Scenario:Farrah - What It Takes to be a Knight

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What It Takes to be a Knight

Farrah says that she would like to participate in a tournament that will be held in the imperial presence. She's excited about the fact that the winner will be knighted, but Katalina doesn't seem too happy about the idea. Katalina suggests they withdraw from the tournament, but the first match against some ruffians begins.

Farrah steadily increases her skills as an apprentice knight.
One day, she goes running up to (Captain) and the others with a sparkle in her eye.
Farrah: Miss Katalina! (Captain)! Take a look at this!
Katalina: What is it? A tournament... in front of the imperial presence? It's happening around here?
Farrah: That's right! Some rich person on this island is organizing it!
Farrah: You'll never guess what the first place prize is...! Prize money, and knighthood!
Katalina: Hm? Knighthood...? Farrah, you mean...
Farrah: Yes! If I win, I can finally become a fully-fledged knight!
Katalina: W-Wait! Farrah! It says here that...
Farrah: Hehehe! I already registered our names! (Captain), you're entering with me!
And so, the party arrives at the arena where the tournament will be held.
The stands are filled with spectators, and the air is filled with cheers and rowdy voices.
MC: Welcome, everyone! Thank you so much for waiting! It's time to begin the tournament!
Farrah: I'm pumped...! The knight's blood in me is itching for battle!
Katalina: Uhh, Farrah... It's not too late to withdraw...
Farrah: Don't worry, Miss Katalina! Miss Katalina! I'll show you how much I've grown!
Ruffian 1: Ha! You're our first opponents?
Ruffian 2: Hahaha! Looks like the kiddies came out to play! This will be an easy win!
Farrah: Heheh! We won't lose.
The crowd watches as the first battle begins.

What It Takes to be a Knight: Scene 2

The party steadily makes it through the tournament. The format changes for the finals, and they must compete to see who can defeat the monsters the fastest. Their opponent seems to be fighting for someone, but Farrah isn't willing to give up the title of a knight.

And so, the party steadily makes it through the tournament.
And so, the crowd roars its approval as the tournament enters its final match.
Farrah: Hehe... I'm so close to knighthood that I can taste it!
Young Man: Hm... So you're my opponent. You're quite young.
Young Man's Comrade: It's no matter. We'll all fight to the best of our abilities.
The party listens as the rules are explained. The final contestants don't fight each other, but compete to see who can defeat monsters the fastest.
MC: Well... We don't want these skilled warriors to go all out against each other and get hurt.
Farrah: Leave it to me! I'm used to fighting monsters!
Young Man: In any case... We finally got this far. We're gonna win!
Young Man's Comrade: Yeah. Let's do it for her!
Farrah: We won't lose! I'm gonna become a knight!

What It Takes to be a Knight: Scene 3

When Farrah finds out that she must stay and protect the land in order to become knighted, she forfeits her win and gives up the prize. As Farrah is feeling down for wasting everyone's time, the opponent from the final match and a woman appear and thank them. They explain that in order for them to be together, the young man needed to become a knight. Farrah made their dream come true without realizing it.

(Captain)'s party fights the monsters, and comes out ahead by a narrow margin.
The host of the tournament appears before the party, and an awarding ceremony takes place.
Farrah: Yes! Now I can finally become a real knight!
Farrah: I'll be one step closer to Miss Katalina! I'm so happy!
Host: Ahem. As our knight, I appoint you to hereby protect this land...
Farrah: A... whaa?! Wait just a second! What do you mean, your knight?
Host: Hm? Well... This tournament was held to find someone to serve me as a knight...
Farrah: Is that what it was?!
Farrah: Now that I think about it, that would make sense!
Farrah: I-I can't do that! I need to continue my journey with Miss Katalina!
Host: Wha?! Then...
Farrah: I forfeit! I forfeit the match!
And so, the party gives up their prize and leaves the arena.
Katalina: All right, let's head back to the airship... Hm? What's wrong, Farrah? Farrah
Farrah: I dragged you all into a pointless battle because I jumped to conclusions...
Farrah: I'm sorry, Miss Katalina! Miss Katalina! I'm so ashamed...
Katalina: It's all right... It was a good chance to test our abilities, anyway.
Katalina: You fought hard, Farrah. Our victory here was a good experience for...
Katalina: Hm? That person...
Woman: Um...
Young Man: Excuse me, I'd like a moment of your time...
Farrah: You're the team we faced in the finals...
The young man they faced in the tournament explains his story.
In order for him and his love to be together, he needed to win the tournament and become a knight.
Since Farrah withdrew from the tournament, the young man was made the winner, and the young couple's dream came true.
Farrah: So that's why you joined the tournament! I... No, I'm happy for you!
Farrah: I wish the best for you two!
Woman: Thank you, Miss Farrah.
Young Man: Thank you. One day, I'll repay you somehow. Goodbye for now...
Farrah: ...Hehe, well... I'm glad we withdrew from the tournament.
Vyrn: Hey now... Don't be so down. Everyone makes mistakes...
Katalina: Hehe... Well. You gave up your claim to fame and fortune to let two complete strangers be together.
Katalina: I think it's great! That was a very knightly thing to do. You're a true knight in my eyes.
Farrah: A true... knight... Hehe! All's well that ends well, I guess!
And so, Farrah's battle for knighthood comes to an end.
Although she didn't earn her title, she was proud to earn the approval of the person she respects most.