Scenario:Ferry - Her First Halloween

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Her First Halloween

Ferry is in the changing rooms wondering whether or not to wear the gaudy costume Sierokarte has given her. Realizing that she shouldn't let her friends down, she decides to wear it. She nevertheless still worries whether it's too ostentatious, as it's considerably livelier than her usual outfit. In the end she gets nothing but positive comments, and so she goes on to enjoy her time at the festival immensely.

Ferry: Haaah…
As the Halloween festivities get underway across the island, Ferry sits alone in the Knickknack Shack's changing room.
Ferry: Ahhhhh… How did it come to this?
Ferry picks up the costume that Sierokarte has given her and holds it up against herself.
Ferry: Th-this is just too much. I can't wear this…
Ferry: No, I have to. Sierokarte picked it out especially for me. Maybe I'm just not "with the times"…
Ferry: Hmm… I've spent so long on this island, I have no idea what's fashionable out in the wider world.
Ferry: Ahhhh… If only I'd acted like myself, I wouldn't be in this mess.
Shortly before Ferry had locked herself in the changing rooms…
Lyria: Wow, look at that! The village is already decked out for the Halloween celebrations!
Vyrn: Yeah, it's pumpkins as far as the eye can see!
Ferry: Ha ha ha. Don't you think maybe they've gone a little too far?
(Captain) and crew have come to the Halloween celebrations at Sierokarte's invitation.
Ferry: After all, this isn't just a festival, it's all for "Lost Jack."
Ferry: We're not just here to have fun, we have to properly take part in the festival.
Vyrn: Wow, you sure know a lot about it, don't ya!
Ferry: Hmm? I guess. I mean, I have lived here for a while now.
Ferry: You hang around anything long enough and you're bound to learn about it.
Lyria: Still, it's so cool that you know so much about the festival!
Ferry: R-really, it's nothing. I just read the book in the house…
Sierokarte: Well hellooo everybody! Wow, you're already here!
Lyria: Of course! It looks like this is going to be quite the festival!
Sierokarte: Heheheh! It's actually not even started yet, this is just the preparations!
Sierokarte: Speaking of preparations, are you all ready for the festival?
Vyrn: Hmm? Ready? What do we need to get ready? I thought it was just a festival.
Lyria: I know, we can ask Ferry! She knows everything about the festival!
What do we need to do for the festival, Ferry?
Ferry: What! Oh, erm…
Ferry: Oh yes! You need to prepare… That is… Erm…
Ferry looks about wildly, until her gaze falls on Sierokarte's unusual costume.
Ferry: O-of course! Costumes! Yes, it's not Halloween without costumes!
Ferry: Oh no, we totally forgot to get costumes!
Sierokarte: Oh! Does that mean you might need my services?
Ferry: What?
Sierokarte: Heheheh, just leave it up to me! The Knickknack Shack always has your back!
Sierokarte: Now all I need are your measurements and I'll be good to go! Who's first?
Ferry: What? W-wait, hey! OK!
No need to be so… grabby!
Ferry: Ahhhh… I'm an idiot.
Ferry: B-but… I have to snap out of it.
Ferry: C'mon, get it together, Ferry! You can't show yourself up in front of everybody!
Ferry: OK. It's just a costume. That's all it is, a silly little costume…
Ferry: But, what if they don't like how it looks?
Ferry: No no no no NO! Don't be silly! (Captain) would never say anything like that!
Ferry: OK, you can do this…
Sierokarte: Erm, is everything OK in there, Ferry?
Ferry: Ah! Y-yes! Everything's fine! I'm coming!
Sierokarte: OK! Here she is, the lovely Ferry!
Ferry: Wh-what do you think? D-do you think it suits me?
  1. You look great!
  2. Good as always, Ferry!

Choose: You look great!

Ferry: R-really? Well, if you think so, I guess I like it too. Heheh.
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Choose: Good as always, Ferry!

Ferry: What? Wh-what is that supposed to mean?
Sierokarte: Heheheh! It means that you look good no matter what you wear!
Ferry: P-please d-don't say that, you'll make me blush… But thank you.

Continue 1

Lyria: Heehee! It looks really good on you, Ferry. You look sooo cute!
Ferry: Thank you, Lyria.
Sierokarte: Heeheehee! She's right you know, it really does suit you!
Sierokarte: But, to be honest I wasn't talking about costumes. I was thinking more about the candy!
Ferry: Wah!
Sierokarte: Heheheh! Of course, if you've forgotten that as well, the Knickknack Shack will be only too happy to provide!
The industrious and thoughtful Sierokarte leaves Ferry dumbfounded.
Having finally warmed to her costume, Ferry goes on to enjoy the festival immensely.