Scenario:Gawain - A Trial of Compassion

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A Trial of Compassion

(Captain) and company heard about a magic stone that’s said to work on the curse cast on Gawain’s armor. They enter an ominous forest in search of the magic stone. A bizarre aura fills the area, and monsters attack them one after another.

If you want to dispel the curse, save people and change your arrogant ways.
A knight with cursed armor, Gawain, was with (Captain) and company for their journey.
They hear about a magic stone that is said to work on curses from a merchant they passed by. The company head into a dark forest in search of it.
Katalina: Ugh... The miasma here makes it difficult to breathe...
Lyria: That’s not all... I feel a bizarre magical presence, too...
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain). Do you think we can trust what that merchant said?
Vyrn: A magic stone that works on the armored guy’s cursed armor seems a bit... You know...
Rackam: It seems highly suspicious that some merchant passing by knows about the curse anyway.
Rackam: Maybe we should go to town and just help people to...
Gawain: You people need to know when to shut up.
Rackam: What...?!
Gawain: Are you afraid?Hmph... Coward. If you’re afraid, then go home. I’ll do this alone if I have to.
Rackam: Hey, look here!We’re worried about the curse placed on you...
Monster: Grrrr...!
Katalina: ...!There they are. Be careful. They are no ordinary monsters.
Gawain: Hmph... These monsters won’t even provide me a warm-up. I shall turn them into victims of my axe!

A Trial of Compassion: Scene 2

Filled with miasma, this ominous forest smells of danger. Though Gawain’s pride forces him forward even if that is alone. But the mana of the forest resonates with the curse of his armor, inflicting pain on Gawain.

Monster: Graaagh...
Katalina: Phew... Possibly because of the miasma, the monsters seem to be fiercer here.
Lyria: There’s something weird about this forest. It feels like it’s being distorted with mana...
Gawain: Hmph.
Vyrn: Hey wait, bro!
Rackam: Gawain, don’t go on your own. With all this miasma, who knows what waits for us ahead?
Gawain: If you don’t want to come, go home. I already told you that.
Rackam: Gah!Why are you like this?! Listen to what people tell you!
Rackam: I never said I didn’t want to go. I just said you should be careful because it's suspicious...
Gawain: Shut up! I am strong!I don’t need your worry... Ugh...
Vyrn: H-Hey! What’s wrong?!
Gawain: Nothing...!
Monster: Grrrr...
Katalina: Gah! Again...!Let’s go! Don’t let your guard down!

A Trial of Compassion: Scene 3

Feeling pain from the curse on the armor through the mana of the forest, Gawain still refuses help from (Captain) and company. (Captain) pleads to Gawain for him to trust his friends.

Gawain: Huff... Huff...
Vyrn: Hey, bro. You look pale...
Gawain: Gah...!
Katalina: Gawain?!Hey! Snap out of it!
Gawain: Urg... The curse...
Lyria: ...! Maybe the mana of the forest is affecting Gawain’s curse...
Katalina: Oh, no! It’s a trap!But how did that merchant know...?!
Monster: Grrrr...
Rackam: Tch! What horrible timing!
Gawain: Hey! Don’t mind me...!
Gawain: This... has nothing to do with you! Go away!
  1. I can’t do that.
  2. Trust in your friends.

Choose: I can’t do that.
Gawain: What...?!
Gawain: Why...? You have nothing to gain from helping me!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Trust in your friends.
Gawain: Trust...?You want to... help me?
Gawain: Impossible... You don’t stand to gain anything...
Continue 1
Katalina: Geez... I didn’t think you were this stupid. I’m not even mad. Just disappointed.
Gawain: Stupid...?!
Rackam: We help people because we want to. We don’t need any other reason.
Lyria: It’s okay. We’re strong. So you can believe in us.
Vyrn: Yeah! We’ll be here to support you!
Vyrn: Let’s go, (Captain)!Beat down the curse and the monsters!

A Trial of Compassion: Scene 4

(Captain) and party find a magic stone deep in the forest, but they still could not dispel Gawain’s curse. While being angered by the mage who placed the curse on him, Gawain thanked (Captain) and company for helping him.

Lyria: ...!The miasma and mana filling the forest is dispersing...!
Katalina: It seems that the danger has passed.
Vyrn: Oh! Hey!Isn’t this the magic stone they talked about?Hey, try touching it
Gawain: Y-Yeah...
Vyrn: Well?Did the curse disappear?
Gawain: It’s no good. Nothing changed.
Rackam: Gah! Damnit!I knew we were lied to!
Katalina: But why would that merchant try to trap us?
Gawain: It was only a little, but I felt the same aura from that merchant as the mage who placed the curse on me. Maybe he was testing me...
Gawain: Damnit!He made a fool out of me!
Rackam: That’s all the more reason to dispel the curse and show him up.
Vyrn: That's right!We’ll show him who’s boss!
Katalina: Hey, this is the mage who defeated Gawain. He won’t easily be...
Gawain: Hey...
Rackam: Hm?
Gawain: I thank you.
Katalina: ...!
Gawain: C-Come on! Let’s go!We’re going to town to help people in need.
Gawain: Unlike you people, I don’t have time to play around.
Vyrn: He’s not honest with himself... I wonder when he’ll get rid of that curse on him.
Lyria: But it feels like...
Vyrn: Hm? What’s wrong?
Lyria: No, nothing. Let's go!It’s time to help people!
On the one hand he strives for his unfinished dream. On the other, he tries to dispel the curse. While helping those they can, the party’s journey continues
The party senses a watchful eye when the effect of the curse is softened a little.