Scenario:Fif - Her Current Obsession

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Her Current Obsession

While out shopping for natural dyes for Fif's newest hobby, the crew hears of the rare maracoh flower dye from Sierokarte. Obliging Fif's request to look for the flower, the crew heads out in search of an island where maracoh flowers grow.

(Captain) and company visit the Knickknack Shack for some shopping.
Fif: Hmm... This smooth cloth might work... Oh, but this fabric might absorb the color better!
Lyria: Ah, Fif! How about this cloth? Here, touch it.
Fif: Ooh, I like it! Hrmm... It's so hard to decide!
Sierokarte: Hehe, take your time!
Sierokarte: I've got to admit, I never thought you'd be so into natural dyeing, Fif!
Vyrn: She's been hanging a new handkerchief on the deck every day!
Fif: The hanky that Grampy had was just so cool!
Fif: I wanna make one just like his, but I can't seem to get the color right.
Lyria: Hehe, but you sure are getting better at adding patterns!
Fif: Hehe! Keep the compliments coming!
Sierokarte: Are you talking about Eahta's handkerchief? I think he used maracoh plant dye for that.
Fif: What? How do you know that, Siero?
Sierokarte: Oh, it was popular for a while. But Eahta was using it long before it became a trend.
Sierokarte: I remember catching a glimpse of it and thinking he had really good taste!
Fif: I tried asking Grampy myself, but he had no idea what dye it was made from...
Fif: But now I can finally get the dye myself!
Fif: All we need to do is find an island with maracoh flowers! Let's get looking, (Captain)!
Fif: I'll give you some of the dye when I'm done, okay? Deal?
Vyrn: Oh boy, you're totally hooked on this whole dyeing thing, aren't ya?
Fif: Come on, (Captain)! Just this once! Please? Pretty please!
Unable to refuse Fif's begging, (Captain) and company set out to find the elusive maracoh flower.
Fif: Full speed ahead! Leave the monsters to me! I'll keep everyone safe as can be!

Her Current Obsession: Scene 2

As (Captain) and company arrive on an island in search of maracoh flowers with Fif, they run into a man with a basket. He explains that he too is searching for the flowers and asks the crew to take care of the nearby monster blocking the way.

After some searching, (Captain) and company arrive at an island where the maracoh flower is said to bloom.
Fif: Just you wait, flowers! We're comin' for ya!
Lyria: Ah! Fif! Wait for us!
Man With Basket: Tsk... What should I do...
Fif: Huh? There's someone there. Yoohoo!
Man With Basket: Aah! Wh-who're you?
Fif: Are you here for the maracoh flowers too?
Man With Basket: Y-yeah... That's right. You too?
Fif: Yeah! Do the flowers bloom around here?
Man With Basket: No, they're a little further down that way. But I can't pick them because there's a monster there...
Fif: Monster? Not a problem! I'll take care of it!
Man With Basket: Hmm, your companions seem pretty capable too.
Fif: I know, right? Hehehe, keep those kind words coming!
Man With Basket: Wow, you guys must be amazing! I'd be grateful if you could take out that monster.
Fif: Leave it to us! Let's go, (Captain)!
Fif leads (Captain) by the hand into the forest.
Vyrn: Say, didn't that guy seem a little suspicious? His eyes were all shifty...
Fif: Really? He seemed fine to me.
Vyrn: Maybe I'm imagining things...
Fif: Shh! Look over there! That's the monster he was talking about!
Monster: ...
Fif: Heheheh! It's no match for me! Let's go, (Captain)!

Her Current Obsession: Scene 3

(Captain) and company are taken aback when a villager tells them that the monster they defeated is actually a guardian protecting the endangered maracoh flowers. They also realize that the man with the basket was there to pick all the flowers himself and set out to stop him.

Monster: Groar...
Fif: ...?
Vyrn: Good job, (Captain)! You too, Fif! Wait. Is everything okay? You look like something's bothering you.
Fif: It's weird... While we were fighting, the monster should have known it couldn't win...
Fif: But it didn't run away. I thought maybe it had a nest nearby, but it doesn't look like it.
Fif: I dunno. Something just feels off somehow.
Villager: What was that noise... Whoa! What happened to the guardian?
Fif: Huh?
Villager: Oh no! You're here for the maracoh flowers, aren't you?
Fif: Huh? Wh-what? That's a monster... Right?
Villager: It may be a monster, but it's the guardian of the maracoh flowers. We look after it as a village.
Fif: Huhhh? What do you mean?
Villager: You mean you don't know?
Lyria: Um, excuse me. It's true that we're here for maracoh flowers, but...
Lyria: You said that monster is a guardian... Are we not supposed to pick the flowers?
Villager: Sigh... You really don't know? Well, I can't blame you. It's been quite some time since they were popular. You're probably too young to remember.
Fif: Um, can you explain a little more, mister?
Villager: You see... The maracoh flower is quite a rare thing, and it only grows on this island.
Villager: That's why the dye that comes from the flower is only made here. It wasn't very well known in the sky at large.
Fif: Hmm... Grampy's handkerchief seems pretty old. Maybe someone from here made it.
Villager: Rumors of the dye's beauty spread after a famous artist used it, and soon countless others sought it as well...
Villager: Not only that, but many people came to this island to pick the flowers and make their own dye.
Villager: We realized the flowers were about to be picked clean, so we decided to protect them from going extinct.
Lyria: I see! So that's why the guardian was protecting the flowers...
Fif: Huuh? I-I beat the snot out of the guardian?
Fif: I-I'm really sorry... I did something awful...
Vyrn: Wait a sec! That guy from earlier must be here to sneak in and pick the flowers himself!
Vyrn: He was carrying a huge basket too!
Villager: What? The flowers are unprotected right now... If he takes that many, they'll be—
Fif: Don't worry! I'll take the guardian's place and punish him myself!
Vyrn: Ah! Wait, Fif! Don't go alone! Let's go after her, (Captain)!

Her Current Obsession: Scene 4

Having successfully apprehended the flower theif, Fif apologizes to the villager for attacking the guardian of the flowers. As a show of good will, the villager hands her some maracoh flower seeds, which Fif eventually raises into a garden of flowers spanning the Grandcypher's deck.

(Captain) and company catch the man who tried to steal the maracoh flowers and hand them over to the villagers.
Villager: Whew... Thank you for your help! I'll give those guys a stern warning to stay away from here.
Fif: Um... Mister, I'm really sorry. I should have found out more about this place first.
Villager: Oh no, we should have put up some signs around here. It's not your fault.
Fif: But I still did a bad thing...
Villager: You said you're sorry, and I know you won't do it again. Here, maybe this might cheer you up.
Fif: What're these?
Villager: They're maracoh seeds that we've kept in storage.
Villager: They'll grow into lovely little flowers! There might not be enough to make dye though...
Fif: Thank you! I'll take good care of them!
Fif set out to find maracoh flowers but returns to the Grandcypher with their seeds instead.
From then on Fif is seen on deck preparing flowerpots instead of hanging up pieces of cloth.
Fif: Rosetta! Is this enough?
Rosetta: Yes, that looks about right. The roots can start rotting if you give them too much water.
Fif: Ooh, I'd better be careful then. Oh! Is there anything else I should do?
Rosetta: Well, once they get bigger, they might outgrow their pots. You'll want to move them to bigger ones when that happens.
Rosetta: And don't forget to talk to your little friends once in a while. They like that, you know.
Fif: Really? Okay! I'm gonna talk to them all the time!
Rosetta: Hehe. Treat your flowers well, and they'll return the favor in kind. I'm sure they'll blossom beautifully.
Fif: Yeah! I can't wait!
Fif: I didn't know taking care of plants was so much fun! Maybe I'll grow some other flowers too!
With Rosetta's help, Fif enjoys her newfound hobby.
The flowers eventually cover the entire deck, becoming popular gifts to friends of the crew.