Scenario:Feena - Feena's Close Call

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Feena's Close Call

While hunting goblins with (Captain) and company, Feena falls for a goblin ruse and gets captured. She uses her wits to escape, takes care of the goblins, and even obtains a new bow.

Feena (Event) not in crew

(Captain) and company come to Ombre Island to find out about primal beasts, but they find themselves in a war between humans and goblins.
They're rescued by a girl, who is a skilled agent and marksman serving in a goblin busting squad.
Vyrn: Phew! You saved our tails, bow girl!
???: Bow girl? What kinda name is that? I have my own name, y'know.
Feena: I'm Feena. Feena the Goblin Hunter. Try and remember that, okay?
As they fight against the goblins, Feena and the crew get to know each other and talk about their adventures.
Lyria: Besides, our goal is to reach Estalucia, and to do that, we need a lot of friends.
Feena: Estalucia? As in the island of the Astrals? That Estalucia? You'll definitely need some help...
Feena: All right! Once this job is done, you should hire me, (Captain)!
Feena: I wanna see Estalucia! If we actually make it there, my very existence will become the stuff of legends.
Vyrn: Now listen here... We're not going there on vacation or anything, you know.
Driven by boundless curiosity, Feena asks to join the crew, and (Captain) accepts her.
Feena: So, yeah... Thanks for having me!
Vyrn: (Captain) seems happy about it too!
Lyria: Welcome aboard, Feena!
As the crew explores Ombre Island, they run into a friend of Feena's, a little goblin girl called Goblin Mage.
Goblin Mage: Take me with you, Fee! I'll be sad if you leave me all alone here!
Feena: Oh dear...
Feena: Well... I guess we could take you with us.
Goblin Mage: Really? Yes! I wub you, Fee!
They're a strange pair, but after seeing their unshakeable friendship, the crew takes both of them along.
Feena: Ugh...
In the depths of a forest on a certain island, Feena opens her eyes.
Her mind is fuzzy, and she can't remember how she ended up here. She glances around at her strange surroundings.
Feena: Where am I? What... What was I doing here?
Goblin 1: Hee-hee... So you're awake, human?
Feena: I guess so... I still feel a bit woozy though.
Feena: Wait, a goblin? I've gotta get out of here!
Feena: Huh? Shackles?
Goblin 1: Hee-hee! Stupid human!
Feena: What happened? I'm pretty sure I was just...
A few hours earlier, the crew was on the same island hunting down goblins.
Feena: Hyaaah!
Feena: Bull's-eye! The fantastic Feena never misses her mark!
Vyrn: That's it for the goblins, right? They must have escaped from Ombre Island and come here.
Feena: Seems that way. You see how mad that one was? It clearly recognized me.
Feena: A lot of goblins seriously hate me, but I guess that's the price of being an infamous goblin hunter!
Lyria: But are you really okay with that? Won't they come after you?
Feena: I sure hope so! Then I can pierce all of 'em at once!
Goblin 1: Hee-hee... I wouldn't be so sure, human!
Feena: A goblin? Looks like we missed one!
Goblin 1: You say you're famous, but I've never heard of you!
Feena: Wha? You can't be serious!
Goblin 1: Oh, but I am. You just look like another stinky human to me!
Feena: What'd you just say?
Goblin 1: You heard me! Come and get me, big hero!
Feena: Hey, stop right there! Grr... when I get hold of him, I'll...
Vyrn: H-hey, Feena! Don't run off on your own!
Feena: Huff... Huff... That's weird. I could've sworn he went this way.
Feena: Oof!
Goblin 2: Ba-ha-ha! We got 'er! We got 'er!
Goblin 1: She fell for it! She actually fell for it! Ba-ha-ha!
It all comes back to Feena as she finds herself surrounded by goblins cackling at her.
Feena: Ahh, I see...
Feena: Well, I really messed this one up. I can't believe I lost my bow.
Goblin 1: Hee-hee! Are you scared, little goblin hunter? Now you'll pay for what you did to our brothers!
Feena: Aww, looks like you scraped me. Try being a little more careful with your prisoners!
Goblin 1: Are you even listenin' to me?
Feena: Oh yeah, I'm listening. But aren't you the ones who're scared?
Goblin 1: H-huh?
Feena: Well, take a look. I'm just one girl bound with shackles, and yet there's still an army of you guys surrounding me.
Goblin 1: Hee-hee! Stop acting like you're all tough!
Feena: Ha-ha! You think there's any need for someone like me to act tough? Are you serious?
Goblin 1: Shut it! We'll still that waggin' tongue here and now!
Feena: See? The fact that you're threatening me when you've already tied me up is proof that you're scared.
Goblin 1: Huh?
Feena: If you're so tough, fight me fair and square. Don't tell me a big strong goblin like yourself can't beat a human girl in a fight!
Goblin 1: Grrr... Hey, you! Release the shackles!
Goblin 2: Um... If you say so, boss.
Feena: Ah, thanks for that! It's nice to be able to move my legs again!
Goblin 1: All right, come on and fight me! I'll teach you not to mess with goblins!
Feena: You got it! But hold up... Do I really have to fight you unarmed?
Goblin 1: Huh?
Feena: Wow, you must not think your odds are good, do you? Hey, aren't you disappointed in your buddy here, goblin?
Goblin 2: Huh? N-not really...
Goblin 1: You're a noisy one, aren't you? Well, since there is only one of you... Someone! Give her a weapon!
Feena: Thanks for the bow! Now my plan's ready to go!
Goblin 1: P-plan? What do you think you're do—
Feena: Hang on a sec. Let me just light my arrows... There we go!
Feena draws back her bowstring and shoots a fire arrow, the flame piercing the darkness of the night sky.
Vyrn: There you are! What took you so long? We were worried about you!
Feena: Sorry, Vyrn! I dropped my bow in the forest.
Goblin Mage: Fee!
Feena: Hey, how am I supposed to fight these guys with you clinging on to me?
Goblin 1: What? Who are all these humans?
Feena: Hee-hee. Allow me to explain.
Feena: When you're hunting goblins, you think you've got them all, but there's always one hiding somewhere, right?
Feena: So I let you capture me! I wanted to flush you out of your hiding place and get all of you in one fell swoop.
Feena: My plan's even got an awesome name: Operation Feena-in-the-box!
Goblin Mage: Ta-da!
Vyrn: Still, you could have sent a signal or something earlier. I was thinking the plan failed.
Goblin 1: Argh! Stinkin' humans!
Feena: Okay. Now come at me for real this time! I'll take you all on!
The crew easily defeats the group of goblins and then returns triumphantly to the ship with Feena and Goblin Mage.
Feena: Woo-hoo! All according to plan!
Vyrn: Really? Your plan was a bit all over the place.
Lyria: Y-yeah. Those goblins even knocked you out.
Feena: Yeah, but all's well that ends well! I even managed to pick up a sweet new crossbow!
Goblin Mage: Fee, you're so cool!
Feena: You know it!
Thus the crew successfully finishes its goblin-hunting mission.
With her new crossbow, Feena becomes an even more formidable force for the crew.