Scenario:Ferry - Day of the Funeral

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Day of the Funeral

Ferry visits the island where her sister purportedly passed away. She pays respects to her sister's grave and then returns to their home in Tramont. Putting on her mother's mourning clothes, Ferry holds a service in memory of her dear sister.

Ferry not in crew, Ferry (Halloween) not in crew, Ferry (SSR) not in crew

During the crew's travels, they had come across a ghost girl by the name of Ferry on Tramont Island.
In order to continue their journey, they worked together with Ferry to subdue the primal beast Celeste, who had closed off the island.
The island's villagers, sustained long past their natural life spans by the power of Celeste, turned into dust and faded away with the primal's defeat.
Worried that Ferry would be all alone on the island, they invited her to join the crew.
Some time has passed after Ferry began traveling with the crew.
While docked on a remote island to resupply, a lone visitor comes aboard the Grandcypher.
Sierokarte: Hello. Is Ferry around by any chance?
Ferry: Hm? Yes, I'm right here. What is it?
Sierokarte: About your request the other day concerning your little sister...
Decades ago Ferry's sister fell terribly ill and left their home island in search of a cure. The two have not met since then.
In hopes of finding any leads on her long-lost sister, Ferry put in a request to Sierokarte.
Vyrn: So you've found something?
Sierokarte: Actually... I've discovered which family Ferry's sister wed into!
Lyria: Wow! Isn't that great news, Ferry?
Vyrn: So which island is she on? We need to meet her right away!
Sierokarte: Um, well... I can tell you the exact house she was at, but...
Sierokarte: I don't know how to put this, Ferry...
Ferry: ...
The sight of Sierokarte clamming up tells Ferry all she needs to know.
Ferry: Siero, thank you so much for looking into this.
Ferry: Sigh... So I guess she's...
Lyria: Ferry...
Ferry: I'll be okay, Lyria. I was ready for this.
Ferry: I was stuck in the memories of our good times together... But it's time for me to move on.
Ferry asks for some time away from the crew so that she can visit the island her sister spent the latter years of her life on.
  1. Stay safe.

Choose: Stay safe.

Ferry: Sorry for making such a selfish request.
Ferry: But this is something I need to do alone.
Lyria: Don't hesitate to call on us if you need anything! We'll come right away!
Vyrn: Yep, what she said!
Ferry: Thanks... I'll be off now.
(Captain) and company see Ferry off as she sets out for her next destination.
Ferry: Mm... What a nice island. It's bright, and the air's really clean. So this is where she got married...
Ferry: I wonder what kind of ceremony she had... Haha... I can't imagine how beautiful she must've looked in her wedding dress.
As if tracing her sister's steps, Ferry continues walking along the tranquil road.
Ferry spots a stone monument on a bluff looking out over the sky, and walks toward it.
Ferry: ...!
The name on the stone, etched indelibly in epitaph, reflects mercilessly in Ferry's eyes. It is the name of her sister.
Ferry: ...
Ferry: It's... what I'd expected...
Ferry: Considering how much time has passed... I shouldn't be surprised by this.
Ferry: I came here knowing what I'd find, but... I just... can't hold back these feelings...
As if to lock away the desolation she is feeling, she clutches both arms and folds into a crouch by the monument.
Ferry: Sniff...
Ferry notices familiar-looking flowers sprouting around her boots.
Ferry: (These are the same flowers we had back home. She loved them so much...)
Ferry: (I wonder if they grow naturally on this island, or if someone brought the seeds over from our village...)
The monument looks surprisingly well-kept. It would have been exposed to long periods of rain given its location, yet there is hardly any dirt on it.
Surely someone must have been coming periodically to tend to it, keeping the memory of Ferry's sister alive. The mere thought warms Ferry's heart.
Ferry: (Siero mentioned that the people of this house really took to her... And that her grandchild especially loved her...)
Ferry: I'm so glad that she found happiness... That she overcame her sickness and lived a meaningful and fulfilling life...
Ferry: ...
A pensive smile on her face, Ferry produces flowers she brought over from her hometown and places them on her sister's grave.
Ferry: I told myself I'd move on... It's time I accepted what's happened...
Hoping to carve the memory of her dear sister into her heart, Ferry takes one last good look at the name etched on to the monument as if to say goodbye.
Pets: ...
Mindful of Ferry's melancholic mood, her pets quietly follow from behind.
In order to give her sister a proper sendoff, Ferry returns to Tramont Island, memories of their precious time together dear in her heart.
She picks up her mother's mourning attire from their home and puts it on in the same manner her mother once did.
Ferry: Okay...
Ferry: Hehe, how surreal... A ghost like me holding a funeral for her own sister...
A memorial service for the deceased is something that Ferry caught a glimpse of as a child. It left a strong impression on her as a ceremony that marked a person's true end.
Seeing a monument erected solely for her sister really brought home the fact that Ferry's sister was no longer around.
Ferry: Why am I even here...
She and her sister have both died, but Ferry alone remains on the island as a ghost.
The mere thought reminds Ferry how unnatural of an existence she is.
Ferry: (So she's passed away physically, yet I don't see her spirit anywhere...)
Ferry: (If she's gone to where the deceased are supposed to go...)
Ferry: (Does it mean that I, who's been left behind to roam this world alone, will never see her again?)
Ferry: (Am I also forbidden from ever seeing my parents or the people from the village again?)
Ferry: ...
A chill runs down her spine. The silence in the air only serves to widen the gaping hole in her heart, trepidation overtaking her as she begins to feel faint.
Pets: ...
Ferry: Huh? You guys...
Ferry: Teehee... Hey, that tickles... Ahahaha!
Seeming to grouse at Ferry for forgetting about them, her pets relentlessly snuggle up to her.
Fugee & Nicola: ...!
Geegee: ...
Momo: ...
Ferry: Right, how could I forget...
Lyria: Don't hesitate to call on us if you need anything! We'll come right away!
Vyrn: Yep, what she said!
Ferry: I still have you guys and other friends who accept me for who I am...
Ferry: I'm not alone.
Pets: ...!
Ferry: Thank you... I'll have to take it slow, but I think I can move on after all.
The painful truth becomes that much more bearable when she remembers that there are those who will stand by her.
Seeing Ferry regain her composure, her pets sit properly in front of the flowers she has prepared.
Geegee: ...?
Ferry: Right... It's time to pray.
With her sister in her thoughts, Ferry quietly offers a prayer on the empty island of Tramont.