Scenario:Feather - Letting Fists Do the Talking

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Letting Fists Do the Talking

(Captain) was suddenly challenged to a fight by a mysterious boy named Feather. Our heroes declined the challenge, but later they ran into Feather again by chance while they were preparing to leave. Feather challenged our heroes a second time, but they refused a second time, so he stubbornly insisted on joining them on their journey.

(Captain) and company had accepted a request to clear out the monsters in a certain village.
Our heroes had completed their request without incident and were heading back to the village when a lone boy suddenly blocked their path.
Vyrn: Huh? You need us for something, dude?
???: Heh... I was watching you guys. I gotta say, you sure know what you’re doing! You’re pretty skilled for your age!
???: Those monsters weren’t enough for you, were they?
Lyria: Ummm... What are you talking about?
???: Oh, please... Don’t bother trying to hide it.
???: You guys heard about the monsters that not even the village militia can handle, so you got your hopes up, right?
???: But what a shame... They weren’t even strong enough to make for a good warm up. You couldn’t even get the chance to use your full strength...
Vyrn: Hey now... That’s not why we took the monster extermination request, you know...
???: Stop. There’s no need to hide it. From what I can tell, you’re pretty skilled.
???: And I must grow even stronger than I am now for the sake of my dream...
Feather: Therefore... Would you grant me, Feather, the honor of facing off against you in battle?!
  1. No
  2. I refuse

Choose: No
Feather: Oh, I get it... You’re one of them bashful types, aren’t you?
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Choose: I refuse
Feather: Oh, I get it... This is a bad time for you, I take it?
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Vyrn: What? NO! How did you come to THAT conclusion?!
Lyria: Umm... Listen... (Captain) really has no intention of fighting you, so...
Feather: I see... Then I guess it’s just not gonna happen!
Feather: I don’t intend to force anyone to do something they don’t want to do, so... I will leave quietly.
Feather: Next time... if there is a next time... let’s let our fists do the talking!
And so, (Captain) and company watched as the boy turned on his heel and left.
Vyrn: Sigh... What was THAT all about? Get a life, kid...
Lyria: Hmmm... F-For now, let’s just get back to the village! Right, (Captain)?
Lyria: Um... Is this the last of the luggage to be brought aboard the airship?
Vyrn: Hm? Sounds like there’s a commotion outside... I wonder what’s...
Feather: ! I’m sorry to ask! Could you take me in for just a... Wait, you people again?!
Vyrn: Whoa!!! Y-You’re the guy from before...!
Lyria: Wh-what’s wrong? Is someone after you...?
Feather: Well... After we talked, I went and accepted a request to locate a den of thieves, you see...
Feather: I went into their den alone to test my skills, but there were more thieves than I expected...
Lyria: Then... Are you saying the thieves are after you right now...?!
Feather: Uh, no? Those guys should still be passed out on the floor of their hideout.
Feather: It’s just... I broke the rules of the request, so now the village militia’s after me...
Vyrn: Oh, good grief... Way to go, genius...
Feather: But I didn’t think I’d run into you again, (Captain)...!
Feather: This must be fate! The stars have aligned so that (Captain) and I can duke it out!
Feather: So, yeah... Bring it on! Fight me!
Lyria: Stop it! (Captain) already said no! Do you know what no means?!
Feather: I see... So you won’t change your mind, (Captain)...? I guess that’s part of what makes you so strong...
Feather: But I have no intention of giving up! Once I decide on something, I’ll pursue it for as long as it takes!
Vyrn: HEY! Does that mean... Don’t tell me...!
Feather: From what I can tell, you’re a skyfarer, aren’t you, (Captain)?
Feather: I’ll be accompanying you on your journey across the skies! Until you agree to duke it out with me, that is!
Lyria: Ummm... Wh-What should we do about this, (Captain)?
  1. Okay, fine
  2. I’m not gonna fight you

Choose: Okay, fine
Feather: Oh? Huh... You gave in so easily. That was unexpected.
Feather: In that case, could you at least agree to fight m...
Vyrn: HEY! Just give the hell up already, would you?!
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Choose: I’m not gonna fight you
Feather: I see... Well, I guess that’s how it’s gonna be. I’ll give up on it for now.
Feather: Besides, my goal is to achieve the ultimate strength.
Feather: If I travel with (Captain), I’ll get stronger, no doubt about it! I just know I will!
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Lyria: H-Hey, listen! That’s cool and everything, but shouldn’t we take off before the village militia gets here...?
Feather: Whoops! I nearly forgot! Well then, let’s be off!
(Captain) and company practically fell all over themselves in their hurry to get the airship ready for departure.
After making Feather promise to stop challenging random people over and over, our heroes continued their journey.