Scenario:Farrah - Her Superior's Smile

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Her Superior's Smile

One day while visiting Fehrtyl Island, (Captain) notices that Farrah has changed her outfit. It transpires that Katalina had bought the new outfit for her, and that in fact Farrah wants to do something for her in return. She rushes into the forest to pick ingredients for a special dinner for Katalina, unaware of the dangers lurking within.

The crew has landed on Fehrtyl Island. The rich and verdant plant life is very reminiscent of (Captain)'s home island.
It's not only (Captain) who is reminded of home. Farrah, too, seems to be feeling something.
Farrah: Whoa...
Vyrn: Hmm? Did you say something?
Farrah: Huh? Haha... It's this island—it's really mountainous, just like my hometown.
Vyrn: Ah, I was thinkin' the same thing. It kinda reminds me of Zinkenstill somehow.
Farrah: That fresh mountain air... I haven't smelled it in years. I used to go up to the mountains for bug-catching as a child.
Farrah: I'd come back all dirty, and my mom would be so mad since she had to clean all my clothes off.
Vyrn: Haha! (Captain) and I used to go out into the mountains or forest to train.
Farrah: Heh-heh... Oh boy, you're getting me all nostalgic now.
Vyrn: Haha! Even (Captain)'s got a mushy smile!
Vyrn: Oh, speaking of clothes, you look kinda different today. Did you get a new outfit?
Farrah: Heh-heh... Katalina actually picked this out for me!
Farrah: She had it specially made for me! It's really breathable, and it won't rip no matter how hard you pull on the fabric!
  1. It looks cute on you.
  2. It's very "Katalina."
  3. Whites can be hard to keep clean.
  4. Shorts, huh?

Choose: It looks cute on you.
Farrah: H-huh? Y-you think it's... cute?
Farrah: Heh-heh... Sorry, I'm just not used to people calling me that...
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Choose: It's very "Katalina."
Farrah: Exactly! Is there anything that Katalina can't do?
Farrah: Heh-heh... She even said it herself when she gave it to me. "I think this would suit you, Farrah."
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Choose: Whites can be hard to keep clean.
Vyrn: Yeah, that's true. It's already getting a bit muddy.
Farrah: I-it's fine! I don't mind cleaning it!
Farrah: My mom taught me how to make even the dirtiest clothes just like new again!
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Choose: Shorts, huh?
Farrah: Heh-heh. They're comfy and easy to wear!
Farrah laughs and grabs the hem of her dress, flitting it around.
(Captain) instinctively looks away from the carefree, smiling Farrah.
Continue 1
Farrah: Anyways, I was thinking about doing something for Katalina to thank her. Any ideas?
Vyrn: Hmm, I know she likes swords. Maybe you could get her one?
Farrah: I don't know... I don't wanna disappoint her by getting one she doesn't like.
Vyrn: Well, how about making her something she doesn't normally get the chance to eat?
Farrah: Something she doesn't normally get to eat... Oh! I just remembered—this island has a special dish of sorts!
Vyrn: Haha! I like it! I wanna try some of it, too!
Farrah: Now that I think about it, there're some great looking shops around here! Let's check them out!
Vyrn: H-hey, wait up!
Vyrn: Well, she's gone. Guess we're gonna have to look around the shops on our own, (Captain)!
Farrah: Hello! Do you have any local specialties here for sale?
Shop Assistant: Welcome! Hmm... Perhaps you're looking for greatshrooms.
Farrah: Greatshrooms? You mean this dried mushroom?
The shop assistant begins a well-practiced spiel in promotion of the greatshrooms.
The mushroom is never found in groups, preferring to grow secluded from others, earning the moniker, "the lonely mushroom."
Shop Assistant: So we collect them, dry them and sell them here. They can only be found at this time of year. You're lucky you came when you did.
Farrah: Hmm... Sniff... sniff. It certainly has a heady aroma!
Shop Assistant: Doesn't it? And if you add water, it looks as good as if you'd picked it moments before. You'd never guess it's been dried.
Farrah: Whoa! Okay, sold! I'll take some greatshrooms to go, please!
Farrah: Heh-heh, I can't wait to get back! I've never had the chance to cook with such quality mushrooms!
Katalina: Farrah, you've outdone yourself! This is sublime! Your cooking really is the best!
Farrah: Heh-heh... I hope you like them, Katalina...
Shop Assistant: I've yet to find a person who didn't like them. Now then, if you'd kindly...
Farrah: Th... 30,000 rupies for one? You have to be kidding! There's no way I can pay for that!
Shop Assistant: Perhaps... It may be a little much, but I suppose you could go out and find some fresh ones yourself.
Farrah: Fresh? Like the same type as the dried ones here?
Shop Assistant: Yup. The peak season's just begun, after all. But just make sure you avoid the dangerous mushrooms.
Farrah: I see... I'll be on my way, then! Thank you!
Shop Assistant: Hey, wait! You'll need a guide!
Shop Assistant: Oof, there she goes... Perhaps I should've told her to wait until the fog fungi are gone before looking...
Farrah: Heh-heh. How lucky... those greatshrooms can't be found anywhere else other than this island!
Farrah: If that's the case, I have to let Katalina try them!
Farrah: Okay! I'll find them for sure... Anything for Katalina!
Farrah heads toward the mountains, buoyed by the thought of making Katalina happy.
However, she is still blissfully unaware of the perils she is about to face.