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Attention Lover

(Captain) and the crew hear a warning from an old man in the village that they shouldn't go into the mountains, but hasten to do so anyway. There, they fall prey to a bizarre phenomenon, and notice that Vyrn and Lyria are nowhere to be seen. Vyrn and Lyria, who have got lost, run into a mysterious young boy called Flesselles, and safely regroup with the others. Flesselles rushes back to the crew when the party call out to stop him leaving, and with eyes glistening with tears tells the party the story of his circumstances and loneliness.

(Captain) and the crew have stopped at a small village while dealing with a request.
To finish the request quickly, they promptly turn to take their leave, but then…
Village Chief: Wait, you can't go into the mountains…
Vyrn: What?
Lyria: Erm… Why shouldn't we go into the mountains, chief?
Village Chief: Why shouldn't you… why shouldn't you, hmmm… The mountain gods are unbound! So you cant go, you cant go…
Katalina: I'm sorry, chief. Thankyou for your advice, but we must get back to our airship as soon as possible.
Saying this, (Captain) and the crew bid the chief a light nod of recognition, and take the shortest route into the mountains.
With the meaningful words of the village chief weighing on their minds, the crew hurry back to the road.
However, while they are walking, Rackam is the first to notice something seems strange.
Rackam: Hey, isn't this strange. This place looks just like the place we were a second ago… It's like we're going round in circles.
Eugen: I was thinking the same… Katarina, are we lost perchance?
Katalina: I don't think so… This is the same road we followed to get here, and we didn't get lost then.
Rackam: Hehe, but, what about the mountain gods' curse that old geezer in the village mentioned?
Katalina: Hmm, it's pathetic. Nothing but superstition.
Katalina: You think so too, don't you, Lyria? … Lyria? Where are Lyria and Vyrn!
Vyrn and Lyria who have lost sight of (Captain) and the crew, are wandering helplessly around the mountains.
Lyria: Oooo, oh-nooo… Vyrn, what should we do?
Vyrn: Stop your worrying… hey now… what do you think the animal bones driven into this tree mean?
Lyria: Eek, it means it's scary! It's definitely a curse, a black magic curse!
Vyrn: Hey now… what's this big pile of pebbles?
Lyria: Eeeeek, it's scary! It's definitely a grave, they're everywhere!
Vyrn: Hey now, Lyria… what do you think that creepy howl we heard a while ago came from?
Lyria: Eeeeeeeeek! Ghosts! The ghosts of the mountain gods!
Vyrn: Lyria, take this seriously! It is no time for jokes! You always?
Suddenly, mid-sentence, a large shadow swooped down on Vyrn from a nearby thicket.
Vyrn: Ahhh!
Lyria: Eeeeek!
Lyria: EEEYAAAA! It's a ghost!!! Are you a ghost?
???: Arrrrh! A girl! Are you really a girl?
Lyria: Huh?
???: Huh?
Lyria: Maybe, you're… not a ghost?
Flesselles: No, no I'm not! I am Flesselles! I'm a roaming hunter that wanders the mountains.
Camaro: Bow-wow!
Vyrn: Heeheehee, quit it! Quit licking me… Hey, not the tail!
Camaro: Bow-wow! (Slobber slobber slobber)
Hearing the hound's bark, (Captain) and the crew finally rejoin with Lyria and the others.
They boy the crew met identifies himself as Flesselles, and begins vibrantly talking to the crew, eyes shining with enthusiasm.
Flesselles: Hehehe, I'm a ghost? You do think some really funny things, Lyria.
Lyria: I'm sorry… There were trees with bones in them everywhere, it seemed like a scary curse.
Flesselles: Hehehe, that's no curse. Right now it's hunting season in the mountains, the bones are kind of a marker for danger.
Lyria: I-I see… And what about the pebble graves?
Flesselles: Hehehe, they're not graves. They're a sign that tells my buddies that this is my hunting area.
Lyria: A-and… Erm, what about the ghostly wails?
Flesselles: Hahaha! They're nothing bad. Just my partner, Camaro!
Camaro: Bow-wow! (Slobber slobber slobber)
Vyrn: Eheeheehee, hey! Heeey! Quit it with the licking! That tickles!
Flesselles: Hehehe, it's always good to make new friends! Camaro seems to have taken a liking to Vyrn too!
Katalina: Errm, so what you're saying is the mountain gods?
Flesselles: Are me.
Flesselles: We mountain Erune have been known to the villagers as "mountain hunters" since forever, but…
Flesselles: … it has been mispronounced and corrupted of late and become "mountain gods."
Katalina: Hmmm, if that's the case… that old chief is going to be a hard guy to convince…
Eugen: Haha, he's probably fine as he is. And now that we know the truth, we can hurry up and get the hell over these mountains.
As if in response to Eugen's shout, (Captain) and the crew rise, and begin o climb the mountain once more.
Lyria: Right, let's get going!
Flesselles, Camaro, bye byeee!
Flesselles: Haha! See ya!
Camaro: Bow-wow! (Slobber slobber slobber)
Vyrn: Eheehee, hey I got an idea. Why don't you two come with us!
Flesselles: Huh, why are you asking me that? I'm not lonely or anything. But I guess if you want to, let's talk some more!
Vyrn: What the… When did that guy suddenly become Mr. Lonely?
Lyria: Heehee, what's up? Are you a wheedling kid, Flesselles?
Hearing Lyria's innocent tease, Flesselles looks into the distance, and with eyes filled with tears begins to tell a story.
Flesselles: We're from an archer tribe, you see. There, when you become an adult, you leave your family and live alone in the mountains.
Flesselles: But I get lonely easily, so that lifestyle is no good for me. All I think about is my family…
Flesselles: And then, you guys came along, chatting and laughing… it reminded me of my parents…
Flesselles: (Sob sob sob) I'm so lonely… Father… Mother… (Sob sob sob sob)
Vyrn: Welp, I guess there's only one thing to do. Let's help him, (Captain)… Can he come along with us?
Lyria: Huh, Vyrn? Are you feeling OK? You just asked somebody politely for a favor…
Vyrn: Yeah, after seeing this guy, I cant just leave him here…
Camaro: Bow-wow! (Slobber slobber slobber)
Vyrn: Ehehehee, I wasn't talking about you! Heeheheheheee, q-quit it!
  1. I do want to hear more of your stories.
  2. Vyrn doesn't often have this good of a choice in friends.

Choose: I do want to hear more of your stories.
Flesselles: Huh, it's OK? I know all sorts of stuff about the mountains! I can tell you everything you want to know!
Vyrn: Hehheh, we'll look forward to that wont we, (Captain)?
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Choose: Vyrn doesn't often have this good of a choice in friends.
Flesselles: Oh thank you Camarooooo! It's all thanks to you that we get to go with everybody!
Camaro: Bow-wow!
Continue 1
Lyria: Hehe, yay! You wont be lonely any more!
Despite coming from a hunting tribe that lives in the mountains, Flesselles doesn't cope well with solitude.
He seems helpless, but, he isn't actually just a lonely kid.
But as to what scrapes this mysterious archer helps the crew out of… That's a story for another time.