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The Fif Element

With (Captain)'s staff in hand to help keep her magic in check, Fif goes to visit Stardust Town. There she asks Tien to spar with her to help her grow strong enough to control her powers without the Five-Soul Staff.

With (Captain)'s staff in hand to help keep her magic in check, Fif goes to visit Stardust Town.
She's there to check up on an old friend.
Fif: Hey, Tien! How's it going?
Tien: Mm? Fif, it's been a while... Do you need something from me or Feower?
Fif: Yup! See... I want to get strong enough to handle my magic all by myself!
Tien: That's right. I remember you mentioning the difficulties your body has handling it all... Mm, I hope you get there.
Fif: Me too! That's why I want to do some training!
Tien: Mm... That sounds like a good idea. You tend to rely too much on instinct when using your powers...
Tien: Mm? Oh. You want me to help you with that.
Fif: Yeah! You got it! It's like you can read my mind, Tien!
Fif: Thanks, Tien! You're the best!
Tien: Okay. We can start now. Let's head outside of town.
Fif: Okay!

The Fif Element: Scene 2

Fif wins the round, and Tien tells Fif that her small size can actually be an advantage.

Fif: Yay! I won!
Tien: Mm. You got me. I can see your reflexes are getting sharper.
Fif: Really? I hope I'll able to flutter around and dodge like you one day though!
Tien: Mmm... Your body's small. You should take advantage of that.
Fif: Ohh, I always thought being tiny was a bad thing! Guess there's an upside too!
Tien: Hehe. Perspective. It changes everything.
Fif: Sure does! Thanks for helping me out, Tien!
Tien: Of course. Feel free to drop by anytime. My little brothers and sisters always love playing with you.
Having completed her training with Tien, Fif gives a cheerful wave goodbye and sets off on her way back to the airship.

The Fif Element: Scene 3

Fif returns to Stardust Town with the intention of asking Tien to help with her training again, but finds Tien's brother, Feower, who says that Tien is away. Fif insists on waiting for Tien to return, and Feower erupts in anger at the child's persistence.

Fif once again visits Stardust Town for another training session with Tien.
Fif: Aww, Tien isn't here today?
Feower: Yes... How many times do you want me to repeat myself? Now then. It's time for you to head home.
Fif: H-hey! Stop pushing me! I'll just wait here till she comes back!
Feower: Argh... I've tried to tell you nicely, but that huge mouth of yours just won't stop making its annoying little noises, will it?
Fif: Wuuuh?
Feower: For the umpteenth time: Tien is going to be home late today, so come back later in the week.
Fif: B-but you said she'll be home...
Feower: Get the message you little twerp! Stop wasting my sister's time!
Feower: What do I have to do to get this through to your thick, infantile skull!
Fif: Humph! Why do you always get so mad at me!
Fif: Now you're making me mad! You big mean meanie-face!

The Fif Element: Scene 4

Fif is exhausted after an all-out feud with Feower and decides to go home to rest instead of waiting for Tien's return. Regardless of the circumstances, the skirmish with Feower was just the kind of exercise Fif needed.

Feower: Huff... Wheeze... Dammit!
Feower: You and your never-ending supply of magic!
Fif: Oogh... I'm pooped... Time to go home...
Feower: And good riddance!
Having been driven away by Feower, Fif leaves Stardust Town and makes her way home.
Regardless of the circumstances, the skirmish with Feower was just the kind of exercise Fif needed.

The Fif Element: Scene 5

Fif next goes to see Seofon, the leader of the Eternals. Fif explains that she wishes to grow stronger so she can return (Captain)'s staff as soon as possible, and Seofon agrees to help her.

After defeating the twins, Tien and Feower, Fif next goes to see Seofon, leader of the Eternals.
Seofon: Hm? Well, well. If it isn't Fif! Lemme guess, scheming up more pranks?
Fif: No! This is serious! I'm not here to play today!
Seofon: Kidding, I'm kidding! Relax! I'm more than happy to listen to a crewmember's concerns!
Seofon: So tell me, what's up?
Fif explains the current situation she has with her powers and how she wishes to return (Captain)'s staff as soon as possible.
Seofon: I see! No problem, Fif. I'll do everything in my power to lend a hand!
Seofon: There's nothing I'd appreciate more than to see my fellow Eternals grow even stronger!
Fif: Yay! Thanks, Seofon! You're the coolest, awesomest leader ever!
Seofon: Hey, don't think a guy can't tell when he's being buttered up!
Seofon: (I'm just glad she came to visit.)
Seofon: Okay! Ready or not, here I come!

The Fif Element: Scene 6

Having defeated Seofon, Fif gets cheeky and suggests she should take over as leader of the Eternals, but loses interest after learning the job isn't as easy as she thought.

Fif: Yaay! I win, I win! Hehe, how about I take over being the leader from now on?
Seofon: Great idea! You can take over all my chores too!
Fif: Huh? Chores?
Seofon: Being a leader isn't all shining lights and glamor, you know. It can get pretty dull sometimes. But since you want the job...
Fif: N-nevermind! You can be leader.
Seofon: Haha! Anyhow, I can definitely see you're getting better at using your magic.
Seofon: You're thinking before you shoot and dodging more of my attacks. Looks like I can't let my guard down around you anymore.
Fif: Just a little bit more and maybe I can give the Five-Soul Staff back to (Captain)!
Seofon: That's all well and good, but be careful not to push yourself too hard, okay?
Seofon: But I'm sure you'll be fine. You're growing up so fast, Fif!
Fif: Yeah! I was practically a whole different person yesterday! Hehe!
Seofon casts a warm look over Fif as she holds her head high.
Fif continues to mature in skill, strength, and stature. Like a tender bud in early spring, she has only begun to blossom.

The Fif Element: Scene 7

Fif goes to meet Anre, master of the spear and cofounder of the Eternals. Fif explains her situation to Anre, and he accepts her request for help.

Fif goes to meet Anre, master of the spear and cofounder of the Eternals.
She tells him of the magical energy building up within her, and the staff she's borrowing to help control it.
Anre: I see... You wish to return the staff in a timely manner.
Fif: And I don't want (Captain) and everybody to keep worrying about me either.
Fif: It makes me feel really bad when I see everyone all sad because of me. So I'm going to get all better so they stop worrying!
Anre: You do this for your comrades. A noble cause.
Anre: I commend your desire to improve yourself. Allow me to assist you.
Fif: Thanks, Anre! I've never really talked to you much, but you're already onboard! That's really nice of you!
Anre: Nice, you say? I wonder about that.
Fif: Did you say something, Anre?
Anre: It's nothing. Now then. Let us begin.

The Fif Element: Scene 8

The sparring session ends, and Anre commends Fif on her magical prowess. He asks her never to lose her spark of life, and though Fif does not fully understand his words, she promises to always be herself.

Anre: From what Eahta has said of you, I would have expected no less. I have no doubt that even I will be no match for your power one day.
Fif: Hmm... I don't remember Grampy ever saying anything that great about me.
Anre: To be acknowledged by Eahta is a feat of immense proportion. That he considers you a sorceress at all is proof enough of your strength.
Anre: Having known him since you were but a baby, perhaps you might underestimate the gravity of such words.
Anre: The Eahta of old held no concern for anyone but himself.
Anre: But then he met you—that fearsome, magical maelstrom no older than a newborn babe. The journey of raising you changed him. It made him into the man he is today.
Anre: Perhaps your true power lies not in your magic, but in your innocence and naivete.
Fif: Umm... I don't really get it...
Anre: You needn't understand. Not now. I hope, however, that you never lose the spark of life that burns so bright in you, even as you pass into adulthood.
Fif: Okay! I promise! Whatever happens, I'll always be me!
Though she does not fully understand Anre's words, today's training session has made a lasting impression on Fif.
And as she grows into adulthood, Fif will find herself looking back on this very day time and time again.

The Fif Element: Scene 9

Fif visits her next sparring opponent, Seox. He refuses to help Fif at first but reluctantly agrees after Fif tries to remove his mask.

Fif searches for Seox, her next sparring partner.
Seox: ...
What do you want?
Fif: I'm training to get stronger!
Seox: And what does that have to do with me?
Fif: I've already gotten a lot of help from some of the other Eternals, so I figured I'd visit all of 'em! How about it?
Seox: Leave me out of your—
Seox: Ack!
Seox: G-get off me! N-n-not the mask! A-anything but my mask!
Fif: Grampy says you should look people in the eye when talking to them!
Seox: Okay, okay! I get it! I'll spar with you! Please, just get off me!
Fif: Aaah! Stop moving around so much, Seox! I can't get down!

The Fif Element: Scene 10

Seox isn't sure their sparring session helped Fif, citing an irreconcilable difference in their fighting styles. She replies that there is a lesson in everything—itself a lesson she learned from Eahta.

Fif: Whew... I-I won...
Seox: This won't happen again.
Seox: Our fighting styles are too different to begin with. I'm not sure if sparring with me actually helped you.
Fif: Oh no, it really did! Just like Grampy says, there's a lesson in everything!
Seox: I don't trust a word that old man says.
Fif: Hey! Grampy never lies!
Seox: Just because he isn't lying doesn't mean he speaks truth.
Seox: Go home. I've done my part.
Fif: Okay! Thanks! See ya!
Seox: Geez, that kid...
Satisfied with her training for the day, Fif returns to the Grandcypher.

The Fif Element: Scene 11

Next on Fif's list is Threo. Though she is worried for Fif's safety, Threo eventually agrees to fight her.

Next on Fif's Eternal training regimen is the feisty Threo.
Fif: Threo, Threo, Threo! You home? Threooo!
Threo: Huh? Why're you here, Fif?
Fif: Um, Threo, do you think you can help me out with my training?
Threo: Training? What do you want me to do? It better not be a pain in the butt!
Fif: I want you to go all out on me!
Threo: You sure? Things might get pretty dicey, and I wouldn't want to hurt you.
Fif: It's fine, it's fine! I'm stronger than I look, y'know!
Threo: All right! You asked for it!
Fif: Come and get it!

The Fif Element: Scene 12

Fif tries letting go of the staff after the battle, but a throbbing headache assaults her the moment she does. Fif continues strengthening her body, but the road in front of her is long and winding indeed.

Fif: Whew! That was a good workout! I think I'm stronger now! Don't you think so?
Threo: I dunno. We've never fought before this.
Fif: Oh yeah, you're right... Guess I'll just have to let go of the Five-Soul Staff and find out then! Staff... drop!
Fif: Ugh, ugh, uugh...
Fif: Urgh.... My head... It doesn't hurt as bad as before, but it still hurts pretty bad...
Threo: Y-you okay? You don't look too good.
Fif: I sure don't...
Fif continues strengthening her body to withstand the magical energies inside it.
However the road in front of her is long and winding indeed.

The Fif Element: Scene 13

After trading some pleasantries and explaining her situation, Fif asks Tweyen for help in her training regimen. Tweyen had hoped Fif simply wanted to play, but agrees to assist Fif anyway.

Fif next asks Tweyen to aid in her training regimen.
Fif: Heya there, Tweyen! How're you doing?
Tweyen: Oh, why hello, Fif. I'm good. How about you?
Fif: Well...
Tweyen: Are you here to play? How about we go out for some pancakes? I know this adorable restaurant we can go to.
Fif: Yay, pancakes! Wait, no, I can't... I need to ask you a favor, Tweyen.
Tweyen: A request from you? That's a first... What do you want me to do?
Fif: I wanna get super-duper strong! So I need you to help me train!
Tweyen: I see. And here I thought you were going to ask me about clothes or makeup... I guess you're still a little young for that.
Fif: So... can you help me?
Tweyen: Hehe, I'd be glad to help. Promise me you won't hold back though. I want to see what you're really made of.
Fif: That's the idea! Now let's go!

The Fif Element: Scene 14

After the battle, Tweyen warns Fif to always keep her guard up and promises to treat Fif to some pancakes once her training is done.

Tweyen: I see... I was wondering why you wanted to get stronger so badly, but I never imagined it was because your magic was starting to hurt you.
Tweyen: Your powers just keep getting stronger. It must be hard keeping all that magical energy in check.
Here. Let me see your wound.
Fif: Don't worry about me! All I have to do is get stronger and it'll all be okay!
Fif: Not to mention I've got the Five-Soul Staff (Captain) lent me!
Tweyen: Hehe, happy-go-lucky as always, I see. You look like you're going to be all right from where I'm standing.
Tweyen: But be careful. Just because you feel okay in the moment doesn't mean you should let your guard down.
Fif: I'll be fine! Anyway thanks for helping me today, Tweyen!
Tweyen: Don't mention it. And after your training's done, how about we go out for those pancakes I mentioned? My treat.
Tweyen: It's a cute little shop, but I wouldn't want to go in all by my myself.
Fif: Really? Thanks, Tweyen! Pinky promise!
Tweyen: Hehe, I haven't done a pinky swear in ages. All right then... Cross my heart and hope to fly, shoot an arrow in the sky. Promised.
Fif: Yay! Thanks again! See you!
Waving blissfully, Fif seems a child just like any other.
Further growth awaits her. She continues working tirelessly to master the immense storm of magical power within.

The Fif Element: Scene 15

Fif searches for Niyon, the next Eternal to help her on her quest. Upon being discovered, however, Niyon runs away. When Fif finally catches up with her, Fif explains her situation and Niyon is left with no choice but to oblige her.

Fif searches for Niyon, the next Eternal to help her on her quest.
Fif: That's weird. I thought she was supposed to be around here. Hello? Niyon?
Niyon: ...
Fif: There you are!
Niyon: ...!
Fif: Hey, why're you running away?
Niyon: Because you're scaring me. What are you trying to accomplish?
Niyon: I've always liked the charming innocence of your melody. But sometimes you can be so simpleminded... it scares me.
Fif: Umm, I don't really understand, but... I wanted to ask if you could help me with my training.
Niyon: Training? Aren't you powerful enough?
Fif: Well, I used to think I was super awesome! But it looks like I might not be so great after all.
Fif: There's nothing worse than losing to yourself. So please! You've gotta help me!
Niyon: I see. I don't think there's anything wrong with losing to yourself. But then... my heart breaks all the time.
Niyon: But... very well. If I say no you'll just pester me anyway. And you're very scary when you're a pest.
Fif: All right! Thanks, Niyon! Okay, let's get started!

The Fif Element: Scene 16

After their training session, Niyon tells Fif that her melody's theme is getting clearer and wishes her well on her quest.

Niyon: I'm exhausted...
Fif: Thanks for helping me, Niyon! Think I've gotten stronger?
Niyon: Yes. Your melody's theme is getting clearer.
Niyon: In the past your melody had strong tones scattered randomly throughout it. That sense of unease is slowly fading away.
Fif: I guess that means I've gotten stronger?
Niyon: It does. Yours is a cheerful melody without the slightest hint of anguish.
Fif: I see! Great! I really am getting stronger!
Fif: I'm gonna be handing the Five-Soul Staff back to (Captain) in no time!
Niyon: Best of luck.
Niyon aids Fif on her quest to become stronger while expressing slight annoyance at her boisterous demeanor.
Slowly but surely, Fif inches closer to being able to withstand her powers.

The Fif Element: Scene 17

Fif has saved the best for last: Eahta, the man who may as well be her father. He is pleased to see how Fif has grown, and proceeds to fight her as an equal.

Fif's journey to gain control of the powers raging within her looks as if it is coming to an end.
She has saved the best for last: Eahta, the man who raised her from birth.
Fif: And that's the story! Help me train, Grampy Eahta!
Eahta: Hahaha! You seek refinement of the self. How the rambunctious newborn matures.
Fif: Humph! I told you I'm not a baby anymore! I can think for myself and make my own choices now!
Eahta: You have grown indeed, child. At times you display maturity far beyond that of your peers.
Eahta: If power is what you seek, reproach you I shall not. We will fight as equals.
Fif: Yeah! Don't go easy on me! Give me some real practice, Grampy!
Eahta: Then my blades shall show no mercy. Learn from them well.
Eahta: Let us begin!

The Fif Element: Scene 18

Fif snatches a narrow victory from Eahta and collapses to her knees, letting the Five-Soul Staff slip from her grasp. To her amazement, she feels completely fine without it.

Fif: I... I won!
Fif snatches a narrow victory and collapses to her knees, letting the Five-Soul Staff slip from her grasp.
Fif: Oh no, I dropped it! I hope it's—
Huh? Hey, my head doesn't hurt...
Fif: Yes! I did it! I'm the superest, duperest, most magical magic user ever!
Eahta: Pride begets the fall, Fif. Never forget that.
Fif: Yes, Grampa Eahtaaa... But you're right. I used to think I was the strongest in the sky. Now I know I'm not.
Eahta: Reaching the pinnacle is but the beginning. The greater your strength, the more clouded the path ahead becomes.
Eahta: One may take pause, or one may press on; all is well, for that is one's own life.
Fif: Hmm... Just sitting around sounds boring. I wanna have fun!
Eahta: Then wander. Find what you seek. Or do neither. Such is the nature of choice.
Fif: Whew! Well, I'm pooped! Can we go get some ice cream, Grampy?
Fif's smile shines like innocence itself as she tugs Eahta forward by the hand.
Her smile radiates with the relief and confidence that can only come from emerging victorious against herself.