Scenario:Feower - Duel in Stardust Town

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Duel in Stardust Town

The crew drops by Stardust Town for the duel with Feower and learns of the orphanage situation there. The duel begins when Feower violently launches himself at (Captain).

Some time after the awakening of the Four-Sky Blade...
(Captain) and crew head toward the dueling grounds indicated by Feower.
Vyrn: Whoa... This place might be smack-dab in the middle of the slums, but it sure is pretty.
Lyria: Yeah... But is it just me, or have we only seen children here since we arrived?
Feower: Welcome, everyone. Thanks for coming out to Stardust Town.
Feower: I'm really grateful you guys came all this way just for my selfish request.
Vyrn: Well, we kinda had to... We didn't know what you might do if we didn't...
Feower: Ahaha! I suppose there is that.
Lyria: Feower... what exactly is this town?
Feower: This town? We street children made this place. It's our town.
Feower: My sister and I are leaders here in name, but all of the abandoned children who live here are like family.
Lyria: But... despite that, you still want to fight in front of your family? I don't understand...
Feower: Hahaha... we've come this far. Stop with the boring talk already. Don't forget that I'm one of the Eternals.
Feower: I need to prove that I'm stronger than anyone else in the world.
Feower: We kids need to be strong to fight adults... Now, come on! Hurry up and fight me already!
Vyrn: H-hey... Feower! Calm down!
Feower: Don't tell me you came this far just for pointless chatter! Keep making a fuss and I'll kill you first, you dumb lizard!
Vyrn: Wha! He's completely gone off the rails...
Lyria: (Captain)! We have to stop him!
Feower: C'mon, (Captain)... Let's do it. You against me. Let's see who's stronger! Right here, right now!

Duel in Stardust Town: Scene 2

Feower explains his rationale for challenging the crew—his desire to become stronger to protect Stardust Town from the mafia. When all is said and done, he joins the crew to learn the nature of true strength.

Feower: Ungh... How could this be!
Feower: I've been bested not by the power of the Four-Sky Blade, but by (Captain)'s own power?
Lyria: Feower!
Feower: Don't butt in! Our duel isn't over yet! Let's go, (Captain)!
Just then orphan children come in between Feower and (Captain).
Orphan 1: Hey, if you bully Feower anymore, I'm taking you on next!
Feower: Ngh... You kids need to stand back...
Vyrn: Whoa, whoa, whoa—you've got this all wrong! We're not the bullies here!
Orphan 2: Shut up! You yucky lizard!
Lyria: Y-yucky liz... Pfft... Haha...
Vyrn: Wha? What are you laughing at, Lyria? Hey! We've gotta do something about these kids!
Feower: He... hehehe... ahahaha!
Feower: Gah... I don't feel like fighting anymore...
And so the fight between Feower and (Captain) comes to an end.
Feower apologizes afterwards for raising his weapon against the crew.
Feower: I'm really sorry...
Vyrn: What's done is done. No need for a big apology!
Lyria: But why would you do something so reckless? Can you tell us?
Feower responds quietly.
Feower: I joined the Eternals to protect my friends... to protect this town.
Feower: I figured if it became known that an Eternal protected this town, the mafia would stop targeting us.
Lyria: That makes sense.
Feower: Up until now I've been going around defeating anyone rumored to be strong... I needed to keep on proving my strength.
Feower: But this duel has opened up my eyes.
Feower: I've come to realize that there are people in this world like (Captain) who are truly strong.
Vyrn: You know it! We've fought our fair share of catastrophic primal beasts!
Lyria: Yeah! We've gone through a lot, but we've pulled through because of our friends in the crew!
Feower: Friends?
Feower: (I really do get the feeling that their strength is more than their individual competencies...)
Feower: (They're a strange bunch... Where exactly does their power come from? I want to know their secret...)
Lyria: What's wrong, Feower?
Feower: (Captain)... I need to be strong to protect this town.
Feower: But by fighting you guys, I've come to realize that real strength isn't measured so easily.
Feower: Perhaps if I travel alongside you, I may be able to discover the secret to true strength.
Feower stares fervently into (Captain)'s eyes.
Feower: So... this might seem like a strange request, but would you let me tag along for a while?
Feower: If I go with you, I may come to understand the nature of true power.
  1. Likewise! Welcome to the group!
  2. Hmm...

Choose: Likewise! Welcome to the group!
Feower: Thank you. Hehehe... That makes me really happy.
Vyrn: Hehe. Well, for us it doesn't get much more reassuring than having an Eternal on our team!
Lyria: But won't the children be sad if you come with us?
Feower: Ah...
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Choose: Hmm...
Feower: Um... well... I guess it's not possible then.
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain). Somethin' bothering you?
Lyria: Huh? You think it's fine for him to come with us, but you're worried about the children?
Feower: I... Well...
Continue 1
The children nearby chime in.
Orphan 1: Feower! Don't worry about us!
Orphan 2: I can fight on my own already! We'll group up and protect the town ourselves!
Feower: You guys...
Orphan 2: So go with them! Travel with these people and get even stronger!
Orphan 1: But you better come back and visit sometimes!
Feower: Thanks, everyone.
Lyria: Sob... They're wonderful children.
Vyrn: Hehe... There's nothing to get teary-eyed about, Lyria!
Vyrn: Now we can set off without any regrets! Come on, (Captain)!
And so Feower joins the crew on a journey through the endless sky...
To grow even stronger... and to protect his beloved family.