Scenario:Feena - A Chance Reunion

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A Chance Reunion

While the party moves into the Midnight Caves, they rescue a pair of agents being attacked by goblins. As thanks for saving them, the agents tell the party of the rumors of hidden treasure on Midnight Island. Upon hearing about treasure, Feena jumps with joy and takes the lead of finding the treasure in the supposed hidden room.

On the journey, the party descends upon Midnight Island to join the goblin hunting party and to gather information on primal beasts.
While the party moves through the Midnight Caves on the island, they rescue some agents by chance.
Agent 1: Wahahaha! You ladies saved us back there!
Feena: Hehe. I thought everyone else already ran away. You guys are pretty brave!
Vyrn: Hey! What were you guys doing here? Were you lost, too?
Agent 2: Hehehe. You saved our lives, so I’ll tell you ladies about it.
Agent 1: Don’t worry! We came to Midnight Caves in search of the treasure hidden by the goblins.
Feena: What?! Treasure! Tell me! Tell me!
Agent 2: Come on, now. Calm down. According to the rumors, there’s so much treasure that the two of us would never be able to bring it all back.
Agent 1: I suspect the hidden room with the treasure is just up ahead. Follow us!
Feena: Here, here! I want to go!
Feena: Lots ‘o treasure! Oh, so happy!
Lyria: Ah! Feena’s gone...
Vyrn: Oh, geez... Let’s go after her!

A Chance Reunion: Scene 2

The party arrives at the hidden room with a large amount of precious stones and a goblin girl. The goblin girl is an acquaintance of Feena, but the mercenaries try to kill her for fear of her calling reinforcements. Feena tries to calm the mercenaries by stopping them.

Agent 1: Hm? This spot looks suspicious!
Agent 2: Whoa...! There are so many jewels here...
Feena: Wow! So glittery! I can’t believe it!
Feena: Hm? There’s something there...
???: Fee! I missed you so much-gobly!
Feena: G-Goblin Mage?! What are you doing here?!
Goblin Mage: Haha... They said they’d give me something shiny, so I came all the way here-gobly.
Agent 1: Damnit! There’s another goblin here!
Agent 2: Why, you...! They’re so persistent! I’ll kill it before it calls for reinforcements!
Goblin Mage: Uh-oh! What are you doing to me-gobly?!
Feena: Hold it! Goblin Mage is a friend of mine and... Hey, just stop!
Feena: Oh, no! They’re not listening! (Captain)! We need to calm them down!

A Chance Reunion: Scene 3

Feena manages to stop the mercenaries for a moment. However, the mercenaries are still suspicious of the party. Upon seeing that, the goblin girl casts a spell on the mercenaries to put them in a trance. The girl refuses to ever be separated from Feena again. Upon hearing that, Feena decides to take responsibility by taking the girl under her wing.

Agent 1: Whoa! Are you girls crazy?!
Agent 2: Y-You wench! You’re trying to take all the treasure to yourself!
Feena: Like I said! Calm down! Goblin Mage isn’t the kind of goblin that does bad things to people!
Goblin Mage: Thanks for saving me-gobly! Looks like I was saved by you again, Feena-gobly.
Agent 1: Wha...?! You! You’re friends with this half-beast? Explain yourself!
Feena: She... Goblin Mage is no different than an innocent child that has a penchant for shiny things.
Agent 2: What?! I-I don’t believe you! She might be a little girl, but you’re still a goblin!
Agent 1: Gah! Out of the way! I’ll deal with that goblin for you!
Goblin Mage: Go into a daze with my magic-gobly!
Feena: Hey! Wait! Hold on a second! Wait just a second!
In the next moment, a bright light flashes from the Goblin Mage’s staff and engulfs the agents.
Agent 1: Huh? Wha...? Where am I-gobly?
Agent 2: Hm... Hmmrmmreh... Heeheehoohoo... Who am I-gobly?
Feena: Blegh... They’ll stay like that for a while.
Goblin Mage: I want to be with you, Feena-gobly! I don’t ever want to be separated ever again-gobly!
Feena: Oh, geez...
Feena: Oh... Fine... Let’s go together.
Goblin Mage: Yay! Hooray-gobly! I love you Feena-gobly!
Feena: But it’s dangerous outside right now, so can you stay here until I get back?
Goblin Mage: Hehe, I know-gobly! I’ll be waiting for Feena! With the glittery stuff!
Vyrn: H-Hey, Feena! Are you sure you want to promise that?
Feena: I don’t have a choice! I can’t leave her here.
Vyrn: Yeah! (Captain) says that it’ll be dangerous if she gets attacked by other people or things!
Feena: Well, I’ll take care of Goblin Mage, so you won’t have anything to worry about. Now let’s hurry!
Lyria: Oh no! Not so fast, Vyrn!
This is how Feena and the Goblin Mage are reunited completely by chance.
No one knows what their future holds for them.