Scenario:Feower - Running Rampant Around Town

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Running Rampant Around Town

(Captain) and crew explore Stardust Town under Feower's guidance. When a breathless child appears before them talking about a monster attack, they rush to the rescue.

One day Feower offers to show the crew around Stardust Town.
Following his lead the crew explores the town.
Feower: We call this building the training block. Those skilled in combat gather here to hone their abilities.
Vyrn: Ohh, you've got a real nice setup here!
Feower: Yes, we focus on practical combat training here. Many come here to learn the skills needed to become agents or whatnot.
Lyria: Wow! Some of the children training here are so young!
Feower: Anyone willing is allowed to train here regardless of age.
Feower: Oh, and that over there is the workshop block.
Feower: That's where the dexterous children craft weapons and other products.
Vyrn: I see... Even kids that don't like fighting have a place here.
Lyria: Wow! I can't believe this is all in the middle of the slums!
Feower: Hahaha, thank you. But we have more than our fair share of problems. For one thing many of the kids don't quite fit in.
Just then a child appears before them, breathless from running.
Feower: What's wrong?
Girl: Monsters... at the outskirts of town... A boy's being attacked...
Feower: Take us to him! Quickly!
Girl: Okay! This way!
Vyrn: Oh no! Lyria, (Captain), we need to get over there!
Lyria: Yeah, let's go!

Running Rampant Around Town: Scene 2

The crew trails the boy they saved to find him passing around a dangerous addictive food additive known as MSH—monosodium heaven—among his friends. When Feower discovers that the MSH comes from the mafia, he decides to go after them.

The crew saved the boy that was being attacked on the outskirts of town.
Boy: T-thank you...
Feower: It'll be all right. I'm glad you aren't hurt.
Feower: But why did you leave the town all on your own?
Boy: Um... I wanted to go exploring with my friend... But we got separated... And...
Feower: Going out to play is fine, but... Just be careful, okay?
Boy: Sorry...
Feower: Now... Go on.
Boy: Okay!
As the boy runs off, Feower watches him quietly.
Feower: ...
Sensing something odd about the boy's demeanor, Feower begins trailing after him.
Vyrn: H-hey, Feower. What's with the serious look all of a sudden?
Feower: Just be quiet and follow me please...
As they watch, the boy enters a back alley and begins handing out something to his crew.
Lyria: T-that's...
Feower: Yes... The drug that's poisoning this town, known as MSH, monosodium heaven. A deplorable thing.
As he talks, Feower reveals himself and catches the boys in the act.
He questions the boy on the spot, and the boy tearfully confesses that he got the MSH from the mafia outside of town.
Feower: I will go to the mafia's hideout and have a chat with them.
Lyria: Oh no... It'll be dangerous to go alone!
Vyrn: Yeah! Let us help you!
Feower: Okay then... Thank you...
And so the crew venture their way towards the mafia's hideout.

Running Rampant Around Town: Scene 3

(Captain)'s crew ventures into the mafia hideout, where Feower lashes out against the mafia for distributing MSH to children.

(Captain) and crew make their way through the mafia hideout.
As they reached the end of the dark hideout, they found the mafia waiting for their arrival.
Feower: Are you the one handing out MSH to my precious family?
Mafioso: Well, what do we have here? How nice of Mr. Feower to pay us a visit himself.
Feower: I asked you a question. Was it your doing?
Mafioso: Humph... I only gave some to those brats because they wanted it.
Mafioso: I planned to corrupt that town from the roots before crushing it... But it would be faster to just kill you here.
Something inside Feower snaps.
Feower: Shut your mouth... A third-rate thug like you...
Feower: You don't even amount to toilet waste! A worthless low-life like you killing me? Hah!

Running Rampant Around Town: Scene 4

After defeating the mafioso, Feower expresses his hopes of expanding Stardust Town in an effort to cleanse the entire region of the mafia and slums. Determined to become even stronger to protect Stardust Town and the children there, Feower continues his journey.

Mafioso: Ugh... Damn you...
Feower: Listen, scumbag... You crossed a line that no person should ever cross.
Feower: Are you ready to die like the insect you are?
Mafioso: Y-you guys are his friends, right? Please... don't let him kill me!
Lyria: W-what should we do? We need to stop him, (Captain)!
Feower: You can apologize to those kids in the afterlife! Now die!
Mafioso: Eeek!
Feower: ...!
(Captain) stops Feower as he's about to deliver the finishing blow.
Back to his senses again, he quietly begins sharing his thoughts.
Feower: ...
Feower: Stardust Town is surrounded by a lawless slum district...
Feower: That's why I want to expand Stardust Town and replace all of the slums.
Vyrn: Sounds like a plan!
Feower: But my sister's against the idea. She thinks that instead of wielding weapons and expanding the town through bloodshed...
Feower: It'd be better to focus on improving things within the town and caring for its residents.
Lyria: Hmm, that makes sense too.
Feower: Yeah... But after what's happened here, I can't just sit idly by.
Lyria: Well...
Feower: My apologies. I didn't mean to involve you all in my problems.
Feower: I guess in the end, no one stands a chance against me and my sister when we work together. So there's really nothing to worry about.
Feower joined the Eternals at a young age to protect his friends in Stardust Town.
To that end he continues his journey with (Captain)'s crew to further improve his abilities.