Scenario:Ferry - Special Delivery

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Special Delivery

Backstage before their performance, Ferry, Drang and Sierokarte reflect on everything that has brought them to this moment. They recall the day Ferry asked for Sierokarte's help contacting her sister. Moved by Ferry's request, Sierokarte had suggested writing a song. When Drang was caught eavesdropping, the three of them then formed a band together.

Behind the stage where most of the fans have gathered, three people quietly catch their breath.
Ferry: This is it… We've made it, the three of us.
Sierokarte: Yeah, that's right. The day we started all this feels like so long ago, but at the same time, it's like it was only yesterday.
Drang: We've worked so hard for it… But this is only the beginning! Right, Ferry?
Ferry: Yeah. This is where it all begins.
Ferry: I want our music to reach all the way across the skies, and then someday, wherever she is, she'll hear it.
Ferry: Hey, Sierokarte, there's something I want to talk to you about.
Ferry: Hm? Sierokarte? She must be out.
Sierokarte: Oh, if it isn't Ferry. How may I help you today?
Ferry: Whoa! Y-you're here… You could at least have said something.
Sierokarte: Oops, sorry. I dug up something interesting and started daydreaming. Here I am in the shop, hardly working… Oh!
Sierokarte: Hardly working instead of working hard… Hahaha.
Ferry: Honestly, you'll start losing customers if you don't work hard.
Sierokarte: Yeah, and if I lose too many customers because I'm not working hard, then I'll be… hardly working!
Ferry: Er, yeah, I get it. So, moving on…
Sierokarte: If I'm not working hard, then I'm hardly working…
Sierokarte: A-anyway, Ferry, what can I do for you today?
Ferry: Oh, well, actually I wanted to send a letter.
Ferry takes out the letter and shows it to Sierokarte.
Sierokarte: OK, I see. And the address is…
Sierokarte: Huh? There's no address on it.
Ferry: I was afraid this might happen. I can't send it without an address, can I?
Sierokarte: Well, I won't say you can't send it, but…
Sierokarte: The chances of it getting there without one are slim. Do you mind if I ask what sort of letter it is?
Ferry: It's… well, it's for my little sister.
Sierokarte: Your little sister, huh?
Ferry: It's just… I don't know where she is right now.
Ferry: But I really want to write to her! I want to tell her all about the adventures I've had with (Captain) and the others.
Ferry: The last time I saw her was decades ago, when I really was the age I still look now.
Ferry: Since then, we had that epidemic in the village, and then Celeste appeared…
Sierokarte: Right, the island you lived on was shrouded in mist for a long time, wasn't it?
Ferry: Yes, and she couldn't have known what was happening there.
Ferry: When she thinks of me, of our parents, she can only remember how we were back then, as if time froze in place when she left.
Ferry: She probably thinks that we're all dead…
Ferry: If she gets a letter from me after all this time, she might just think it's a cruel joke, or get creeped out…
Ferry: But… but I don't care! I really want to contact her.
Ferry: I want her to know that there's nothing to worry about. And that our parents are resting peacefully now.
Ferry: I want to tell her that it's all over, that time has started moving forward for me again.
Ferry: I want to tell her all about it.
The envelope creases in Ferry's hand as she grips it, overcome with emotion.
Sierokarte: Hmm… I see. That's quite the letter you have there.
Ferry: I really want to get some kind of message to her.
Sierokarte: Well then, we'll just have to get it to her. It might take some time, but nothing is impossible for Siero's Knickknack Shack!
Ferry: Really? Thank you so much.
Sierokarte: Still, it won't be easy. We'll have to send it by… unconventional means.
Ferry: Unconventional means? I-I'm not looking to do anything fancy…
Sierokarte: Not just unconventional, it needs to be fast as well. You want your sister to get it soon, right?
Ferry: Is that even possible?
Sierokarte: Oh, there's a way! So, Ferry…
Sierokarte: How about starting a band?
Ferry: A-a band?
Sierokarte: That's right! Performing in front of a crowd of people, singing your heart out…
Sierokarte: That way, you can get your message out there for everyone to hear.
Sierokarte: As you get more popular, your sister is sure to hear it.
Ferry: Oh, I get see! Still, how am I supposed to start a band?
Sierokarte: Don't you worry about that. Siero's Knickknack Shack is a full-service firm! I'll support you through every aspect of the process.
Ferry: Really? Thanks, Sierokarte. I suppose the next thing to do is figure out who else would be a good fit for the band.
Sierokarte: You leave that to me!
Ferry: You have someone in mind?
Sierokarte: Well, actually, this time I'm going to pitch in and help you out myself.
Sierokarte: I used to dabble in music a little, you see.
Sierokarte: And as I listened to your story, I could really feel how important it was for you to get your message to your sister.
Sierokarte: I had a flash of inspiration, and it took me right back to my days as a musician.
Sierokarte: I couldn't let it go, and in the end, I decided to just cut my losses and help you out.
Ferry: Sierokarte…
Sierokarte: Honestly, it's embarrassing for me as a shop keeper. I guess it shows how inexperienced I still am.
Ferry: You know, it's a big world out there, and I haven't seen much of it.
Ferry: But as far as I'm concerned, you're the perfect shop keeper, Sierokarte.
Sierokarte: Hee hee. I'm happy you feel that way.
Sierokarte: Well, now you have your second member.
Ferry: Hmm… How many people do you need for a band anyway?
Sierokarte: Well, I don't think there's any set amount.
Sierokarte: Still, I think we could do with one more, don't you think?
Sierokarte: For instance, the person hiding behind that pillar over there!
???: (Gulp)
Sierokarte: You can't fool these eyes, so how about you come on out?
Drang: Nothing gets by you, Sierokarte…
Ferry: Huh? What are you doing here?
Drang: Ha ha… W-what indeed? I, er, sort of wound up here without thinking.
Sierokarte: Ferry caught your eye, and you just couldn't help yourself?
Drang: H-hey, come on, that's not what I meant… You do love to tease people, Sierokarte.
Ferry: Oh, while you're here… You know how you gave me my current name?
Ferry: I've been meaning to thank you. It's strange, but… I really have grown to like the name.
Drang: Well of course. It's a nickname my granny gave you…
Ferry: Huh? Wait, what did you just say?
Drang: Aaaanyway! What's all this talk of music I overheard?
Ferry: Hm? Oh, this might sound a bit strange, but…
Ferry: You named me, so you're kind of like my godfather, right? I need your help with something. I want to sing for my sister.
Drang: Er, well, I'm not sure how I feel about you calling me that.
Drang: But if you're putting a band together, then I can definitely help! I am a man of many talents, after all.
Ferry: Haha… Well, thanks. That really helps.
Sierokarte: OK, now the three of us have lots of preparation to do!
Ferry: Thank you, Sierokarte.
Ferry: Well, if we're going to do this, then let's do it right. We'll write a song so good that everybody will love it.
Drang: Still, I had no idea you couldn't play any instruments, Ferry. It was a bit of a shock.
Ferry: Um, well… I did kind of practice the piano when I was little.
Ferry: But when everyone else passed on, the thought of being a ghost playing a piano in a haunted house was just too creepy…
Sierokarte: The real shock was finding out how much you know about music, Drang.
Sierokarte: And you even tutored Ferry without any help.
Sierokarte: You must have spent a long time studying music.
Drang: Ah, well… That's really just because of the house I grew up in, you see.
Sierokarte: Hmm… The house you grew up in, huh?
Ferry reaches out suddenly, and pats Drang on the head.
Ferry: Hmm… You're taller than I expected.
Drang: W-what are you doing, Ferry?
Ferry: I'm not going to ask why, but you looked unhappy there for a moment.
Ferry: I used to comfort my sister by patting her on the head, and I thought maybe it would work on you, too.
Drang: Oh, really? Right, I get it, just like…
Drang: (My granny used to do the same thing… She must have learned it from Ferry.)
Ferry: …Huh? What are you making that face for?
Drang: Ah… Ha ha ha. It's a secret!
Drang: OK, it's time to get started. We can't keep our fans waiting any longer, can we?
Sierokarte: That's right! Ferry, you ready to go?
Ferry: Oh, right, of course. In fact, I'm the one who can't wait.
Ferry: I'm taking the first step toward contacting my sister.
Ferry: So let's make this the best show we can. Let's send this song far across the sky, to wherever she is now.
The three of them take a deep breath, and walk out to face the crowd of waiting fans.
They send their precious message out on the words of their song, "Path Across the Sky".