Scenario:Galadar - The Skill of a Master

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The Skill of a Master

During the fight, Katalina’s sword Rukalsa chips. Galadar says that to repair, they must use a special mineral. The party heads to the mountain with many monsters.

Pushing aside the large pack of monsters, (Captain) and party rest for a brief moment.
Galadar: Hey, you guys! Be sure to maintain your weapons after every battle!
Galadar: Swords and axes are more delicate than they seem.
Vyrn: You can count on me! We’re okay! Right, (Captain)?
Katalina: Yes. I should maintain my weapons...
Katalina: Ahh! It cannot be...
Vyrn: What happened?! What’s with the hysteric crying?
Katalina: ...! M-My sword... Rukalsa... is chipped...
Galadar: Bwahahaha! I told you so!
Galadar: Weapons will all break eventually! Here, let me see it.
Galadar: Hm. I can fix this no problem. I’ll reforge it for you right away.
Katalina: Really?! Thank you...!
Galadar: Bwahahaha! It’s a bit early for you to thank me!
Galadar: I don’t have the necessary materials right now...
Vyrn: W-What happened? Why are you crouching down all of a sudden? Does your stomach hurt?
Galadar: Bwahahaha! Draph stomachs must be weak!
Galadar: It’s not that... I was feeling the earth here. I’m sure we can get minerals in the mountain on the other side.
Lyria: Wow! You know that just by touching the dirt?
Galadar: I wasn’t fortunate enough to be born in a place like Valtz where it’s great for blacksmiths.
Galadar: When I lived with nature, I just learned it naturally!
Katalina: I see! That’s good to hear... Then let’s head to the mountain right away!
Katalina: Everybody ready?! The mountain has many monsters. I won’t allow you to interfere with the repair of Rukalsa!

The Skill of a Master: Scene 2

Monsters appear before the party as they pass through the collapsing cave with Galadar leading the party.

Vyrn: This is such a cramped cave... I’m going to bump my head a lot in here.
Galadar: Bwahahaha! You should just stick to the wall like a lizard and you’ll be fine!
Vyrn: I told you I'm not a damn lizard! What about you? You’re hitting your head everywhere. You okay?
Galadar: Bwahahaha! Not to worry! My head is tough!
Lyria: Um... No matter how tough your head is, wouldn’t it still hurt?
Katalina: Hm? Every time Galadar hits his head, the cave feels like it’s shaking.
Galadar: Now that you mention it, every time I enter small caves, they usually collapse. I have no idea why.
Vyrn: Hmm... I have a really strong feeling it's your fault.
Vyrn: Whoa! Monsters have the worst timing! Let’s take care of them and get out of here!

The Skill of a Master: Scene 3

(Captain) and party safely obtain the mineral. The skilled blacksmith Galadar fixes Rukalsa, much to the joy of Katalina. By Galadar’s policy, a harsh burden will be placed on Rukalsa.

(Captain) and company obtain the mineral and Galadar quickly begins repairing Rukalsa.
Katalina: Ugh... Galadar! W-What is the meaning of this?!
Galadar: Hm? What do you mean?
Katalina: T-This weight! The chipped part is certainly fixed... But why did it become this heavy?!
Lyria: Katalina... If it’s that heavy, why don’t you put it down for a second?
Galadar: Bwahahaha! You don’t know anything!
Galadar: Listen to me. Weight is power!
Galadar: The heavier your weapon, the better it is!
Katalina: But...! T-That may be true, but you have to be considerate of the person using it...
Galadar: Bwahahaha! Just work out more!
Katalina: Ahh...! W-We’re done for...
Vyrn: Whoa! Katalina’s sword is stuck in the ground!
Vyrn: Oh, no... Hey, (Captain). If you’re going to ask Galadar to fix the weapon, you have to be prepared.
In the end, they ask Galadar again to repair Katalina’s sword, which allows her to wield it once more.
But Galadar still waits for his chance to turn everyone’s weapon into a heavyweight version of itself.