Scenario:Fraux - Silhouette Lost in the Light

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Silhouette Lost in the Light

Standing over the battlefield once again, Fraux incinerates a monster that draws too close. She thinks back to how she was once hated for her blinding brilliance, and how she only had a single voice of support. But she soon brushes that aside and smiles again.

Fraux: Yes. Things are looking good this time, too.
Fraux is once again looking out over the battlefield from a secluded plateau.
Fraux: Getting (Captain) to serve as a pawn in the simulation was a real lifesaver.
Fraux: We've amassed quite a bit of data. I wonder how many more times we have left to run though.
Fraux: But on that note...
Fraux places a finger on the red stone around her neck.
Fraux: I thought the awakening would be drawing near, but I haven't been able to hear your voice lately.
Fraux: Hm?
Monster: Groooar!
Fraux: Oh? Found your way off the battlefield, did you?
Fraux seems entirely unfazed as the monster charges at her.
Monster: Groooar!
Fraux: Heh.
An eruption of light ensues. When it dims, all that's left of the monster is charred ash.
Fraux: Sorry, but I've decided to stop holding back.
Fraux: And now... no one can challenge me.
Fraux: Not with this power...
Woman 1: What's wrong with her? She thinks she's better than us just because she's pretty?
Man 1: A lot of nerve coming from her!
Woman 2: If she wasn't here, everything would've gone over just fine!
Man 2: We have so many people here. Surely one of us can calm her down?
Man 3: Heh heh heh... Let me try to comfort her first.
Mother: I fear there's nothing we can do. She's out of control, and I'm scared...
Father: It's fine, dear... Just let her go.
Fraux was born with a light inside her, but its blinding brilliance was too much to control.
Her power was too strong, and her light too radiant. In their wake was born a black, ugly shadow.
Fraux: You don't have to understand. You don't have to love me. But still...
Fraux: I... I still love everyone so much.
Fraux: From the bottom of my heart...
???: It's okay, Fraux. Just seeing you smile makes me happy.
Fraux: Thanks. You're the only one who understands me...
Fraux: Heh heh.
Fraux: Brings back memories, doesn't it?
Fraux opens her eyes and smiles her usual smile.