezzy.
Ezecrain: ...
Salria: Hmm? Is there something on my face?
Ezecrain: ...
Let's deal with the sheets first.
Salria: Okay!
Salria: All righty... Now just this one and we're done.
Ezecrain: Salria.
Salria: Yes?
Uncle Ezzy, thank you for carrying all the laundry for me.
Ezecrain: Didn't do it to receive thanks.
Ezecrain: Sit here, Salria.
Salria: But we're not finished.
Ezecrain: Come on over already.
Salria: ...?
Salria obediently sits at the foot of the bed, and Ezecrain takes a chair to sit beside her.
Salria: Is... everything okay, Uncle Ezzy?
Ezecrain: ...
Ezecrain: Do you find it easier to silence your thoughts by busying yourself with work?
Salria: ...!
Ezecrain: I'm sure you already realize this, but there's no village for us to return to anymore.
Salria: I...
Ezecrain: The war was paid in lives. Too many lives... including your parents.
Salria: ...
Ezecrain: I know that you were taken before the chaos began, so you can't fully appreciate how little is left of our home.
Ezecrain: But at the very least, you ought to know it's not a place you can return to anymore.
Ezecrain: I hope that much is clear to you...
Salria: I...
Salria: I... know that, but as the daughter of the village head, I've got to do everything I can.
Salria: I'm going to get the Crystal of Beginnings. And I'll fix everything that was destroyed... I have to...
Salria: I... have to...
Holding back her tears, Salria's head sinks into her lap. In a silent response, Ezecrain moves his hand softly over her hair.
Ezecrain: A child does not need to assume the role of adult. Let your tears flow.
Salria: ...
Ezecrain: I know you hide your true emotions so as not to worry anyone.
Ezecrain: But you've been strong for long enough.
Salria: Un... cle...
Salria: Sob...
Salria: Uncle Ezzy!
Salria: Why... Why did that happen to our village? Why...
Ezecrain: I... have no answer...
Salria: Everyone was so kind. So normal... And then...
Salria: Why!
Salria: Sob...
Ezecrain cradles Salria gently in his arms as limitless tears stream from her eyes. Salria's weeping takes all of her strength and leaves her in a deep slumber.
Salria: Zzz... Zzz...
Ezecrain: "Why..."
Ezecrain: I often ask myself the same question.
Ezecrain: Who brought ruin to our homeland? Who stole the Crystal of Beginnings?
Ezecrain: I will scour every corner of the skies.
Ezecrain: I will never stop searching. I will not rest...
As Ezecrain's resolve strengthens, the rage of fire that burns in his heart grows a deeper shade of bloodred.
Though the road that Ezecrain walks is one purely of peril, he will not hesitate, and he most certainly will not falter.