Scenario:Fif - Pleading the Fif

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Pleading the Fif

Fif is once again bedridden due to her magical powers. One night, she hears a voice coming from somewhere on the ship. She finds the source of the voice to be the Five-Soul Staff and—thinking it to be an intruder—fights it.

Some time has passed since Fif's battle with (Captain) allowed her to release a bit of her pent up magic and return to health.
Her magical energies have continued to build up within her since then, and she is once again bedridden.
Fif: Uurgh... My throat feels all icky. Maybe I should go gargle...
Fif: Hm?
Fif: Sounds like some kinda voice...
Fif leaves her room and wanders around the ship looking for the source of the voice.
Fif: Hellooo? Anyone up at this hour? Hmm... No reply.
Fif: Oh! Maybe it's a burglar! I better catch 'em!
Fif: Graaar! Time to give yourself up!
Fif: H-huh? No one's here...
???: You can hear me. What an incredible amount of magical power for someone so young.
Fif: Wha! Who? Where? Show yourself, thief!
Five-Soul Staff: I neither run nor hide. I am the Five-Star Staff... and I'm right in front of you.
Fif: Th-the staff is talking! And it's glowing! Gh-gh-ghost staff!
Fif: Wh-whatever you are, it doesn't matter! I'm still gonna beat the spooky snot outta you!
Five-Soul Staff: You seem to have misunderstood me... No matter. Allow me to test the extent of your powers in combat.

Pleading the Fif: Scene 2

After battling the Five-Soul Staff, Fif finds that she feels rejuvenated when she picks it up. Rosetta speculates that the staff is somehow helping Fif to regulate the magic inside her. (Captain) decides to lend Fif the staff for the time being.

How do you like them apples?
Fif: Uurgh, my head...
A fatigued Fif slumps down to pick up the Five-Soul Staff.
Fif: Huh?
Rosetta: What was all that racket? Fif? Is that you?
Fif: Rosetta! (Captain)! Guys!
Fif: You should have seen it! I just beat up a ghost or something! It said it was the Five-Soul Staff...
Lyria: The Five-Soul Staff? It talked?
Fif: You couldn't hear it? I heard it all the way from my room. That's why I came out here.
Lyria: Hmm... I didn't hear anything before all the noise started.
Rosetta: Hm? Fif, you seem to be looking a little less pale.
Fif: Really? I must be getting stronger!
Fif hands the Five-Soul Staff to (Captain).
But the moment she lets go of the staff, an overwhelming dizziness grips her, and she crumples to the floor.
Vyrn: Fif! You okay? We told you not to jump around when you're feeling under the weather.
Fif: That's weird. I was feeling great a second ago.
Rosetta: Hmm, could you try something for me, (Captain)? Try handing the Five-Soul Staff back to her.
(Captain) does as Rosetta asks and gives the staff back to Fif.
Fif: Huh? Whoa, I feel a whole lot better now for some reason!
Vyrn: What's going on here?
Rosetta: This is just a theory, but the Five-Star Staff might be helping Fif manage her magic.
Rosetta: It's probably taking her excess energy and releasing it harmlessly.
Lyria: So... as long as Fif holds the staff, it'll help her get better?
Rosetta: Until her physical body grows strong enough to handle all that magic by itself, yes.
Fif: But this is (Captain)'s staff.
Fif: I can't just hog it all the time! Then (Captain) wouldn't be able to use it!
  1. I'll let you borrow it for a while!
  2. Well, as long as you make it up to me.

Choose: I'll let you borrow it for a while!
Fif: Really? Thanks, (Captain)! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Fif: I'll take real good care of it! Promise!
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Choose: Well, as long as you make it up to me.
Fif: You'll let me borrow it? Yay! What do you want me to do?
Rosetta: (Captain)! What have I told you about teasing little children?
Fif: I'll take real good care of it! Promise!
Continue 1
(Captain) resolves to lend the Five-Soul Staff to Fif for the time being.
It should help keep Fif's malady at bay... For the time being anyway.