Scenario:Farrah and Lowain - Cook-off for Katalina

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Cook-off for Katalina

On another fine day at the Grandcypher, Farrah and Lowain are assigned to kitchen duty. Not getting along very well, the two botch up dish after dish. An infuriated Farrah kicks Lowain out of the kitchen. Vyrn manages to calm her down, and discovers that they're actually fighting over Katalina. Farrah screams over the failure of yet another dish, and Lowain comes back to save the day. When all is said and done, Farrah sees in Lowain in a slightly different light.

Farrah: Hey! Where did the onions I put here go?
Lowain: Nyahaha! I've already thrown 'em into the pot! You're never gonna see a tear from me!
Farrah: Quiet you! Stop fooling around! I can't have ingredients disappearing on me.
Lowain: Gotcha! Anyway, can you pass the salt, Farrah? You were just using it, right?
Farrah: Hmm? I just used it all up. What do you need salt for?
Lowain: What! Oh man, we are so screwed... Today's main dish is gonna have no flavor.
On another fine day at the Grandcypher, Farrah and Lowain are assigned to kitchen duty.
Not getting along very well, the two...
Farrah: Yikes! Why did the fire stop! We're supposed to cook it in one go!
Lowain: Geez, relax. Gotta stop the fire to prevent lumps, you know?
Farrah: Why you... I already stopped it once earlier! Cooling it down twice removes the taste!
Lowain: Uhh, oops. No wait, you for real? Mama mia, will it be on time for dinner?
Elsam: Gyahaha! Someone forgot to put in the pickles and chili. Some teamwork this is, dudes.
Tomoi: Right? And they're supposed to be great cooks. The world's just too small for the both of 'em.
Lowain: Whoa, slow down now. Like, stop standing there and give us a hand already!
Elsam: No no no, you've got it all wrong. We wanna help, but with you two all over the place, we'd just get in the way.
Lowain: For goodness sake... Alright then, bring me something salty. Oh right, we're out of salt...
Tomoi: Way to go, man! ...Dude, behind you!
Lowain: Ughh!
Farrah: Wh—... What did you do to the stew... Lowain, this is all your fault!
Lowain: Sorry... Oh man, I really overdid it.
Farrah: This is unforgivable! You're fired, Lowain! I'll do this alone!
Lowain: Eh, are you sure can all cook this by yourself in time for dinner?
Farrah: That's enough! Get out, get out!
Lowain: Aww, shucks...
Chased out by Farrah, Lowain leaves the kitchen...
Elsam: Gyahaha! Lowain getting laid off means... it's our chance to make dinner now!
Tomoi: Sweet! So what now, Farrah? I know, let's start over with the stew!
Farrah: I am really seeing red now... Fired! Everyone of you! Out!
Elsam and Tomoi: Thought so...
Farrah: Sigh... I'll start by chopping the vegetables again... Next is...
Vyrn: Hey, what happened? Lowain was looking pretty down out there.
Farrah: Vyrn... More importantly, I have to make tonight's dinner! Thanks to Lowain, there's no time left!
Vyrn: Haha! You two never change. What did he do this time?
Farrah: Umm, well... It was just an accident, but...
Vyrn: I know he can be weird sometimes. But he's also serious when it counts.
Farrah: ...
Farrah: I won't argue with that... It's true I'm a bit irritated right now...
Farrah: I'm really panicking right now. He might not look it, but Lowain's really good in the kitchen, taking not just flavor, but even nutrition into account.
Farrah: He goes so far as to change the flavor of each plate to match everyone's tastes. But that's precisely the problem...
Vyrn: Hmm? How is that a problem?
Farrah: Well, you see... Katalina praised my cooking the other day... It feels like he's going to take my place...
Farrah: But I should be the one to cook for Katalina! Never Lowain!
Vyrn: Ahh... So that's what you were fighting over. I suppose it's not easy being Katalina.
Farrah: But enough of that! Time to get into cooking mode again! I've gotta get this done before dinner!
Vyrn: You go, Farrah! ...Hey, do you smell that?
Farrah: Hmm? Now that you mention it, something's burning...
Farrah: Aiiiiiiiiiiieeee! What have I done! I was in the middle of roasing the meat!
Vyrn: What a shame... It's all black now...
Farrah: Sob... I don't know if I can recover from this...
Vyrn: Umm... So tonight's dinner is...
Farrah: I'm... so sorry... Sniffle, I'll have to apologize to everyone...
Lowain: Lowain to the rescue!
Farrah: Lowain... Why are you three...?
Elsam: Whee! Team Lowain is never far away from a damsel in distress!
Tomoi: Whee! Dude, you were totally pouting outside the door.
Lowain: Alright, I'm all revved up and ready to go! Elsam, cut off the burnt part of the meat. Tomoi, I need you to stir the eggs good!
Lowain: As for myself, it's time to unleash the secret technique passed down from my master... Double frying pan, let's do this!
The Trio: Whee!
Farrah: This just might work... L-Lowain, don't count me out just yet!
The dishes for the night's dinner quickly pile up as Team Lowain and Farrah exercise their culinary talents to the fullest...
They manage to finish on time and breathe a loud sigh of relief.
Lowain: Nyahaha! How about that, Vyrn! Smells good, doesn't it?
Vyrn: That was super impressive! I can't believe you did all this in a rush!
Farrah: ...
Elsam: Oh, yea! Hey, Farrah... Is everything okay? Don't tell me you've fallen for me!
Tomoi: No way, man, in your dreams. I'm the one she's fallen for, right Farrah?
Farrah: I'm so sorry for firing you earlier... I was actually ready to get you off the airship by tomorrow...
Lowain: Eh? Aww, c'mon now. Forgive and forget, right? I'll admit I was at fault too.
Elsam: (Dude... Talk about kitchen duty... We're lucky to still be here!)
Tomoi: (That was too close! Whew, I'm still in one piece!)
Lowain: All's well that ends well, I guess... But now I get to treat Kathy to my cooking!
Farrah: Grr... Oh, no you don't! I hereby forbid you from going anywhere near Katalina!
Lowain: What, no way! That's no fair, Farrah! You're evil!
Farrah: Call me what you want. I'm thankful for your help today, but you and Katalina aren't meant for each other.
Lowain: You're breaking my heart, Farrah. ...Isn't that what love is all about?
Farrah: ...Huh?
Lowain: There's just something about Kathy... Something I lack that draws me to her... Could it be her mental fortitude, or her dignity?
Lowain: Hehe... So I think it's fine we're not a good match for the time being. You'll understand one day, Farrah... Give it a few years.
Farrah: ...
Tomoi: Well, would you look at that. They're actually having a serious talk.
Elsam: Gyahaha! Wasn't it just love at first sight?
The Trio: Totally hot.
Lowain: Wahahaha! Gimme a break, you two! Just when I was being totally cool!
Vyrn: Whoa... These guys are weird as ever...
Farrah: That's for sure. Anyway, I still forbid you from approaching Katalina!
Farrah almost saw saw the Lowain trio in a new light. But they're really just a bunch of weirdos after all.
But it must be said that their culinary skills and attention to detail had become a great reference point for Farrah.