Scenario:Galadar - More Stubborn than Steel

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More Stubborn than Steel

According to Galadar, the weapons that he has made are like children to him. He says that he is collecting them because they are items that he made when he was inexperienced, and that it is his responsibility to keep them out of other peoples’ hands. He explains that some of the Galadar Crudes are made of forbidden materials, some with the power to attract monsters from afar. (Captain) and the crew wonder if the Galadar Crude they bought recently is dangerous, and as if on cue, monsters appear and attack!

A refreshing breeze blew across the ship as Galadar polished his weapons lovingly, in high spirits.
Lyria and Vyrn were watching him with great interest.
Lyria: Wow… Mr. Galadar really loves his weapons, doesn't he?
Vyrn: Word. It's as if he's taking care of a child!
Galadar: A child? Bahahaha! I see what yer sayin' there, laddie!
Galadar: The weapons I make are like children to me!
Galadar: So I feel the same responsibility as a father to them!
Lyria: Are those the Galadar Crudes that you were talking about before?
Galadar: Aye. I'm collecting them to preserve my pride as a craftsman.
Lyria: Hmmm… I wonder if that's the only reason…
Galadar: Huh? Whaddaya mean?
Lyria: Oh, I didn't mean anything by it… It's just that I thought that maybe it's not just your pride that makes you want them…
Galadar: Bahahaha! There's no getting' past you, lassie!
Galadar: The truth is, when I made the Galadar Crudes, I used materials that ya wouldn't normally use… as practice, ya know?
Vyrn: Hmmm… What kind of "materials you wouldn't normally use"?
Galadar: Well… for example…
Galadar: Sinister blood-crystals formed from the fossilized remains of monsters, or…
Galadar: Strange ores mined from meteorites…
Galadar: Stuff that the master craftsman that taught me told me never to use in a weapon, basically.
Vyrn: Whoa… I don't really know much about it, but aren't those materials super dangerous?
Galadar: Bahahaha! Well, not all of them, but yeah, some of them could bring about a great catastrophe if yer not careful!
Lyria: Catastrophe? What kind of catastrophe?
Galadar: There are lots of different types… but the most common effects are ones that attract monsters to the holder.
Vyrn: That's a bit dangerous!
Galadar: Aye… Which is why I'm goin' around finding them! I have a responsibility to collect 'em all!
Lyria: Huh? Wait a second… Didn't we recently buy an axe that was a Galadar Crude?
Monster: Grararrrgh!
Vyrn: Eek! It really did attract monsters!

More Stubborn than Steel: Scene 2

Galadar offers to fix the faulty weapon that may be attracting monsters. The crew follow him to a workshop, but his apprentice who works there says that the forge isn’t working. Just as Galadar takes a look at the forge, monsters jump out and attack them!

Monsters appeared out of nowhere just as Galadar was telling the crew about weapons that could "bring about a great catastrophe."
Lyria was perturbed about the perfect timing of the monsters' appearance.
Lyria: That… that was just a coincidence, right? We've been carrying this axe for ages…
Vyrn: Well… We seem to get attacked by monsters when we're on the ship a whole lot, right?
Lyria: Err… I don't think so…
Galadar: Bahahaha! If it's causin' ya problems, shall I fix it for ya?
Lyria: Woah, you can do that?
Galadar: Luckily, there should be a workshop owned by one of ma apprentices around these parts!
Galadar: If we head there and collect the right materials, I'll have this problem solved in no time! Bahahaha!
Apprentice: Boss! Long time no see!
Galadar: Bahahaha! You're just as lively as ever!
Galadar: Sorry ta have tae ask, but could I borrow yer forge for a wee bit?
Apprentice: My… forge?
Galadar: Hey, where did the liveliness go? It's yer one redeeming feature, ya know!
Apprentice: Erm… well, could you take a look at it, boss?
The apprentice showed the crew to a beautiful forge at the back of the workshop.
Galadar: Hey, the fire in this furnace isn't lit!
Apprentice: Well, you see… I've been out of town, collecting crafting materials, and I only got back recently…
Galadar: What a lousy excuse. The fire in the forge is our lifeblood as craftsmen! Let's get it going.
Apprentice: W-wait, boss! Please don't touch that!
Monster: Graaaaaargh!

More Stubborn than Steel: Scene 3

The crew look inside the forge which is nestled in the side of the mountain, but it seems to be connected to a monster nest. Galadar suddenly begins bashing his head into the walls of the cave, making cracks in the bedrock around them. As the crew try to run away before the cave collapses, monsters suddenly appear in front of them!

Galadar: You're a real idiot, boy! Those monsters made a nest inside the forge while you were gone!
Apprentice: I'm so sorry, boss… I've been so stupid, neglecting my duties like that…
Galadar: Bahahaha! Stop yer groveling! I told ya, didn't I? Yer liveliness is yer one redeeming feature!
Galadar: Don't sweat it. I'll get this mess sorted in no time!
Apprentice: Thank you so much, boss… I'm so glad you're here!
Vyrn: Woah! What's up with the inside of this forge?
Galadar: Bahahaha! Well noticed. This forge is special!
Galadar: It's been dug directly into the mountain. Sometimes these forges end up connecting to other caves…
Galadar: Of course! That's it!
Lyria: Huh? What did you realize, Galadar?
Galadar: The monsters didn't build a nest inside the forge! They just came out of their cave and then into the forge!
Vyrn: Hey, Galadar, are you okay? Why are you bashing your head against the walls?
Galadar: Huh, ma head?
Vyrn: Yes, your head! The thing at the end of your neck!
Galadar: Bahaha! I've got a head of steel, nothing to worry about!
Lyria: Erm… I feel like I've seen this before…
Lyria: Oh yes, Galadar said it! If you bash your head against a cave wall for long enough, it'll collapse!
Vyrn: Whaaa? Collapse?
Lyria: I have a really bad feeling about this…
Galadar: Bahahahaaa! Baaahahahaha!
Vyrn: Hey, stop doing that, Galadar! Stop it!
Vyrn: Woah! This is bad, let's get out of here!
Monster: Graaaaaargh!
Vyrn: This is not a good time for monsters to show up!

More Stubborn than Steel: Scene 4

The crew escape by a hair’s breadth from the monster nest. The tunnel collapses under the assault from Galadar’s “head of steel,” and the forge is sealed off from the nest, making the forge usable once more. Galadar repairs the faulty weapon that had been attracting monsters, and the crew are greatly impressed by the jolly blacksmith’s ability.

Lyria: (pant) (pant) Phew, we made it by the skin of our teeth!
Vyrn: (pant) …Galadar! I was nearly a Vyrn pancake back there!
But Galadar had already moved onto his next order of business…
Vyrn: Huh? What's he doing now?
Galadar: Ah'm puttin' the firewood and coal into the furnace, obviously!
Vyrn: Huh? Didn't you say that we can't use the forge because of the monsters in it?
Galadar: Don't worry, they aren't coming out anymore.
Vyrn: Not… coming out?
Galadar: Here, have a peek inside.
Vyrn peeked inside the forge, and a look of surprise crossed his face.
Vyrn: Ohhh! The cave inside the forge has collapsed and blocked the tunnel!
Galadar: Bahaha! Now ya'll be able to start smithin' again, laddie!
Apprentice: I'm sorry, boss… Thank you for helping me!
Katalina: So, you knew exactly what you were doing in that cave, Galadar!
Galadar: Bahahaha! Ya found me out! Every cave has its weaknesses!
Galadar: Bahahaa! Bahahahah!
And so the apprentice was able to start up his blacksmithing business again, and Lyria was able to get the faulty axe repaired.
(Captain) and the crew were constantly amazed at how good Galadar, the jolly blacksmith, was at his work…