Scenario:Galadar - Pride of a Craftsman

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Pride of a Craftsman

The crew meets Galadar, a Draph and famed craftsman. It turns out that an axe (Captain) just got was forged by Galadar in his younger years. Galadar claims the axe is subpar work and tries to take it back, but the crew argues that it's a fine weapon. The impressed Galadar offers to join the crew.

(Captain)'s crew is at the Knickknack Shack stocking up for their journey.
With new equipment in hand, the crew is about to leave when a voice from behind stops them.
???: Oi! Aye, you bairns with the lizard.
Vyrn: I ain't no lizard! You need something or what?
Galadar: Aye. The name's Galadar. Mind if I take a look at the axe you bought?
Vyrn: Sure... if looking is all you wanna do. You okay with that, (Captain)?
Galadar: Thanks a lot. I'll give it right back...
Lyria: Wow... I don't think it's good to have an axe that close to your face. What are you looking for?
Galadar: Bwahaha! This is definitely the one!
Galadar: Never thought I'd see it in a place like this! Wonders never cease!
Vyrn: What's your deal? I don't see what's so funny...
Galadar: I'm sorry, but this is hilarious from where I'm lookin'!
Galadar: And I have something I wanna ask... Could you see yer way to partin' with this axe?
  1. What? No.
  2. Why do you want it?

Choose: What? No.

Galadar: Bwahaha! Sounds like you don't even wanna hear me out!
Galadar: I do have a reason for askin', you know.
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Why do you want it?

Galadar: Bwahaha! Sorry! I sure don't blame you for not wantin' to hand weapons over to strangers who don't explain themselves!
Galadar: I'll tell you, but promise you won't laugh...

Continue 1

Galadar: Fact is, I actually forged that axe years ago. Back when I was young and new to the art.
Galadar: It looks more than a wee bit rough to me now. Definitely not my best work.
Galadar: I mean, I got a reputation as a skilled craftsman now.
Galadar: So I'm trying to get back all the half-baked junk I made back in the day. My pride's on the line here.
Vyrn: I thought you took an awfully critical look at that axe. Now I know why.
Lyria: But this axe... Do you really need to take it?
Galadar: Not for nothin' of course! I'll whip up something better to replace it.
Lyria: That's not what I'm worried about. It's just that this axe doesn't seem so bad.
Galadar: Well how about that! I didn't think it to look at you, but you must know your way around the forge, eh?
Lyria: Not really. I don't know much about weapons or any of that stuff.
Lyria: But I do know something about people, and I sense that whoever made this put their heart and soul into it.
Galadar: Bwahaha! That's the funniest thing I've heard all day!
Galadar: Heart and soul, you say? I was definitely into it back then, y'know, to make up for my lack of skill...
Galadar: You know what? Go ahead and use it. I bet the axe would prefer that to being melted down anyway!
Vyrn: That's right! This baby's already proven itself in battle, so you better believe we'll take good care of it.
Galadar: Bwahaha! And while we're talking about things useful in battle, what do you say to me joinin' your crew?
Lyria: Huh? I mean, we're always glad to have more people... but why?
Galadar: It's not every day you meet someone who sees to the heart of a weapon! I couldn't ask for better travelin' companions.
Galadar: And I'm thinkin' you didn't buy the axe just to cut down trees. I fancy you could keep a smith like me busy!
With a booming laugh shaking his great frame, the Draph craftsman joins (Captain)'s crew.
His unrivaled skill will benefit the crew greatly in the adventures to come.