Scenario:Feather - When Fists and Feet Collide

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When Fists and Feet Collide

Feather and Randall crush the horde of monsters, evaluating each other's skills as they go. Randall ends up hurt after attempting to take on the head monster, driving Feather into a deadly rage.

Feather, Randall, and the rest of the crew proceed along a mountain path to the deadly monster lair.
Vyrn: Careful, guys! We've got monsters!
Randall: They're no match for me! Haaah!
Randall obliterates the monsters with a flurry of beautiful kicks. Feather seems slightly disappointed in himself.
Feather: Impressive, Randall! I can tell you've been testing yourself against all sorts of powerful foes!
Feather: However! I too have been training to the max! Haaah!
The sight of Randall's fighting abilities sends Feather into a battle frenzy.
Feather: Oohryaaah!
Cloaked in lightning, Feather unleashes an attack that sends the nearby monsters flying.
Vyrn: Nice!
Randall: Humph. You've gotten just a little bit better yourself, I see! Which is exactly why beating you down is going to be so, so sweet.
Randall: Listen up! You can try as much as you want to hit me, but you'll never even get close with your limited reach!
Randall unleashes another barrage of foot-based martial arts moves, subduing the newly replenished monster hordes.
Feather: Hahaha! This still isn't enough to make you use your fists? That just fires me up even more!
Randall: What did you just say?
Feather: When fists collide, they say everything that needs to be said. And this time... no matter what... I'm going to make you use yours!
Randall: You see what I'm capable of, and you still blabber on about that? Humph... Very well! I won't stop you!
Randall: Our final battle is close at hand! And by the time you realize your mistake... it will be too late!
Randall: I will make you painfully aware of just how out of reach I am!
Feather and Randall continue talking while decimating the monster hordes surrounding them.
The crew doesn't even have a chance to get a word in edgewise.
Feather: Hm? Wait! I just felt an incredible fighting spirit!
???: Graaah!
Vyrn: What the?
Lyria: Eep!
An earthshattering roar comes rumbling in from nearby.
(Captain) shields Lyria in a flash, sharp eyes scanning the area on high alert.
Feather: It's him! It's gotta be! You're sensing it too, right, Randall?
Randall: I am! But don't you dare try anything! I'm going to handle this myself!
Feather: Hold on, Randall! This is gonna be way tougher than you're expecting! I'm fighting too!
In the next instant, Randall dashes off in the direction of the roar.
Feather follows suit, and the two run like the wind toward their destined destination.
Vyrn: H-hey! We've gotta go after 'em!
The crew races after them, but far from catching up, they soon lose track of the two fighters completely.
Vyrn: How did we lose track of two guys with such colorful hair?
Lyria: I've got a bad feeling about that roar we heard earlier... We have to catch up with them!
Feather: Randaaaall! Wait up! I'm right behind you!
Vyrn: T-they're over there! Let's go!
Feather: I've been feeling an unbelievable fighting spirit from that cave! It must be a thousand times more powerful than what I felt a second ago... maybe more!
Lyria: There you are, Feather!
Vyrn: Huff... Geez! Could you maybe not go running off on your own next time?
Feather: What I'm sensing from inside that cave is bonkers, (Captain)! A pitch-black fighting spirit unlike anything I've ever felt before!
Feather: I felt Randall's spirit loud and clear up until a second ago, but now it's like it never existed in the first place!
???: Agraaah!
Lyria: Eep!
Vyrn: Whoa!
Accompanying the roar from inside the cave is a massive blast of wind which sends (Captain) and the others flying.
Feather: Everyone okay? Nobody hurt?
Lyria: Ouch... I'm okay, but... Oh my gosh!
When the dust settles, the crew finds Randall face down on the floor of the cave.
Feather: Randall! Randall, are you okay?
Randall: Rgh... Stay back... It's crazy strong!
Feather: So there is something in there! Hold on! I'll save you!
Randall: You idiot! I told you to stay ba—
Beast: ...
A massive shadow appears in front of Feather, blocking the way.
Feather: What's this thing's problem? Could it be the source of the incredible fighting spirit I felt earlier?
The monster looming before the crew has crazed, bloodthirsty eyes. Palpably starved for combat, its entire body courses with power.
Vyrn: That beast is no joke, (Captain)! We have to save the Randster before it's too late! Except... it looks like we have to deal with this thing first!
Beast: Grrr...
The monster has Feather in its sights and seems ready to strike at any moment.
Randall: Nrgh... For crying out loud, I told you idiots to stay back!
Red liquid drips from the monster's maw while the brutally injured Randall lies to its side. In the next instant, something snaps within Feather.
Feather: Are you... Are you the one who did this to Randall? Mark my words... You are not getting away with this!
Feather: Whoever hurts my friends pays the price! Now say your prayers, beast!
Feather: Grraaah!
Feather gives in to his rage and lunges at the monster.
The monster responds in kind, striking at Feather.
Lyria: Oh no! Feather!
Randall: Do you have a death wish? How stupid can you be?
Randall: If you die... I'm the one who's going to suffer, you know! Argh... Fine!
Vyrn: They can't handle this by themselves! We've gotta fight too!
Beast: Groooaragh!

When Fists and Feet Collide: Scene 2

(Captain) succeeds in defeating the monster but ends up completely exhausted in the process. Feather and Randall team up to protect (Captain) and finally get a chance to settle their score after safely returning to the village.

(Captain) and the crew manage to eke out a narrow victory against the battle-hungry beast.
Vyrn: Puff... Wheeze... We managed to beat that thing... somehow.
After Feather attempted to protect the badly beaten Randall from the monster, (Captain) had no choice but to join the fray.
But the repercussions are severe. (Captain) is battered and bruised, and can barely move.
Lyria: Oh no... You're hurt all over, aren't you, (Captain)?
  1. I was almost a goner back there.
  2. Can you help me up?

Choose: I was almost a goner back there.

(Captain) says this with something resembling a smile, but Feather and Randall are deeply apologetic nonetheless.
Feather: I'm sorry, (Captain)! I always seem to be causing you trouble...
Feather: Let me make it up to you! I'll carry you back to the ship!
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Choose: Can you help me up?

(Captain) says this with something resembling a smile, but Feather and Randall are deeply apologetic nonetheless.
Feather: I'm sorry, (Captain)! I won't just help you up! I'll carry you back to the ship myself!

Continue 1

Randall: I never wanted to get you involved in this. If there's anything I can do to make it up to you...
The crew heads back to the ship with Feather carrying (Captain) on his back.
Vyrn: Heheh. Now here's a sight you don't see too often!
The sight of (Captain) helplessly clinging to Feather's back can't help but make Vyrn laugh.
Monster: Groar!
Lyria: Monsters incoming!
Feather: Randall! Behind you!
Randall: I'm well aware! You keep (Captain) safe! Don't let those monsters so much as lay a finger on 'em!
Feather: No need to tell me twice! I'll keep you safe, (Captain), so feel free to rest!
Randall: Haaah!
Randall and Feather's tremendous teamwork sends the monsters down for the count.
And just as Feather said, (Captain) was able to sleep like a baby the entire time.
Vyrn: Wow, nice work, guys! You really know how to work together when it counts!
Feather: No biggie! We've been fighting side by side since we were little! Right, Randall?
Randall: Humph! The day I get along with this idiot is the day the sky freezes over!
Lyria: Hee hee...
(Captain) and company have survived the brutal battle, successfully completing the request. They report back to the Knickknack Shack.
Sierokarte: Welcome back! Very impressive, everyone! Who came out on top?
Without skipping a beat, Feather and Randall point at (Captain).
Randall: (Captain) deserves credit for this one. We lost our fight. Still have a long way to go to the top.
Feather: Which is exactly why we have to settle things ourselves!
Randall: That was my intention from the start!
Feather: Hey, Randall. Here's your chance. Let's have a little chat... and this time, use your fists.
Randall: You're still going on about that?
Randall: I'm going to slam everything I've got into that stupid face of yours! And in that moment victory will be mine!
Feather: That's just what I wanted to hear, Randall! Whatever you dish out... I can take it!
Lyria: Huh? You're both covered in bruises, but you're still going to fight?
Vyrn: Time to throw in the towel, Lyria. They're gonna be like this no matter what you say. Right, (Captain)?
Feather: You watching this, (Captain)? This is what happens when souls collide!

When Fists and Feet Collide: Scene 3

Fists and feet collide in Feather and Randall's final showdown. Feather realizes the fearsome warrior Randall encountered is the very same Inquisitor he's long been searching for and vows to overcome his limits in pursuit of even greater strength.

Feather: Wheeze... Huff... This... is how... I feel!
Randall: I'll always be... out of your reach... You won't even get close to me!
Feather: Rgh!
Randall: Gwah!
The two fighters are settling their score at last. Feather's fist streaks through the air, plunging into Randall's solar plexus.
A brutal kick from Randall, meanwhile, strikes Feather hard in the chest.
It's a long and brutal fight, but the end result... is a draw.
Feather: Huff... Huff... Huff...
Feather: Randall... I felt it... Your soul... Your spirit!
Feather: I felt them not through your fists... but through your feet!
Randall: Wheeze... You managed to slip past my range... you utterly aggravating idiot!
Feather: Huff... Hey, Randall!
Randall: What is it now?
Feather: I'm gonna get even stronger... I'm never gonna lose to those kicks of yours ever again!
Randall: Humph... And next time we meet, I'm going to make sure you understand exactly how far out of your reach I am!
Feather: There are still a lot of tough guys out there... Guys I can't even hold a candle to!
Feather: But one day I'm going to run into the Inquisitor... and I need to be even stronger to go toe to toe with him!
Randall: The Inquisitor? What are you talking about? Do you realize how sad you sound right now?
Randall: Now that you mention it though... There was a man I met who blew away a group of serious psychopaths with one fist...
Feather: What did you say?
Feather: Randall! You have to tell me more!
And Randall obliges. He speaks about a man who made his fist supreme. About the first man he ever felt awed by.
About how small he felt. About how ashamed he felt.
Feather: That has to be him! That has to be the Inquisitor I'm searching for!
Feather: Randall! What did he look like?
Randall: You're spitting on me, you dunce! Give me space!
Randall: I never got a clear look. It all happened in an instant. Impossible to process.
Feather: The Inquisitor was so powerful that someone on the same level as me couldn't even comprehend it?
Randall: When you put it that way... I can't help but feel disgusted...
Feather: Grrraaah!
Feather: I'm going to get so much stronger!
Feather: And one day! Before I match fists with the Inquisitor!
Feather: I... I'm gonna...
Feather: I'm gonna exceed my limits!
Feather makes a brand new promise to himself as he raises his fist to the sky.
Encountering his old friend has reinvigorated him, the path forward illuminated once more.
It may not be long until Feather finally encounters the Inquisitor he's been searching for.