Scenario:Gawain - Showdown with the Curse

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Showdown with the Curse

Gawain carries an old woman who was injured during an accident at the mountains. On their way to the village, the crew notes a certain kindness about Gawain, even if he is as foulmouthed as ever.

One day, an accident befalls a stagecoach headed toward a mountain village.
(Captain) and company pass by and decide to help the people stranded there with the broken carriage.
As they escort the people to the village, Gawain carries an old woman injured during the accident.
Gawain: Cripes, why am I stuck doing this?
Old Woman: I'm sorry to be a burden, young man...
Gawain: Heh, if you're really feeling sorry, then don't waste your breath talking.
Gawain: It's only more trouble for me if you pass out from exhaustion.
Old Woman: Why, thank you...
Gawain: Tch, what's keeping you guys? Hurry up already!
Rackam: Geez. Arrogant as ever, eh?
Katalina: I think he's much better now than when we first met him though.
Vyrn: That's true! Sure, he still complains a lot, but at least he's focused on helping people!
Gawain: Enough! I'm only doing this to break the curse.
Gawain: Like hell I'd be doing this if it weren't for that!
Vyrn: Hehe! Yeah, yeah, we know.
Gawain: Are you mocking me?
Katalina: Let's simmer down, everyone. Escorting the villagers to safety comes first.
Gawain: Humph... Hm?
Gawain senses monsters approaching.
Monster: Groar!
Gawain: See what happens when you guys keep yappin'?
The irked Gawain gently lets the woman down.
Gawain: Stay behind me and do not come out if you want to live!

Showdown with the Curse: Scene 2

When the crew escorts the villagers back safely, Gawain finds he can now remove his gauntlets—but only his gauntlets. He hears the voice of the sorceress who placed a curse on him asking him to come find her at the Duchy of Dalmore.

Having wiped out the monsters, the crew safely escorts the villagers to the mountain village.
Villager: Thank you so much, everyone. What can we do to repay you?
Rackam: No, no, it's okay! We're just glad you're safe.
Gawain: Don't even bother. It's not like you'd be able to do anything for us at a shabby ol' village like this anyway.
Katalina: Ah, I apologize for his brash language. Please don't take it personally.
Old Woman: Heheh, I know he's really kind at heart.
Gawain: You're free to think of me as you will. Just don't go pushing it on me.
Gawain: If you've got energy for yappin', then save it for your injuries.
Old Woman: Hehe, you're too kind.
(Captain) and company look on with smiles at the boorish, but caring Gawain.
Gawain: What are you looking at?
Lyria: Ah, sorry, Gawain! We're not trying to make you mad!
Rackam: Jeez, take it easy already.
Anyway, where can we find a tavern around here?
Villager: There's a tavern right this way, sir!
Rackam: All right, let's rest up there then. You're coming along, right Gawain?
Gawain: Humph...
Hesitant to follow the crew to the tavern, Gawain sighs and gives in.
As he takes a step forward, his armor suddenly feels different.
Noticing how lightweight his armor now feels, Gawain tries to take off his gauntlets.
Gawain: Huh?
The gauntlets, which had always clung to his arms like ivy, come right off.
Gawain: Has the curse... been lifted?
Feeling hopeful, Gawain tries to remove his armor, but nothing more than the gauntlets come off.
Gawain: What's happening to me? It doesn't seem like the curse has been broken.
Gawain is further confused when the fleeting voice of a woman resounds in his head.
???: (Congratulations. Your gauntlets are off. Looks like you've been building up the good deeds as I instructed.)
Gawain: That voice... It's you!
Gawain vividly remembers the voice of the sorceress responsible for placing the curse on his armor.
Sorceress: (Don't yell. It'll only draw unnecessary attention. Besides, I can hear your thoughts just fine.)
Gawain: (What do you want?)
Sorceress: (No need to be alarmed. I only came to tell you that you might be able to break the curse.)
Gawain: (Do you take me for a fool? Break this curse now!)
Sorceress: (I must make physical contact with you to remove the curse.)
Sorceress: (Meet me at the Duchy of Dalmore, where you once lost to me.)
The voice fades away.
Gawain: Humph, the Duchy of Dalmore...
Concerned about Gawain, Lyria and (Captain) walk out of the tavern.
Lyria: Is everything okay, Gawain?
Gawain: It's none of your concern. Weren't you two taking a break inside?
Lyria: We were getting worried because you didn't show up.
Gawain: Heh, I don't need you to worry about me.
Lyria: But...
Gawain: Tch, we're going in. Stop sulkin' and start walkin'.
Lyria: Ah, okay!
Gawain accompanies them into the tavern.
The crew decides to stay the night in the village.
That night, Gawain walks out of the inn after making sure everyone else is asleep.
Gawain: They'd just get in the way. I have to do this alone.
Gawain sets out for the lands where he once experienced defeat to confront his past.

Showdown with the Curse: Scene 3

Gawain finds the sorceress waiting in a large, open room in Dalmore Castle; and as promised, has his curse removed. But not one to let bygones be bygones, he charges furiously after her.

Having left the crew behind, Gawain arrives at the Duchy of Dalmore.
Gawain: ...
Feeling awkward at the sight of the peaceful city streets, Gawain continues onward.
Citizen 1: Hey... Isn't that Gawain?
Citizen 2: What! Gawain has returned? Oh my...
The townspeople look on in fear at the sight of Gawain.
Citizen 1: Why has he returned?
Citizen 2: You expect me to know? What'll we do if he ends up staying?
Citizen 1: Please don't say that. I'd rather not think about it...
Gawain: ...
Gawain treads along, paying no heed to their intimidated voices.
Shortly after, Gawain arrives at Dalmore Castle.
The gatekeeper yelps in panic at the sight of Gawain.
Gatekeeper: G-G-Gawain, you've returned! I-I shall inform the king at once!
Gawain: Heh, I didn't come to see that old fool. I have some unfinished business to take care of.
Gatekeeper: Unfinished business?
Gawain: Tell everyone in the castle. If you want to live, stay the hell away from my room.
Gatekeeper: A-at once, sir!
After watching the gatekeeper run off, Gawain lets out an exasperated sigh.
Gawain: Well, time to go...
Gawain proceeds along the castle halls and opens a large set of double doors.
Standing inside is a masked sorceress with a mysterious air about her.
Sorceress: I've been waiting, Gawain.
Gawain: You got me good back then.
Sorceress: It was all a misunderstanding. I came to the Duchy of Dalmore merely for sightseeing.
Sorceress: It was you who pointed your weapon at me for sport.
Gawain: You set those traps to take me down, yet you call yourself a tourist?
Gawain: But enough about the past! Free me of this wretched curse already!
Sorceress: As prideful and arrogant as ever even with your restraints. Perhaps that's what makes you who you are.
Gawain: Cut the crap already!
Sorceress: Calm down. I'll remove the curse now.
The sorceress approaches Gawain and touches his armor.
Gawain immediately tries to strip himself of the armor.
Gawain: Hah, looks like I'm finally free of the curse.
Sorceress: I keep my promises.
Well then, I'll be off now...
Gawain: Ha, haha, bwahahaha! I've waited long enough for this moment!
Sorceress: !
Gawain pulls out his axe and strikes her down in an instant.
The sorceress goes crashing to the ground with a loud splash.
Gawain: Did you really think I would forgive you? Like hell I would!
Gawain: That's what you get for placing that damn curse on me!
Sorceress' Voice: Then consider this retribution.
She vanishes, only to be replaced by numerous magic circles scattered across the room.
A huge swarm of familiars rise from the magic circles and rush Gawain.
Familiar: Gwaaaaar!
Gawain: Heh, looks like you had this room booby-trapped after all. Why don't you take me head-on, sorceress scum!
Sorceress' Voice: You had such potential, Gawain. It's a real shame.
Gawain: Yeah! It's a shame I didn't get to cut you down, all right!
Gawain: Just you wait! You're next after I take out these familiars!

Showdown with the Curse: Scene 4

Gawain swings his axe wildly, but stands no chance against a sorceress with no physical form. She places an even stronger curse on him, and urges him to learn of the warmth in people's hearts to break the curse.

Gawain: Raaah!
Familiar: Skree!
Gawain: Hah, is that all you've got?
The sorceress's voice echoes across the room in response.
Sorceress' Voice: You truly are a fearsome one, hero of Dalmore.
Gawain: You impudent. Do not call me by that name!
Sorceress' Voice: Oh? I'm only trying to stroke your ego.
Sorceress' Voice: You've used your monstrous strength to save your country countless times and coerced the Wales Family into an alliance.
Sorceress' Voice: Doing so brought everlasting peace to the country, as no one would dare make an enemy of you or the Wales Family.
Sorceress' Voice: Make no mistake, Gawain. You are a true hero.
Gawain: Shut your trap, damn it!
Gawain swings his axe in a crazed frenzy.
His wild swings tear the air, from which the sorceress manifests.
Sorceress: ...
Gawain: This is the end!
Gawain immediately swings his axe again, but the sorceress just as quickly disperses into a misty shadow that wraps around him.
Gawain: Ugh, cough... Curse you...
Sorceress' Voice: This feels like deja vu. Have you learned nothing since we last fought?
Gawain: Silence! You're not going to beat me again!
Gawain musters all of his strength and tries to shake off the shadow.
Gawain: Huff... Huff... Ugh!
Sorceress: Hm, I might have to take that back. To think you've learned to break my spell through power alone.
Gawain: Huff... Puff! This ain't over yet...
Staggering, Gawain tries to lunge at the sorceress but merely trips and falls.
Gawain: Unh, damn it! I can still fight!
Sorceress: No, it's over.
The sorceress places her hand on Gawain's head, after which he finds himself completely immobilized.
Gawain: Ergh...
Sorceress: I have but one question, Gawain.
Why did you come alone?
Gawain: They'd just get in the way if I brought them!
Sorceress: No, Gawain. That's not true.
Gawain: What would you know?
Sorceress: I'm sure you can feel it now, Gawain.
Gawain: I've had enough of your drivel! Get the hell away from me!
Sorceress: ...
Sighing in pity, she rubs Gawain's armor.
Gawain writhes in agony as his armor begins to shine.
Gawain: Ungh, no! You... can't...
Sorceress: I've placed the curse on you again. Only this time, it is considerably stronger and will not be broken through good deeds alone.
Sorceress: Only when you've come to understand the warmth in people will this curse come off, Gawain.
With that, the sorceress vanishes into thin air.
Gawain: The warmth in people? Humph...
Gawain: Why! Why must you obsess over me, of all people?
Gawain: Why?
Gawain screams at the top of his lungs, and quickly loses consciousness.
???: ...
Little does Gawain know that others were watching the entire time.