Scenario:Galadar - Pride of a Craftsman

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Pride of a Craftsman

The party, their affairs in order, found themselves meeting a Draph by the name of Galadar.(Captain) had just acquired an axe. It turns out Galadar had made it in his younger years.But the party had seen the true value of the weapon that he had wished to take so dearly.Deeply impressed, Galadar said he would join them in their travels.

(Captain)'s party was at the KnickKnack Shack making arrangements for their journey.
The party prepared to leave with their new equipment. A voice from behind stopped them.
???: Hey, you...yeah, you with the lizard.
Vyrn: Quit calling me a lizard! And? You need something?
Galadar: Sure do. The name's Galadar. See you got yourselves a mighty fine axe, there. Mind if I take a look?
Vyrn: Sure... if looking is all you want to do. You okay with that, (Captain)?
Galadar: Sorry 'bout that. I'll give it right back...
Lyria: Wow...I don't it's good to have an axe that close to your face. What do you think he's looking for?
Galadar: Dahahaha! That's definitely the one!
Galadar: Who'dve thunk I'd see it in a place like this! Wonders never cease!
Vyrn: Wha-what's wrong?

What's your deal, man?

I don't see what's so funny...
Galadar: Dahahaha! No, no. It's just this situation.
Galadar: But I do have something I wanna mind handing over that axe?
  1. What? No.
  2. Why do you want it?

Choose: What? No.
Galadar: Dahahaha! Ah, but you won't even hear me out!
Galadar: 'sides...there's something I need it for.
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Why do you want it?
Galadar: Dahahaha! I'm sorry! Truly I am! I'm talking about handing things over and you don't even know why!
Galadar: I'll spill, but promise you won't laugh...
Continue 1
Galadar: That axe...I first laid eyes on it years and years ago. Made it, in fact.
Galadar: But seeing it's unfinished. Definitely not my best work.
Galadar: I mean, I got a reputation here.
Galadar: I'm trying to get back all of that half-baked junk I made back in the day. My pride's on the line, here.
Vyrn: Haha...thought you had a good set of eyes on you. Now I know why.
Lyria: Do you really need to take it?
Galadar: Don't worry. You won't lose any sleep. I'll whip up something nice to replace it.
Lyria: That's not what I'm worried about. It's doesn't seem that bad to me.
Galadar: Well how about that! You must be a hand and a half at smithing, eh?
Lyria: Not really. I don't know much about weapons or any of that stuff.
Lyria: But...I can feel that whoever made this put their heart and soul into it. I really can.
Galadar: Dahahaha! That's too rich!
Galadar: But heart and soul, eh. I did kind of go wild with it back then, y'know, to make up for my lack of skill...
Galadar: You know what? Go ahead and use it. If you're happy, I'm happy.
Vyrn: Leave it to us!

We've put this baby through its paces and it still hasn't chipped!

We'll take good care of it!
Galadar: Dahahaha! But I helped you, so you can help me! I've decided I'm going to travel with you.
Lyria: Wha? We're always glad to have more people...but why?
Galadar: Not everyday you meet someone who sees to the heart of a weapon! I think it'd be a real treat to travel with you.
Galadar: And I'll bet you find your share of fighting. That oughta keep me busy!
With a booming laugh shaking his great frame, the Draph craftsman joined (Captain)'s party.
Too many times the count, our heroes were saved by the fruits of his unparalleled skill.