Scenario:Farrah - Treasure Hunting's Not Easy!

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Treasure Hunting's Not Easy!

The crew have made their way to Fehrtyl Island, where they come into possession of the golden greatshroom. As Farrah debates how to cook it, villagers attempt to steal the prized mushroom, claiming to be acting in the village's best interests.

The uproar over the golden greatshroom has finally come to an end, as peace is slowly but surely returning to the island.
In spite of fatigue from recent events, (Captain) prepares to leave, having never intended to remain on the island for too long.
Woman: Goodness, you're leaving the island tomorrow? You folks should stay a while and rest.
Village Chief: Hohoho... Well, if you ever feel like coming back, we'd be happy to have you.
Farrah: This feels totally awkward... We were practically at each other's throats a second ago!
Yodarha: Hyuk-hyuk!! Well, you've done gone and given 'em most of the 'shrooms I found, after all!
Farrah: That's what I'm saying! A complete change of heart just like that? There's something kinda strange about this village...
Vyrn: Hmm... Well, all's well that ends well, I guess. Let's just get back to the inn for now.
Farrah: All right... How are we gonna cook this golden greatshroom?
Farrah puzzles over this, swinging the burlap sack with the mushroom to and fro.
Yodarha: Cook it? Pretty sure all you need to do is roast it over an open fire!
Farrah: Yeah, I could... But I wanna do this right, especially for Katalina!
Vyrn: Yo! It's almost time for departure, so we're gonna go to town and pick up some supplies!
Farrah: Huh? Already? Hmm, I guess there are quite a few things we need.
The crew heads into the village to procure supplies for their journey. However, their excursion is quickly interrupted.
Villager: Kyeeeargh!
Farrah: Eeek!
A villager suddenly appears before Farrah attacking with his sword drawn.
Farrah: W-what are you doing? I thought we were friends now!
Villager: What's it look like? I heard you lot have the golden greatshroom, so I'm here to take it!
Farrah: Huh? I can't give you that! It's for Katalina!
Villager: Don't waste your breath! We're going to export it to the highest bidder and bring riches to our island!
Farrah: Yaaaugh! I knew it, (Captain)! Something is wrong with this place!

Treasure Hunting's Not Easy!: Scene 2

(Captain) and the crew return to the inn to protect their succulent treasure to find that Rhens has snuck into their room and taken the mushroom for himself. Meanwhile, the villagers attempt to take it for themselves, and a three-way struggle for the mushroom erupts once again.

Farrah: Gasp... Wheeze... I don't think I can go on for much longer here!
Vyrn: Sheesh... You know, I'm startin' to think we should get outta here and take our business somewhere else!
Farrah: Yeah! Let's head back to the inn, pack our stuff, and put this place far behind us!
Farrah: Okay then... Luggage, change of clothes...
Rhens: Keh! You all haven't left yet?
Farrah: What are you doing here?
Rhens: Isn't it obvious? I'm here for this!
Farrah: Hey! That's...
Farrah's face goes pale upon seeing the burlap sack Rhens is holding up.
Farrah: Hey, that's not yours!
Rhens: Hahaha! Sorry, miss!
Farrah: Grrrr... I won't let him get away with this! We're going after him, (Captain)!
Knight: Chheeargh!
Rhens: Whoa!
Rhens: Heh-heh, don't you know? I've been called a master swordsman in the making! Your attacks are too slow to surprise someone like me!
Thug 1: Bahaha! It'll take ya 100 years to catch up to our level, punk!
Thug 2: Gwahaha! I mean, what is that? Some piece of farm equipment? You don't stand a chance, pal!
Knight: Ngh...
Farrah: Here we go again...
Knight: There they are! Capture them!
Farrah: Why are these people so riled up over a stupid mushroom? Geez!
Vyrn: Yeah, tell me about it.

Treasure Hunting's Not Easy!: Scene 3

The villagers assemble a small army of soldiers and monsters in order to take the golden greatshroom and eventually obtain it from Rhens, who hands over a decoy mushroom that Farrah had prepared. They once again treat the crew cordially in spite of the events that transpired.

Knight: This way! Corner them!
Monsters: Groooargh!
Farrah: Ngh... Were the villagers on this island always this strong?
Rhens: You're tellin' me. They're practically an army...
Village Chief: Ho ho ho! We must protect our prosperity! This is simply something we must do to avoid harming the mountain.
Thug 1: I don't know about this, Rhens...
Thug 2: It doesn't look like we can win this one!
Rhens: Keh... Guess we're out of options.
Rhens reluctantly hands over the bag with the mushroom to the village chief.
Farrah: Huh? Y-you're just gonna give it up like that?
Rhens: Ha! You gotta know when you've been beat. Besides...
Farrah: ...!
Don't tell me...
As the two whisper to each other, the villagers gaze greedily at the contents of the bag.
Village Chief: Oho... It's finally ours...
Knight: Incredible... The sheen is unparalleled! And the aroma—just simply sublime!
Village Chief: Heh-heh... And this captivating, almost buttery luster... Let's find ourselves a buyer, shall we?
Accompanied by the knights and monsters, the village chief walks off without looking back.
Farrah: You figured it out, didn't you? That it was just a mushroom with a coat of oil painted on.
Rhens: You betcha I did! Anyone could've seen that!
Thug 1: Heh-heh! And you've got the real one safe and sound in your pocket!
Thug 2: Give the villagers a fake and settle 'em right down... Genius! After all, they ain't ever seen the real deal!
Rhens: Of course... It was my plan, remember? Give me some credit, would ya?
Farrah: So does that mean... You guys are still after the one I have?
Thug 2: Huh? Man, we can't be bothered to deal with that anymore.
Farrah: Huh? But why?
Rhens: Heh! Well, you know. We just don't feel like it, that's all! We just thought we'd give 'em hell, right?
Yodarha: Oh? Because of everything that happened on the mountain, perhaps?
Rhens: No way! Shut it, uh, you old coot!
Farrah: On the mountains? Did something happen?
Rhens: Mind your own business! Anyway, more importantly...
Rhens: I'm begging you! Please, let us try some of that mushroom! Just a bite!
Farrah: Oh? The golden greatshroom?
Vyrn: Huh? Weren't you guys trying to sell it?
Rhens: Yeah, well... Uh, that didn't work out, you see. So at the very least, let us... You know, have this experience!
Farrah: Well, you did help us, so... I guess it couldn't hurt.
The two groups head back to the inn, mulling over ways to cook the golden greatshroom.
Along the way, they encounter the villagers once again.
Woman: Oh, hello! Have you finished gathering all your supplies yet? The village general store just got a new shipment, you know!
Village Chief: Oho, heading off already, are you? A lot happened during your stay, but we'd love to have you again. Stop by anytime!
Farrah: ...
Rhens: Humph... They've got a lot of nerve to act like nothing happened.
Vyrn: Hmm... It looks like we could restock our supplies here, but I don't know about giving 'em our business after all that...
Farrah: Ngh... Seriously, this island is totally weird.
Fortunately, none of the villagers are privy to the actual events concerning the golden greatshroom, allowing the crew to restock supplies without a hitch.
It seems that peace has finally returned to Fehrtyl Island.
An unspoken agreement was made between everyone that the golden greatshroom would only be consumed somewhere far, far from this island.