Scenario:Galadar - The Skill of a Master

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The Skill of a Master

During a fight, Katalina's sword Rukalsa chips. Galadar says he needs a special ore to repair it, so the crew heads to a monster-infested mountain to find it.

After driving back a large pack of monsters, (Captain) and company have a chance to catch their breath.
Galadar: Oi! You lot better take care of your weapons after every battle.
Galadar: Swords and axes are more delicate than they look.
Vyrn: Got it! We'll be super careful! Right, (Captain)?
Katalina: Indeed. Speaking of which, I should take a look at my sword—
Katalina: Ahh! No! It can't be!
Vyrn: Are you okay, Katalina? You almost gave me a heart attack with that screaming!
Katalina: My sword... Rukalsa... has chipped...
Galadar: Bwahaha! I told you so!
Galadar: But weapons eventually break no matter what you do! Here, let me see it.
Galadar: Hm. This is nothin' to fret over. I'll reforge it for you right away.
Katalina: Really? Thank you!
Galadar: Bwahaha! Don't be thankin' me 'til I've done the work!
Galadar: I don't even have the materials to get started yet.
Vyrn: What happened? Why are you crouching down all of a sudden? Does your stomach hurt?
Galadar: You kiddin'? Draph stomachs can digest just about anything!
Galadar: I was just feelin' the earth here, and it's tellin' me we can find the ore I need in the mountains nearby.
Lyria: Wow! You can sense that just by touching the dirt?
Galadar: I wasn't lucky enough to be born in a place like Valtz where blacksmiths have it so easy.
Galadar: I lived with the earth and learned to understand it naturally.
Katalina: I see! That's good to hear... Then let's head to the mountains right away!
Katalina: Everybody ready? There have been a lot of reports of monsters there, but I won't let them stand in the way of repairing Rukalsa!

The Skill of a Master: Scene 2

As the crew proceeds through a cave in constant danger of collapsing due to Galadar's size, monsters appear.

Vyrn: This is such a cramped cave... I feel like I'm going to bash my head any second.
Galadar: Bwahaha! Just stick to the wall like the lizard you are! You'll be just fine.
Vyrn: I told you I ain't no lizard! But what about you? You seem to be bumping your head with every step.
Galadar: Bwahaha. Not to worry! My head's as hard as a rock!
Lyria: Um... But doesn't it hurt regardless?
Katalina: Hm? You know, I swear the cave shakes every time Galadar hits his head.
Galadar: Now that you mention it, small caves do tend to collapse around me. Wonder why.
Vyrn: It's obviously your fault, you big lug!
Vyrn: And of course monsters jump us while we're crawling around! Let's take care of them and get out of here!

The Skill of a Master: Scene 3

The crew safely obtains the ore. The skilled blacksmith Galadar fixes Rukalsa, much to the joy of Katalina, but he makes it a lot heavier to "strengthen" it.

(Captain) and company obtain the ore, and Galadar quickly repairs Rukalsa.
Katalina: Ugh... Galadar! What is the meaning of this?
Galadar: Hm? What do you mean?
Katalina: This weight! The chipped part is certainly fixed, but why's my sword so heavy?
Lyria: Katalina... If it's that heavy, why don't you put it down for a second?
Galadar: Bwahaha! You just don't get it, do you, lassie?
Galadar: Listen to me. Weight is power!
Galadar: The heavier your weapon, the better it is!
Katalina: That might be true, but you have to consider the person wielding it...
Galadar: Bwahaha! Just work out more!
Katalina: Ugh... I can't hold it any longer.
Vyrn: Whoa! Her sword plunged right into the ground!
Vyrn: Guess you better think carefully before asking Galadar to repair your weapons, huh, (Captain)?
In the end, Galadar ends up restoring Rukalsa's original weight so Katalina can wield it.
But he's always ready to pounce on any chance to power up someone's weapon by adding a bit of heft.