Scenario:Feower - Four-Sky Awakening

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Four-Sky Awakening

The Four-Sky Blade calls out to Feower, assaulting him to test his worth as its potential wielder.

Ever since losing to (Captain) in the duel, Feower has been spending more time alone.
Feower: (I joined (Captain)'s crew to discover the true nature of power, but...)
Feower: (I'm still no match for (Captain)...)
Feower: (Has all this time frolicking with them made me weak?)
Feower spends another day training in silence.
Feower: (This is no good... Progress is too slow...)
Feower: (I need to get stronger faster!)
???: You... ther...
Feower: Hm? Who's there!
Feower rushes toward the voice only to find the Four-Sky Blade lying on the ground.
Four-Sky Blade: You there. You seek power, don't you?
Feower: (Is that the Four-Sky Blade speaking?)
Four-Sky Blade: That's right. I'm talkin' directly to you.
Four-Sky Blade: Listen... I think you've got what it takes.
Feower: (What's that supposed to mean?)
Four-Sky Blade: I think you've got what it takes to wield me.
Four-Sky Blade: Now to see if I'm right. Prepare yourself!
Feower: (Tsk... You like to get right into the thick of things, don't you?)
Feower: (Fine then! You're on!)

Four-Sky Awakening: Scene 2

The scuffle ends with the Four-Sky Blade enticing Feower into embracing its power and proving to all that he is indeed the mightiest in the skies.

Feower: (Phew... How'd I do?)
Four-Sky Blade: Humph, I'm impressed.
Feower: (You'd better be. Don't forget that I'm an Eternal... You worthless scrap of metal.)
Four-Sky Blade: Hah, aren't you fun to be around.
Feower: (Tch, what the hell do you want with me anyway?)
Four-Sky Blade: Isn't it obvious?
Feower: (Haven't you already accepted (Captain) as your wielder?)
Feower: (Be careful how you answer or I might have to break you in half.)
Four-Sky Blade: I was merely responding to your inner desires.
Feower: My inner desires?
Four-Sky Blade: You want to be stronger than (Captain), don't you?
Feower: Stronger than (Captain)...
Four-Sky Blade: Well, I'm givin' you the chance to prove that you're the strongest in all the skies!
Feower: Strongest in all the skies...
Four-Sky Blade: Come now... Take me in your hands!
Feower: ...
Feower reaches out to the Four-Sky Blade.
Feower: (Captain)... I'm sorry.
Feower is suddenly surrounded by a bright white light.
With the Four-Sky Blade in hand, he disappears without a trace.