Scenario:Farrah - Red-Hot Summer Battle!

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Red-Hot Summer Battle!

The grand prize of the First Auguthlon is a plushie, a prize that Farrah and Vira are both vying to claim in order to present to Katalina. After easily clearing the swimming section, the two contestants encounter a monster on the race course and begrudgingly team up to fight it.

The beach is packed with attendees of the First Auguthlon.
As the start of the competition approaches, the participants feel the adrenaline begin to course through their bodies.
Farrah: It's almost time to go! I'm not going to lose today!
Vira: Hehe... I'll make this quick and show you what separates a woman from a girl.
Vyrn: Hoo-boy, those two are fired up. This is gonna be spicy.
Lyria: Uh-huh! Do your best, you guys!
Katalina: This looks like a tough competition, but I'll cheer on the both of you!
Farrah: I'm on it! First leg is swimming, followed by running. Physical endurance is what I've trained for!
Farrah: But the last event is... um, sand art? I have no idea what that is.
Vira: Sand sculpting. It's typical of Auguste to include an event like that.
Farrah: So I just have to create something out of sand?
Farrah: Not a problem!
While the participants go over the list of events, an emcee introduces the grand prize.
Emcee: Yes, yes, yes, I see none of you can wait any longer. Then allow me to introduce... the grand prize!
The emcee pulls off a cloth that had been covering a pedestal to reveal... a plushie.
Farrah: What is that? It looks a little like a bird and a little like a lizard...
Emcee: This here's Auguste's very own ambassador of tourism, Guston!
Emcee: It was made expressly for today's competition with the help of a certain sorcerer.
Emcee: Heh-heh-heh! And how magical it is indeed! Just give it a squeeze to win the heart of any cuddly-wuddly creature in the sky!
Farrah: Is that true? Sounds fake to me...
Emcee: See for yourself! When I press Guston's schnoz like so, it releases a scent that animals love, and voila.
Dog: Bow wow!
Cat: Meow!
Farrah: Animals really are attracted to him! He's surrounded by dogs and cats!
Tourist 1: Whoa... I don't know why, but I want it! If only I'd entered...
Tourist 2: Wow, what's the price tag on that thing? You could make mad money if you sold it...
Katalina: Oooh... It attracts cuddly animals, hm?
Vyrn: Uh... What're you lookin' at me for?
Lyria: Teehee. Do you want it, Katalina?
Katalina: Er, well, it belongs to the winner of this competition. I'm just a spectator, so...
Farrah: Katalina...
Vira: Katalina...
Sparks are already flying between Farrah and Vira by the time they take their positions.
Farrah: I'm going to win this competition, and give Guston to Katalina as a present!
Vira: No, no, that's my job. I will be the one to present Katalina with that plushie.
A hush falls over the beach once everything is set. All ears await the starting whistle.
Farrah: I can't lose this!
All the contestants take off from the starting blocks, leaping into the sea to swim for the first marker.
Vyrn: Check it out! Farrah and Vira are at the front!
Lyria: They sure are! They're tearing through the water!
Farrah and Vira round the large rock marking the halfway point of the swim in near unison.
Lyria: Amazing! Those two are already on their way back to shore!
Vyrn: You gotta hand it to both of 'em. The other contestants haven't even gotten to the rock yet!
Emcee: Holy shamoley! Two ultimate athletes have already hit the beach! The next leg is the foot race!
Lyria: Go, Farrah! Go, Vira!
Farrah: Huff, huff... Thanks a bunch, Lyria! I've still got lots of fuel in my tank!
Vira: I appreciate your support, Lyria. I will be the first to cross the finish line!
The two rivals sprint with all their might, neither gaining much ground on the other.
Their drive shows no sign of wilting, only growing by the second. Soon the other contestants are lost in the horizon.
Farrah: Huff... Puff... Running in the sand after swimming is no joke.
Vira: Huff... Huff... You sound short of breath. Have you reached your limit?
Farrah: I could ask you the same thing. Feeling tired?
Farrah: Why don't you take yourself out of the race? Let me handle the winning.
Vira: Oh, that was a joke, right? Do you think I would ever hand you Katalina on a silver platter?
Farrah: Grrr... Struggle all you want. In the end it's going to be me and Katalina splashing around in the sea!
Vira: Don't count on it. She and I will be the ones spending quality time together.
Farrah and Vira are so lost in their bickering that they lose track of their surroundings.
Arzentaum: Grooar!
Farrah: A monster?
Farrah: Oh no! When did we get off course?
Vira: Tch... How could I let this happen... The course is back that way.
Farrah: Wait a minute! What about this monster?
Vira: Humph. Just leave it. If we run away now, it won't chase after us.
Farrah: W-wait!
Arzentaum: Grooar!
Farrah: Darn it. I don't have time to mess around with you!
Farrah: Listen! You better not cross this line I'm drawing in the sand! For both our sakes!
Arzentaum: Grooar!
Farrah: That monster won't give up! I didn't think it'd still chase after us...
Farrah: I can't let it enter the contest area! I'll have to stop it here!
Vira: Well, you've got a lot of spare time on your hands, don't you?
Farrah: It's not like I have much of a choice. On the other hand, if I drive it away...
Farrah: "Victory was in your grasp, and you selflessly threw it away to guarantee everyone's safety. I'm impressed, Farrah!"
Farrah: "You deserve all my head pats for a job well done!"
Farrah: Teeheehee...
Vira: ...!
Farrah: Hm? Why did you stop all of a sudden?
Vira: I'll have you know that receiving Katalina's praise is my reason for existing.
Farrah: Humph. Whatever floats your boat!
Farrah: That'll save us time! Let's go!

Red-Hot Summer Battle!: Scene 2

Farrah and Vira are about to finish off the monster, but it escapes when the two girls start bickering. Returning to the competition, they each build sand sculptures of what they consider to be the best thing about summer: Katalina. The monster from before returns and destroys their works, causing the girls to rally together again.

Farrah and Vira push the monster to the brink.
Arzentaum: Grrr...
Farrah: Phew... You're a tough nut to crack... But one more strike should do it!
Vira: You should take a step back and allow me to deal the finishing blow.
Farrah: What! So you can hog the glory? Not gonna happen!
Vira: How hypocritical. What makes you think you can have it all to yourself?
Monster: ...
Just as they're about to wrap up the battle, Vira and Farrah go for each other's throats, allowing the monster to slip away.
Farrah: It's not here anymore! Where could it have gone?
Vira: Tch... It escaped. Its tenaciousness is admirable.
Farrah: Is it safe to ignore it? Shouldn't we go after it?
Vira: Hmm... Unfortunately I have no idea where it went.
Vira: And I have a competition to return to.
Farrah: What should I do... I don't have any idea where it went either...
Farrah: But then again, it's probably learned its lesson after the licking we gave it...
Farrah: Hm...
Farrah: Oh well! I need to get back into the race too!
Meanwhile at the beach, the spectators have been eagerly waiting for the contestants. Finally a figure runs into view.
Vira: Huff... Huff... I finally made it...
Farrah: Huff... Huff... I'm just a little bit behind...
Emcee: Aaaand the top two leaders are back! Which leaves only the last event: sand art! Here's the theme!
Farrah: Theme? There's a theme?
Emcee: Heh heh heh! You better believe it! The theme is the "brightest glimmer of summer!"
Farrah: Brightest... wha?
Emcee: Hahaha! Here's a hint for you. Don't think too hard and just follow your heart!
One by one the other contestants straggle in. They receive the same instructions and begin to sculpt.
Vira: Hmm... Brightest glimmer, huh...
Vira: Ah!
Farrah: Let's see... What would I say shines the brightest...
Farrah: Gasp!
Whatever idea pops into Farrah and Vira's minds causes them to start scooping up sand simultaneously.
Lyria: They finally got started.
Vyrn: Yep. But is it just me, or did they look our way for a second?
Katalina: I do believe I caught them looking this way as well. Was it some kind of signal?
Other contestants are also hard at work on their sand sculptures.
Emcee: Time's up! Let's have a gander at today's sand creations, shall we?
Emcee: First up we have Farrah's work—whoa! Simply astounding! Care to explain it to us?
Farrah: I made the person I admire most, the one I wish to emulate! Katalina!
Farrah proudly presents her sculpture of Katalina, whose sword is poised to take down any foe.
Katalina: W-wait a minute! How do I fit the theme of "brightest glimmer of summer?"
Farrah: It doesn't matter what season it is—you're always my guiding light!
Emcee: It truly is a work of art. A masterpiece even. Why don't I just go ahead and crown you as the champion?
Vira: Please don't tell me you've forgotten about me.
Emcee: Oops, where are my manners! Please show us what you have, Vira.
Vira: Hehe. The brightest glimmer of summer is, beyond a shadow of doubt, Katalina!
Katalina: Huh? Just what are you two getting at?
Vira's sculpture is of Katalina in a swimsuit lying on her side.
Not only is the craftsmanship excellent, but the beauty of its subject draws oohs and aahs from the crowd.
Emcee: This. Is. Amazing! It feels different from Farrah's sculpture. Almost... sensual!
Katalina: S-stop! I've never posed like that in my life!
Vyrn: Hmm... Don't think she can hear you over the chatter goin' on in the audience.
Lyria: Ahaha... Everyone's really getting into it. That's a good thing, right?
The emcee goes around to the rest of the sculptures.
Emcee: Yeah, I think the winner is pretty much down to Farrah or Vira—
Emcee: Egad!
Vyrn: What the? Where did that monster's roar come from?
Lyria: Over there!
Farrah: It's the same one from before, and it brought friends this time!
Vira: I see... It can't call itself a monster if it doesn't come back for revenge.
Participant: Aaaugh! Monsters! Run!
Tourist 1: Nooo! Save me!
Katalina: Oh no, everyone's panicking! We must ensure their safety!
Farrah: Understood! Allow me to take care of this!
Vira: If that is your order, it shall be done.
Farrah and Vira guide the participants to safety away from the approaching monsters.
But then one of the monsters turns its attention to the works in the sand.
Arzentaum: Grrr...
Farrah: Ack! Stay away from there!
Vira: Stop! Don't you even—
Arzentaum: Groooar!
With a fearsome swipe, its monstrous arms pulverize the fragile sculptures of Katalina.
Farrah: What have you done to my superior?
Vira: Hahaha... Now you've done it. How dare you touch my dear Katalina!
Katalina: Huh? I'm not made out of sand, you know!
Farrah: We should have dealt with this beast earlier.
Vira: Indeed so. It would have been better to have finished it off back then.
Seeing their beloved Katalina (or at least her image) in sandy pieces, the two rivals' emotions are as one.
Farrah: Let's go, Vira!

Red-Hot Summer Battle!: Scene 3

Farrah and Vira stop the monster once more, this time with Katalina landing the final blow, but the First Auguthlon is suspended anyway. Katalina forces the girls to shake hands, and though they appear cordial on the surface, sparks are sure to fly the next time they face off.

The monsters are no match for the united force of Farrah and Vira.
Farrah: We did it. We avenged Katalina.
Vira: Yes... She would have been proud...
Katalina: Um, the real me is unharmed, you two...
Monster: Kekeke!
One of the monsters, down but not out, gets to its feet and rushes the main tent.
Farrah: Crap! I'll stop it—bwah!
In Farrah's haste to give chase, she trips in the sand.
Vira: Tch... At least there's no one left in that area—
Lyria: Oh no! Guston is over there!
Katalina: What!
Katalina: Haaah!
Katalina unleashes a strike that puts the monster down for good, saving the plushie from impending doom.
Farrah: She's so awesome!
Vira: That's the Katalina I know and love.
Katalina: Sigh... Come now, let's not downplay the fact that no one was hurt.
Katalina: (Hehe. I managed to save Guston.)
The crew stays behind until sunset to help clean up the beach.
Vyrn: I'm just glad everything calmed down and the beach returned to normal.
Lyria: Yes. It's too bad they had to suspend the competition though.
Farrah: It sure is. I didn't get to give Katalina that plushie as a present.
Vira: Nor I. And here I was looking forward to our date together.
Farrah: Forgive me, Katalina.
Vira: I'm sorry, Katalina.
Katalina: Haha, it's quite all right, you two. Thank you.
Farrah: Katalina...
Vira: Katalina...
Katalina: I'm very happy. Do you know why? Because both of you, rivals that you are, put your differences aside to fell those monsters.
Katalina: Now, I would like it if you two shook hands in recognition of a good match.
Farrah: A handshake?
Vira: Between me and her?
Katalina: That's what I said. Come on, let's see those hands.
Farrah: Um... This is really awkward...
Vira: ...
Farrah and Vira extend their arms and grasp each other's hands.
Farrah: Well, I guess we can leave today as a draw. You proved to be a reliable ally.
Vira: Heh... I suppose you can pull your weight for Katalina's sake as well.
Katalina: Good. I'm glad entering this competition was able to bring you closer.
Katalina: By the way, Guston is up for grabs again in the Second Auguthlon. It should be exciting.
Farrah: Oh, that's right! Our little challenge from earlier hasn't ended with a winner yet, so...
Vira: So I still have an opportunity to showcase my affection for Katalina.
Katalina: What's gotten into you two? Aren't you squeezing each other's hands a little hard?
The two rivals have yet to relinquish their death grips on one another.
Farrah: Heh... Hehehe... I could do this all day... Nrrgh...
Vira: Humph. I wasn't even trying until now.
Katalina: (I can see the flame burning in their eyes.)
Katalina: (But if there's something you want, you must obtain it yourself.)
Katalina: I believe I'll enter myself into the next competition as well!
Farrah: Huh? Katalina?
Although one intense battle draws to an end, the embers of determination continue to burn in anticipation of the next.