Scenario:Feena - A Chance Reunion

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A Chance Reunion

While moving through the Midnight Caves, the crew rescues two agents being attacked by goblins. In return the agents tell the crew about the possibility of treasure hidden just up ahead.

The crew is on Midnight Island as part of a goblin extermination task force to gather information on primal beasts.
On the way through an island cave, the crew ends up rescuing some agents from goblins.
Agent 1: Haha! You and your companions sure saved our butts back there!
Feena: And here I was thinking everyone had already taken off. You guys must be pretty brave!
Vyrn: Hey! What were you guys doing here? Did you get lost too?
Agent 2: Hahaha. You all did save our lives, so I guess we can tell you...
Agent 1: Yeah. We actually came to the Midnight Caves in search of treasure hidden by the goblins.
Feena: What? Treasure! Tell me more! More!
Agent 2: Keep your pants on. According to the rumors, there's so much treasure that the two of us would never be able to bring it all back.
Agent 1: I suspect that the hidden room with the treasure is just up ahead. Follow us!
Feena: Okie dokie! I'll be right behind you!
Feena: Lots o' treasure! Lots o' happy!
Lyria: Ah! Feena sure took off in a hurry...
Vyrn: Just great. We better go after her!

A Chance Reunion: Scene 2

The party reaches a hidden room to find precious stones and a goblin girl who seems to know Feena. The agents, fearing the goblin girl will call for backup, get ready to attack her, but Feena intervenes to calm the agents down.

Agent 1: Hm? This spot looks suspicious!
Agent 2: Whoa! Look at this mountain of jewels!
Feena: And they're almost too glittery to believe!
Feena: Hm? There's something there...
???: Feena! I missed you so much!
Feena: Goblin Mage? What are you doing here?
Goblin Mage: Heh heh. They promised me something shiny, so I followed them all the way here!
Agent 1: Damn it! There's another goblin here!
Agent 2: You things are worse than cockroaches! I'll squish you before you can call any of your buddies!
Goblin Mage: Uh-oh! Stay away from me!
Feena: Hold it! Goblin Mage is a friend of mine and—Hey! I said stop!
Feena: They're not listening! We need to calm them down, (Captain)!

A Chance Reunion: Scene 3

Feena stops the agents, but that doesn't help assuage their suspicions. The goblin girl compounds the situation further by casting a spell on the agents while vowing to never leave Feena's side. Left with no recourse, Feena promises to look after the girl.

Agent 1: Whoa! Are you crazy, girl?
Agent 2: Blasted amateurs! You're trying to take the treasures for yourselves!
Feena: Listen to me! I told you to calm down. Goblin Mage isn't like those other goblin goons who do bad things to people!
Goblin Mage: Thank you, Feena. You saved me again.
Agent 1: What? You're friends with this half beast? You better start talking!
Feena: She... Goblin Mage is no different than any innocent child who loves shiny things.
Agent 2: What? Am I supposed to buy that? She might be a little girl, but she's still a goblin!
Agent 1: Out of our way! We'll deal with that goblin for you!
Goblin Mage: Mage power! Why don't you space out!
Feena: Hey! Hold on a second!
A bright light flashes from Goblin Mage's staff and engulfs the agents.
Agent 1: Whoooa... Where... Um, where am I?
Agent 2: Hmm... Hum? Hem? Hum-mum-mum... Who am I again?
Feena: Wonderful. Well, at least they'll be out of our hair for a while.
Goblin Mage: I want to be with you, Feena! I'll never leave your side again!
Feena: Oh, what am I supposed to say to that?
Feena: Fine. We'll go together.
Goblin Mage: Wow, yay! I wub you so much, Fee!
Feena: But it's dangerous outside right now, so can you stay here like a big girl until we get back?
Goblin Mage: Heehee! Okay! I'll wait for you with the shinies!
Vyrn: Hey, Feena! You sure you want to promise that?
Feena: But, like, what else am I supposed to do?
Vyrn: Yeah, guess you're right. And (Captain)'s worried she might get attacked by someone else.
Feena: Well, I'll take care of Goblin Mage, so you won't have anything to worry about. Now let's hurry!
Lyria: Aah! Not so fast, Feena!
Thus Feena and Goblin Mage are reunited completely by chance.
No one knows what their future holds.