Scenario:Feena - A Vengeful Blade of Oblivion

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A Vengeful Blade of Oblivion

The crew receives a letter from one of Feena's agent's friends requesting their help. The letter doesn't give any details about the job, but the crew decide to head to the meeting place regardless. When they arrive, they find an enraged monster, and are left with no option but to fight their way to safety.

The crew had undertaken a request that had led them to a certain island.
The request came in the form of a letter from one of Feena's agent's friends, requesting their assistance.
Feena: Aww man, can't they do anything without me? They rely on me for everything!
Vyrn: Really? I wouldn't have thought they'd need you that much. But then, you are pretty tough!
Lyria: I wonder what they could want help with?
Feena: I suppose there's only one way to find out.
Vyrn: You could at least sound a bit more concerned!
Feena: Heh! Anyway, let's head to the meeting spot. Let's make sure we're on the top of our game today!
Lyria: Ah, I can see someone!
Hey there! We're here about the?
Feena: Make way for me! I'm here at last! It's sure been a while, hasn't?
Huh? A monster!
Vyrn: Not just a monster. A super angry monster!
Lyria: Why is it so upset? Something must have happened here.
Feena: We can figure that out later. We need to fight our way to safety first. Come on, (Captain)!

A Vengeful Blade of Oblivion: Scene 2

The crew managed to defeat the monster, but something didn't seem right.
Feena: Well, that sure escalated quickly!
Vyrn: Yeah, but why was there a monster here to start with? Seems an odd place to choose to meet.
Feena: Yeah. There's nothing written about it in the letter, though.
Lyria: Doesn't look like there's anyone around here. You don't think the monster could have…
Feena: Maybe, but I'm not so sure. There aren't any signs of a fight around here. At least, none that weren't made by us.
Vyrn: Wah! It's not done yet!
Lyria: Oh no! What do we do?
Feena: This sucker's tough. I think we're gonna have to make a run for it.
The crew decided to flee from the monster, and they end up in a forest at the foot of the nearby mountains.
Vyrn: Haa… Haa…
Has it given up yet?
Lyria: Haa…
That monster was really angry.
Feena: I think… we should… take a break… Haa…
I'm sweating buckets here!
Vyrn: What could have happened to make it so mad, though?
Vyrn: Maybe this was some kind of trap! I mean, the letter told us to meet here, and there just happened to be a monster waiting…
Vyrn: These guys don't have a grudge against you, do they?
Feena: No way! How could anyone have anything against me? I'm awesome, not to mention cute. What's not to love?
Vyrn: You're pretty sure of yourself, aren't you?
Lyria: Well anyway, I'm exhausted. We should probably?
Skyfarer 1: Haha! Found you at last, Feena!
Feena: Huh?
Skyfarer 2: You fell for that fake letter hook, line, and sinker! Hah!
Vyrn: What are you talking about? Who are you guys?
Skyfarer 1: Heh, why don't you ask your pal here. She knows us plenty well enough.
Skyfarer 2: It's time for us to get even for the last time!
Lyria: What do they mean, Feena?
Feena: You! These guys are the lowest of the low. They're a pathetic circus troupe from the Auguste Isles.
Vyrn: Wh- what did you say?
Skyfarer 1:
Feena: They capture rare creatures and then get people to pay a fortune to see them. It's despicable!
Lyria: That's horrible! But you caught them and stopped their cruelty, right, Feena?
Skyfarer 2:
Feena: Yeah. Why do you guys look so confused? Cat got your tongues?
Skyfarer 1: I don't know what you're talkin' about, but we ain't no circus troupe. You're the only clowns around here!
Feena: Oh really? Well then…
Feena: Ah yeah, I remember! You're the dastardly cooks from Golonzo Island!
Skyfarer 2: Not even close! You seriously don't have a clue, do you! Sheesh, you're not the sharpest tool in the shed.
Feena: What did you just say!
Skyfarer 1: Heh, you heard me. Anyway, if you don't recall who we are, I'll just have to give you a lesson to remember us by!
Skyfarer 2: Yeah! And this ain't gonna end like last time, y'hear?
Feena: Last time? What do you mean "last time"? Man, I'm so confused…

A Vengeful Blade of Oblivion: Scene 3

Having escaped the sudden attack in one piece, the crew once again discuss what could be going on.
Skyfarer 1: Ugh, fine, we'll remind you who we are. We're a crew of thieves.
Skyfarer 2: It's true. We attack other airships and steal whatever we can get our hands on. Or we did until she turned up…
Feena: Oh! The thieves! Now I remember! I think…
Feena: Hehe!
Skyfarer 1: Are you serious? You still don't remember who we are? You completely wrecked our ship!
Skyfarer 2: Yeah, and you beat up our pals real good, too! Some of 'em were left so scared of mercenaries, they shudder at the very word!
Feena: Well, I hope you're not expecting an apology.
Skyfarer 1: You don't care about how much we've suffered, do you?
Skyfarer 2: Our lives are so empty. So meaningless. All because of you.
Feena: Oh, get over it already. That's life!
Vyrn: Y'know, call me soft, but I almost feel sorry for these guys…
Lyria: Feena certainly doesn't mince her words…
Feena: Well what do you want me to say? These chumps were attacking people left, right, and center!
Skyfarer 1: Chumps! Why you… Lemme at 'em! I'm ready to go another round!
Skyfarer 2: Yeah, we can take 'em! Let's get payback for our crew!
Feena: You really want to fight again? That plan hasn't gone too well for you so far. Maaaybe you wanna reconsider.
Skyfarer 1: Shut your pie hole! We'll never stop until we've got our revenge!
Monster: Graaaargh!!
Skyfarer 2: Uh-oh! That thing's found us!
Feena: Shoot, it's caught up with?
Wait, whaddya mean it's found you?
Feena: Wait… Is that an egg in your bag? You didn't!
Skyfarer 1: Uhh…yeah, we did. It's the monster's egg. We stole it to get the beast all riled up for when you got here…
Vyrn: You numbskulls! Quick, give the egg back now, or we'll be the ones getting scrambled!
Skyfarer 2: I don't wanna be eaten! Please, help us out!
Feena: All right, all right, calm down. Jeez, someone seriously needs to pull it together. C'mon, (Captain), let's do this!

A Vengeful Blade of Oblivion: Scene 4

After Feena saves them, the thieves thank her for her kindness, and vow to change their ways. Vyrn suggests that Feena may have been too hard on them in the past when she laid waste to their ship and crew, but Feena being Feena, she shows no real remorse, and simply laughs it off as she always does.

Having pacified the monster, the crew returns the egg to its rightful owner. After departing the forest, they stop for a rest.
Skyfarer 1: So, uhh…thanks a bunch for your help, miss.
Skyfarer 2: Yeah… Helpin' out us thieves like that… That was real good of you.
Feena: Heh, don't mention it.
Feena: But do you think you could maybe try and live on the straight and narrow, from now on?
Skyfarers: Yes Ma'am!
Vyrn: Well would you look at that. Looks like they've had a change of heart!
Lyria: Feena's really something, isn't she?
Feena: You got that right! You sure know your stuff, Lyria!
Vyrn: Still, maybe you went a bit hard on them before, with the whole destroying their ship thing…
Feena: Ah, whatever. It all turned out OK, right? So don't sweat it!
Lyria: Hahahaha…
And so, Feena was able to settle this long-forgotten dispute at last.
Naturally, with Feena being Feena, she showed no regret, and it seemed likely that she'd just carry on doing things her own way.