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Soldiers holding a grudge seize the opportunity to attack an injured Gawain. Meanwhile, a woman proclaiming to be the Court Sorceress of Dalmore appears before (Captain) and company.

Freed from his curse, Gawain once again engaged the sorceress in battle.
Unfortunately, having been defeated once more, an even stronger curse was placed on him.
Shortly after the sorceress leaves the scene, Gawain awakes from slumber.
Gawain: Damn it...
Faced with the bitter sting of defeat, Gawain gets up and totters out of the room.
Meanwhile, (Captain) and company continue their search for Gawain, who had left without saying a word.
Rackam: Geez, where did he run off to now? We're not making any headway here.
Lyria: Is Gawain really gone for good?
A heaviness fills the air when no one feels confident to answer. Just then, (Captain) notices a dimensional rift opening in front of him.
Katalina: W-what is that?
As the crew stares at the rift, a woman wearing a mask slowly comes into view.
Sorceress: ...
Lyria: Yikes! Is that... a ghost?
Katalina: Who are you?
Sorceress: ...
The woman gently nods at the alarmed crew.
Sorceress: You must be the crew led by (Captain).
Katalina: How is it that you know (Captain)'s name?
Sorceress: Please settle down, everyone. I bear no ill will.
The woman quietly removes her mask and hood.
Florence: I am Florence, Court Sorceress of Dalmore. It's a pleasure to meet you.
Rackam: The pleasure is ours. So, what could a court sorceress possibly want with us?
Florence: I am here to both apologize and explain myself. And selfish as it may be, I also have a request to make.
Katalina: I still don't understand the situation. Can you tell us more?
Florence: That knight in red armor that you are all searching for?
Florence: I am the one who placed the curse on him. I am also his older sister.
Rackam: What! You're Gawain's sister? It's all coming together now!
Rackam: No, wait... Why would you place a curse on your own brother?
The voice of the confounded Rackam echoes through the forest.
Meanwhile, an injured Gawain limps out of the Duchy of Dalmore.
Gawain: Huff... Huff... Damn it!
Gawain: Don't talk to me about the warmth in people, you blasted sorceress!
Footsteps approach as Gawain agonizes over the turn of events.
Gawain: I'll only say this once: turn back now if you want to live.
Vengeful Soldier 1: We cannot turn back.
Vengeful Soldier 1: Your weakened state now is our chance for revenge.
Gawain: ...
Vengeful Soldier 2: You may not remember us...
Vengeful Soldier 2: But we'll never forget the terrible things you've done to us!
Vengeful Soldier 1: Prepare yourself!
Gawain: Mwahaha, pitiful fools.
Vengeful Soldier 1: What?
Gawain: Even with my injuries, you pathetic rabble won't be able to touch me.
Gawain: I'm feeling pissed, and you two are going to pay for it!

Sincerity: Scene 2

Florence reveals herself to be both Gawain's older sister and the one who placed a curse on him. After learning the truth behind Gawain's past, the crew runs to his rescue at the castle.

(Captain) and company stop by the inn to have a chat with Florence.
Rackam: We had no idea Gawain had a sister.
Vyrn: Yeah, come to think of it, he never did talk about himself much.
Florence: Is that so? I suppose he never told you he once led the knights of Dalmore?
Lyria: Yes, this is all new to us. Wow, so Gawain was an order leader.
Katalina: You mentioned a bit earlier that you placed a curse on him?
Florence: Yes, it's true.
Rackam: But why would you do that to your own brother?
Florence: I'm going to tell you everything. Please listen to my story.
Florence: What I'm about to say is very important—both to you, and to Gawain.
(Captain) nods in response.
Florence: I serve the Duchy of Dalmore, a small country often under attack from thieves and neighboring countries.
Florence: Fortunately, we have successfully fended them off every single time.
Rackam: Hm, the military might of Dalmore must really be something.
Florence: Yes, well, I can both confirm and deny that.
Vyrn: Huh, what does that mean?
Florence: Dalmore's military is actually quite weak.
Florence: But Gawain was always the antithesis of that.
Florence: Watching him take out hundreds of soldiers single-handedly inspired bravery in the rest of us.
Katalina: I knew he was strong, but I never imagined he could take on entire armies by himself.
Florence: Word of his military prowess spread across to other nations. Even high-ranking nobility, in fear of Gawain, would come to us with peace treaties.
Florence: That, is how Gawain brought everlasting peace to Dalmore.
Vyrn: Wow! Gawain is totally the hero of Dalmore!
Florence: Yes. However, many within Dalmore feared and even despised him.
Lyria: Why would people hate the hero that protected them?
Katalina: Was Gawain's personality the problem?
Florence: That's exactly it. Gawain's arrogance grew with every victory and every feat.
Florence: He began to act freely, taking advantage of all the respect and fear he commanded.
Florence: With all that he had done for the country, no one felt comfortable speaking up—not even the king.
Vyrn: It's really something when even the king is afraid to speak out...
Florence: Things may have turned out okay if he had just continued acting all high-and-mighty, but...
Florence: Having grown tired of the peace, he began to fight skyfarers and his own knights to pass the time.
Florence: The people of Dalmore bled and suffered under his cruel ways.
Florence: Any who spoke up would be purged by Gawain himself.
Katalina: That's no different from a tyrant.
Florence: Well, actually... Gawain is...
Florence: No, you're right. At least in the past, Gawain was definitely a tyrant.
Florence: One day, the king finally decided it was time to put him away.
Vyrn: Put him away? As in execution?
Florence: Yes, but I stood against it. I felt Dalmore still needed Gawain to prosper.
Florence: And despite how oppressive he may have been, he was still my dear little brother.
Lyria: Florence...
Florence: I pleaded with the king to reconsider his decision if I could make my brother change.
Florence: The king agreed.
Florence: I later disguised myself as a traveling sorceress, and with preparations in place, provoked Gawain.
Katalina: You must've figured he would respond in kind.
Florence: Yes, the prideful Gawain immediately swung his axe at me and thus began our battle. I came out victorious.
Florence: I proceeded to place a curse on him, admonishing him to perform acts of kindness outside of Dalmore, and to keep his arrogance in check.
Rackam: So the curse was meant to help him?
Florence: Yes. And just now, I placed an even stronger curse on his armor.
Vyrn: Huh?
Florence: I sensed that he had reflected upon his arrogance and regained part of his better self.
Florence: But he still fails to understand the warmth in people.
Florence: If he can come to grips with that, the curse will come apart at once.
Florence bows before the crew.
Florence: Please, teach him the warmth that people possess.
Florence: Considering how long you've traveled together, I'm sure you'd be able to get through to him. Please...
Rackam: Heh, you really care about your little brother, don't you? No need for formalities. We'll do it.
Vyrn: Leave it to us! He's our good friend after all!
Florence: Thank you so much, everyone!
Katalina: Hehe, no worries. It's the least we can do as his friends.
Katalina: Let's get back to Gawain now. Do you know where he might be, Florence?
Florence: Yes, I'll need a moment to sense his energy.
Florence closes her eyes in concentration.
Florence: I found him. He's in a forest near the Duchy of Dalmore.
Florence: Oh no! When did they notice? I must get to Gawain at once!
Florence suddenly vanishes.
Rackam: Whoa, what was that all about?
Vyrn: Whatever happened just now can't be good.
Katalina: The forest near Dalmore is close. Let's hurry!
(Captain) nods and the crew takes off after Gawain.
Gawain: Raaah!
Vengeful Soldier 2: Unh, you monster! How are you still at full strength?
Vengeful Soldier 1: No, he's definitely weaker! Keep at it!
Gawain: Huff... Huff... You worthless scum dare to oppose me!
Vengeful Soldier 2: Ggrraaah!
The soldier's attack lands on Gawain's crimson armor with a metallic clang as Gawain loses balance.
Gawain: Ungh! Damn it, how could I.!
Vengeful Soldier 2: Hah, this is payback for everything! Your time's up!
Before the soldier can land the fatal blow, his sword is parried by another.
Gawain: I-It's you!
(Captain), having repelled the sword, gives the surprised Gawain a reassuring smile.
Katalina: Whew, that was a close one. It wasn't easy finding you.
Gawain: I never asked for your help! Get out of here, now!
Gawain: Ngh...
Gawain writhes in pain from shouting.
Rackam: Hey, take it easy now. It's okay to rely on us sometimes.
Gawain: Huh?
Katalina: I don't know if you've realized, but you've protected us countless times.
Vyrn: Sure, you did it to break free of your curse. But we're still here now thanks to everything you've done for us!
Lyria: So now it's our turn to protect you!
Gawain: Huh... (Did I really protect them?)
Florence: I have but one question, Gawain.
Why did you come alone?
Gawain: They'd just get in the way if I brought them!
Florence: No, Gawain. That's not true.
Gawain: What would you know?
Florence: I'm sure you can feel it now, Gawain.
Gawain: (The words of that wretched sorceress are coming back...)
Gawain: (What did she mean when she said I'd be able to feel it?)
Engulfed by the curse, Gawain begins to think.
With their eyes fixed on the crew, the soldiers ready their swords for battle.
Vengeful Soldier 2: Tch, who'd have thought Gawain would have allies...
Vengeful Soldier 1: Please fall back! We have no business with you!
Rackam: Hah, we're gonna stay right here. None of us is cowardly enough to throw a friend to the wolves.
(Captain) nods in agreement, and readies their sword.

Sincerity: Scene 3

When Gawain hears that the crew fights to protect him because they're friends, he gains newfound strength and ends up protecting (Captain).

Vengeful Soldier 2: Cripes... The reinforcements are taking too long!
Rackam: Hm, there's more of you?
Vengeful Soldier 2: Hah, it's not just us soldiers who want payback on this miserable wretch!
The enraged soldier lunges at Gawain, still unable to move.
(Captain) moves in to deflect the blade.
Gawain: Take them out now! Why are you guys holding back?
Gawain: Don't worry about me, you fools!
Rackam: Yup, yup, we're fools. There's no way we'd let you get caught up in it all.
Gawain: Why! Why would you go this far for me?
Katalina responds to the bewildered Gawain while fending off enemy attacks.
Katalina: Like we've been saying, it's because we're friends!
Gawain: Friends?
Gawain: You would consider me a friend? I...
Gawain: (Could it be that I've always wanted to protect my friends, and I've been doing so subconsciously?)
Gawain: (I came here alone seeking the sorceress... Was that my way of protecting them?)
Vengeful Soldier 2: Now!
Vyrn: Uh-oh! (Captain)!
The soldier strikes the second (Captain)'s attention is diverted to the confused Gawain.
Vengeful Soldier 2: Gah!
(Captain) is safe, thanks to Gawain getting back up to deflect the attack.
Rackam: How did you... I thought you were—
Gawain: Humph, I got tired of watching you weaklings fight.
Gawain: (Captain)! Did you really think you could protect me?
Gawain: Ridiculous! I'll be doing the protecting here! I always have, and I always will.
Gawain: I've got you covered, (Captain)!
Surprised at Gawain's refreshing new attitude, (Captain) is ready to reenter the battle.

Sincerity: Scene 4

The moment Gawain thanks the crew for everything they've done for him up until now, his curse is lifted and the mask comes apart. Gawain and Florence enjoy a long heart-to-heart talk, at the end of which he promises to one day come back a much better person—one that will truly benefit the Duchy of Dalmore.

With Gawain joining the fray, the crew makes short work of the soldiers.
Rackam: Whew, we finally took them out. But with all our talk about protecting Gawain...
Katalina: Gawain ended up protecting us instead. Thank you, Gawain.
Gawain: ...
Lyria: I just hope we didn't get in the way.
Gawain: No need for apologies. As for you all getting in the way... Ha, don't make me laugh.
Gawain: If you guys hadn't come, they would've wiped me out.
Gawain: Besides, I should be the one thanking you.
Gawain: So this is the warmth in people. Heh, you guys certainly have it in you.
The crew looks at the abashed Gawain in disbelief.
Rackam: Is everything okay, Gawain? Did you hurt your head back there?
Gawain: No, you dimwit! Are you mocking me?
Vyrn: There he is! That's definitely Gawain, all right!
Gawain: Heh, if you say so. I'm not so sure I'm the same though.
Lyria: Huh?
Gawain smiles slightly and turns to look at the crew.
Gawain: I want to thank you all. For bringing me along in your crew, and for everything that's happened so far. Really, thank you.
Something astonishing happens as soon as Gawain finishes thanking them.
Lyria: Gawain!
Gawain's mask detaches itself and falls to the ground.
Vyrn: Th-the mask! That means your curse...
Gawain: It's broken. Come with me. There's something I need to confirm.
The crew follows behind Gawain.
(Captain) and company arrive near the Duchy of Dalmore.
Soldier in Pain: Ngh, can't move...
Soldiers and thugs bound by magic all stand unable to move.
Gawain: This magic...
It's all coming together now.
Gawain: I'm going off for a bit, (Captain). There's something I need to settle alone.
Gawain continues toward the Duchy of Dalmore.
Gawain enters his own room to find a masked sorceress lying in wait.
Florence: Gawain, do you now see the warmth in people?
Gawain: Let's cut the act already, Florence.
Florence: ...
Florence removes her mask and hood.
Florence: So you knew, Gawain.
Gawain: I was too lost in anger and hate to realize it, but...
Gawain: You're the only sorceress who'd want anything to do with me.
Gawain: I appreciate you stopping those soldiers and thieves out there.
Florence: No. I deserve blame rather than thanks.
Florence: I was so focused on our battle I didn't realize the soldiers were watching us.
Florence: I apologize.
Gawain: Don't be sorry. My foolish arrogance got us into this mess in the first place.
Gawain: And I understand now. You placed the curse on me out of kindness.
Florence: Gawain...
Gawain looks at Florence apologetically.
Gawain: I want to apologize for my foolish behavior up to this point. I hope you can forgive me.
Gawain: I was so intoxicated with power I didn't care what people thought anymore and lost touch with their warmth.
Gawain: I've caused the people of this country, the king, and especially you, my dear sister, so much pain.
Gawain: Forgive me.
Florence sheds a tear at Gawain's sincerity.
Florence: You've really changed.
Florence: Gawain, this country needs you. You will always be its hero.
Florence: Although the soldiers revolted, I'm sure the king and the people of Dalmore will forgive you if they see how much you've changed.
Gawain: No, not yet.
Florence: But why...?
Gawain: I'm still crude in many ways. I can't guarantee I won't lose myself and cause trouble for the country again.
Gawain: Besides, my friends have done so much for me. It's only right that I repay their kindness.
Florence: I see... Then I only ask that you promise to return one day.
Gawain: Once I've become a man truly worthy of this country, I will be back.
Gawain: Thank you for everything, Florence. Until next time.
Gawain exits the room.
Florence: I'll always be waiting for you, Gawain. Stay safe.
Florence prays for her beloved brother's safety as he walks away.