Scenario:Ferry - Forever a Plunder

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Forever a Plunder

Since Ferry gave a name to Momo, he has been travelling with the crew. However, Momo is having difficulty getting on with the other spirits. Then, the thieves that the crew has taken a request to capture appear. Ferry sees this as an opportunity, and encourages Momo to show his abilities in order to be accepted by the other ghosts.

One fine day in the forest, Ferry's spirit companions are gamboling happily.
Momo: Rarg!
Beppo: Sweeeooo!
Momo: Raaarg!
Fugee & Nicola: Tweee! Tweee!
Momo: Rarg!
Geegee: Uwoooooo!
Ferry: As I expected, Momo having trouble fitting in…
Lyria: Heehee, it's OK. As time passes, I'm sure he'll become great friends with everybody!
Ferry: I see… Luckily we have a lot of time…
Ferry: We can do it at our own pace, can't we, Momo?
Momo: Rarg?
Ferry: OK. Somehow or other they will definitely become friends. You know, birds of a feather…
Lyria: What do you mean "birds of a feather"?
Ferry: Oh remember I told you that when I met these guys I was already a ghost?
Ferry: At that time, none of these four had a name, and I had to give them one.
Ferry: But you know what's funny? At that time, I didn't know my own name!
Beppo: Sweeeoooooo!
Fugee & Nicola: Tweee! Tweee!
Geegee: Uwoooooo!
Ferry: But, thanks to them being there for me, even though I had lost my name, I rediscovered myself.
Ferry: So in that way, we are all the same… That's what birds of a feather means.
Lyria: I see. So it means people with the same experiences stick together…
While playing with Ferry's spirit companions, (Captain) and the crew continue through the forest.
Because recently thieves had appeared in the forest, the crew has taken request to apprehend them.
Ferry: However, walking through the calm forest, it seemed as if the reports of thieves were nothing but a lie.
Vyrn: You know, they attacked that researcher and stole a bunch of stuff…
Vyrn: Sounds like they are super dangerous guys…
???: Hey! Stop right there! Are you skyfarers!
Lyria: Huh? Well, yes?
Thief 1: Oho! Then we are the thieves you are looking for!
Thief 2: We have no need for valuables! But, now that you are all here, we will make this forest into a graveyard!
Vyrn: Huh! These guys are much more brutal that the request seemed to say!
Ferry: They also seem to have been lying in wait for us. Maybe news of the request for their capture leaked out somehow?
Ferry: This is our opportunity, Momo. Show everyone your good points and then Beppo and the others will have no choice but to accept you!
Momo: RARG!

Forever a Plunder: Scene 2

The crew fells the thieves, but something seems weird. It is revealed that the thieves goal isn't actually to steal riches, but instead to distract the crew while a mysterious man kidnaps Ferry's spirit companions. Momo quickly spots the man and notices what's going on and the crew makes to chase after the kidnapper, but the thieves block their way once more.

Ferry: Hyaaar!
Thief 1: U-urgh!
Momo: Grrrrrrrrr!
Ferry: Hm, that was surprisingly easy…
Ferry: Right, I don't know what your intentions were, but soon your rampage will be at an end.
Thief 2: Haah, uuurgh… D-darn you. Is it time?
Thief 1: I think so…
Hey, you! Skyfarers! We give up! We surrender!
Vyrn: Huh?
Vyrn: What are they doing? I thought they were just simple thieves… But then they just attacked us straight out of the blue…
Vyrn: So I didn't think they would just give up that easily…
Thief 2: Heh heh, we're just doing our job, you know!
Ferry: What?
Thief 1: Well, we just did exactly what we were paid for…
Momo: Raaarg!
Ferry: Momo! What is it?
Momo is barking at something. As the crew looks to where Momo is staring, they see a man kidnapping Ferry's spirit companions.
Mysterious Man: Argh. After all that, you swine… You blathered pointlessly until the very last moment…
Fugee & Nicola: Tweee! Tweee!
Ferry: Stop! What do you want with my children!
Mysterious Man: I will use their existence more effectively than you!
Mysterious Man: Hey, pigs! There's a bonus reward up for grabs. Buy me some time!
Thief 1: Ergh! Why does that researcher have to treat us like animals…
Thief 2: Hmmm… But yanno, earning some more gold isn't a bad idea…
Swaying, the thieves rise to their feet and face (Captain) and the crew once more.
Ferry: No!
Beppo: Sweeeoooooo!
Geegee: Uwoo, uwoooooo!
Mysterious Man: Stay right where you are and don't try and follow me, it'll be tiresome if you do…
While shouting over his shoulder, the mysterious man scoops up Beppo, Fugee, Nicola, and Geegee, and disappears into the forest.
Ferry: Stop! Fiend! Where are you taking them! Answer me!
Thief 1: Well, well… Bad luck, skyfarers… Hey wanna dance with us a little more?
Ferry: Damn! We need to get rid of these losers, and quickly! Momo! (Captain)! Help me out!

Forever a Plunder: Scene 3

The crew, led by Momo's powerful nose, tracks the mysterious man who took Ferry's spirit companions, and finds him lurking in a cave. The man's true intentions are revealed; he is a researcher who in scheming to misuse the power of Celeste, the primal beast. Ferry is enraged by the man's intention to extract her spirit companion's permanence in order to make the elixir of life, and challenges the researcher in order to save her friends.

(Captain) and the crew deal with the thieves and proceed to rush into the forest after the mysterious man.
Even though the group has lost sight of the kidnapper…
…relying on Momo's nose, they come across a dubious cave deep in the forest.
Lyria: This place is creepy even for a dark scary cave… I have a bad feeling about this…
Vyrn: What do you think that guy is up to, kidnapping the spirits and bringing them here?
Ferry: I don't know, but he managed to capture Beppo and the others.
Ferry: That's not just something anybody can do, I'm a ghost, so I should know.
Ferry: Maybe he's a magician or an alchemist… either way, we should be very careful.
They crew presses on further into the darkness, when a man suddenly appears in the gloom.
Mysterious Man: You surprised me. How did you managed to find me here?
Ferry: I have a friend with a great sense of smell.
Momo: Rarg!
Ferry: What in the sky are you aiming to do here! Return Beppo and the others to me now!
Mysterious Man: To tell the truth, you will probably think our investigation is strange too.
Ferry: What are you talking about?
Mysterious Man: Celeste, the primal beast… The power of her immortal ghost ship… That's what we are searching for.
Vyrn: Celeste! The one from the island of mist?
Mysterious Man: The very same. She appears irregularly on different islands.
Mysterious Man: There are many legends about immortality throughout the skies. But Tramont island was the last place the ghost ship was seen.
Mysterious Man: You skyfarers were involved in the disappearance of Celeste, weren't you?
Lyria: Huh, we…
Mysterious Man: You don't have to hide it. We have confidence in you.
Mysterious Man: That's why I paid those bozos and put up the request. It's because I wanted to lure you all here.
Ferry: This seems like it'll be a long explanation. So before you continue, will you return my children.
Mysterious Man: So soon? But I haven't told you of their true purpose yet…
Ferry: Purpose? What do you mean "purpose"? I wont allow you to use my friends for your experiments any longer!
Ferry: I'm not a person who is known for having a quick temper, but I'm really reaching my limit!
Momo: Grrrrrrrrr!
Mysterious Man: OK, I'll get right to the point…
Mysterious Man: Their ethereal bodies are preserved by Celeste's power. Extracting that power is our goal.
Ferry: Extract her power?
Mysterious Man: Through the power of the stars we will analyze the ethereal bodies and extract their permanence.
Mysterious Man: Oratory and wit, boundaries, invention and enlightenment. By them all, we will obtain immortality!
Vyrn: Hey, hey! You didn't say what the point of this all is…
Mysterious Man: If you want me to put it bluntly… Using the materials obtained through the power of the stars, we will make the elixir of life!
Lyria: Materials? That's…
Ferry: So, what happens to the beings once you've extracted the materials?
Mysterious Man: Hmm? They'll disappear wont they? We have no interest in the remaining dregs.
Ferry's hand moves swiftly to her whip, when a pale shadow jumps at the man.
Momo: Raaaaaarg!
The man hurriedly shakes off Momo and puts some distance between him and the crew.
Mysterious Man: Argh, but consuming your permanence would have been so effective…
Mysterious Man: Such a half-baked, unnatural existence. You dare to defy us?
At the man's signal, a giant weapon appears from the back of the cave.
Adversa Reborn: Whiiiiiir!
Mysterious Man: This weapon is an imitation, it carries the power of the stars! This cave will become your tomb!
Vyrn: Awww maaan! So this guy is connected to the empire after all?
Lyria: This must have been the reason why I feel and unpleasant atmosphere coming from the cave.
(Captain) and the crew stand, unable to move, in front of the giant weapon.
But Ferry alone has no fear, and takes a step forward.
Ferry: Certainly… Even though we are already dead we remain in this realm.
Ferry: Our existence may be unnatural and distorted, but…
Ferry: But here… Here we are alive.
Ferry: Beppo, Nicola, Fugee, Geegee, Momo, and even me. All of us… We live!
Ferry: From the perspective of the world, the time that we have here in this realm may seem like an offence against the living.
Ferry: But, I'll never let anybody take this existence away from us! As long as I live, I will never give up!
Ferry: My companions are vital for me to truly be me.
Ferry: That why we have to get them back! There's no replacement for my friends!

Forever a Plunder: Scene 4

(Captain) and the crew destroy the weapon the mysterious man had set on them admirably, However, by that time, the researcher seems to have already made his getaway. The spirits are rescued and all four line up in front of Momo to express their gratitude. Although the relationship between Momo and the other spirits is still a little awkward, the ghosts have definitely become a little closer to each other.

(Captain) and the crew destroy the weapon the mysterious man had set on them admirably.
However, by that time, the researcher seems to have already made his getaway. Despite this, Ferry's spirit companions safe and sound.
Beppo: Sweeeeeeoooooo!
Fugee & Nicola: Tweeeeeee! Tweeeeee!
Geegee: Uwooooooooo!
Ferry: I… I'm sorry, that must have been really scary for you guys…
Vyrn: Hey… Who even was that dastard?
Lyria: I don't know… He didn't seems like he came from the Erste Empire… he was different somehow…
Ferry: We can't say for certain, but all that matters is that my children are safely back with me…
Ferry: That is enough… for now.
As she says this, Ferry takes all her companions in her arms and gives them a warm hug.
Beppo: Sweeeoooo!
Ferry: Hmm? What is it, Beppo?
Ferry lets go of Beppo, Fugee, Nicola, and Geegee, and the four spirits line up in front of Momo.
Momo: Rarg?
Beppo: Sweeeeeeooo!
Fugee & Nicola: Twe-tweee! Tweee!
Geegee: Uwoooooo!
Ferry: Heehee, isn't that nice Momo! Your hard work paid off!
Lyria: What did they say?
Ferry: Beppo and the others were saying thank you to Momo.
Ferry: It was a little awkward and they seemed embarrassed, though.
Fugee & Nicola: TWEEE! TWEEEEEE!
Ferry: Hahahah! OK, OK! I'm just teasing you again!
Momo: Rarg!
Lyria: Heehee, Ferry looks really happy!
Vyrn: It's not just Ferry that's joyful. her are companions too!
Nobody other than Ferry would ever be able understand what the spirits are saying.
However, due to the contented atmosphere exuded from the ghosts, (Captain) and the crew can't help but smile.