Scenario:Gawain and Lennah - Curse These Curses!

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Curse These Curses!

A chance meeting brings Gawain and Lennah together to talk about their curses. Lennah says it's given her an appreciation for what many take for granted, while Gawain believes there's no upside whatsoever to their situation. Eventually he admits her words ring with a certain truth and starts to see his life in a different light.

Lennah is strolling around town one day when sounds of a quarrel enter earshot.
Lennah: Oh? And what do we have here?
Hooligan 1: Some fancy armor y' got there, bud. Bet you're loaded with gold. How 'bout I help take some of that weight off you?
Gawain: Begone. Why should I give coin to the likes of you?
Hooligan 2: Heh. Looks like this one's a little slow. Let's knock some sense into 'im!
Lennah: Now, now, boys. Let's all get along.
Lennah's wand traces a curve in the air and a strong wind follows. The men suddenly find themselves buried in a sea of flowers.
Gawain: Hm? Flowers? What's the meaning of this?
Lennah: Pretty, aren't they? Doesn't it just make you oh-so-happy?
Hooligan 1: What the? The heck are you doing!
Lennah: Oh, don't be angry. Try smiling instead!
Gawain: Wait, I recognize you... You're from my crew.
Lennah: That's right. And you should try smiling too, Gawain. It's good for you.
Hooligan 1: Tsk. Called your friend, did ya? This ain't worth it. C'mon, we're getting out of here.
Lennah: Aww. Going without saying goodbye? And here I thought we were friends.
Gawain: Stop right there, fools! Don't think I'll simply let this slide!
Lennah: That's right. You should shake hands and make up.
Gawain: What're you talking about? A beating is what they need! A beating!
Lennah: Now, now. Watch that temper, Gawain. You're scaring them. Here, just relaaax.
Hooligan 1: Yeeep! I... I can't move! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I'll apologize!
Lennah: Hehe. I'm glad you're seeing things my way. Now the two of you just need to shake!
Gawain: I'll never join hands with this filth!
Lennah: Gawain! No need to be shy. Let's put this all behind us.
When Lennah lays her hands on the ruffians, they stretch out their hands with unnatural obedience.
Gawain: Tsk...
A reluctant Gawain follows suit when Lennah takes his hand.
Lennah: There we go. Not so hard, is it?
Hooligan 2: Gods... Why do I gotta shake hands with this scum...
Gawain: I should be the one saying that!
Lennah: What's going on here? I thought we just made up? Maybe we need more flowers to help.
Hooligan 1: Eek! N-no, ma'am. No more flowers! We're sorry! Just let us go! Please!
Gawain: Tsk... Get out of my sight. As much as I hate you, I'm starting to hate these flowers even more.
Hooligan 1: Th-thank you.
Lennah: Hehe. Shy one, aren't you?
Gawain: Wait. Where are you going?
Lennah resumes her stroll as if nothing had happened.
Spreading flowers on the bleak scenery along the way, she is followed by the clanking of Gawain's armor.
Gawain: Just what were you trying to accomplish back there?
Lennah: Hmm? You mean the peacemaking?
Gawain: Yes, that. They were trying to pick a fight with me.
Gawain: I should have taught those two a lesson! Not given them handshakes!
Lennah: Mmm. You may be right. But you never know; maybe they had their reasons.
Gawain: Humph. Reasons? Why should I care? They should have left me out of it.
Lennah: Gawain. You've made peace with them and shaken on it. No need to hold a grudge.
The corners of Lennah's lips pull back into a gentle smile. And in the palm of her hand she makes a tiny flower bloom.
Lennah: Here you go. A brand new flower fresh off the Lennah!
Gawain: Wha...
The stunned Gawain receives the flower into his hands without thinking. He stands stock still, contemplating what had just transpired.
Lennah: Hehe. It suits you.
Gawain stares sidelong at Lennah as she goes about sprouting flowers by the wayside.
Gawain: Will you cut that out? This is a road, not a flower garden.
Lennah: Sorry, no can do. If I stop making flowers, I'll turn into a tree.
Gawain: Hm? A tree? Is that supposed to be funny?
Lennah: Hehe. True as true can be, I'm afraid. You've seen the branches on my arms, haven't you? Oh my, I think it just grew a little.
Lennah tells the story of how she contracted a curse that binds her to keep creating flowers, lest she be turned into a tree.
Ailed with a curse himself, Gawain starts to sympathize with her. Soon his temper subsides.
Gawain: Humph. You should have said so earlier. If that's the case, I'll suffer the sight of your flowers.
Lennah: I'm so glad you understand, Gawain. Thank you.
Gawain: Tsk. Don't be mistaken. This doesn't mean I have to like it. I simply know firsthand how terrible a curse can be.
Gawain tells of the sorceress who cursed his armor and condemned him to suffer until the curse is broken.
Lennah: Why, that sounds just awful. Bath time certainly can't be easy.
Gawain: It isn't. I have to sleep like this too. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to sleep in armor?
Lennah: For me I need to wake up throughout the night to make flowers. I haven't had a good, long sleep in ages.
Gawain: I know how you feel.
Lennah: Hehe. But I've gotten used to it. I've had it since I was a little girl, after all.
Gawain: Humph. I hate to admit it, but I've gotten used to my curse as well. I still want nothing but the spell broken though.
Lennah: Oh, yes. That certainly would be nice.
The two continue exchanging their everyday woes and inconveniences brought about by their curses.
Gawain finds a special kind of comradery in his new friend.
Gawain: So... what would happen if you ever do turn into a tree?
Lennah: Hmm, I guess I wouldn't be able to move anymore. Oh, and monsters would eat me. That won't be very nice either.
Gawain: What? So not only do you turn into a tree, but you die as well. That sounds far worse than my curse.
Lennah: Well, I don't know about that; we might be comparing apple trees to orange trees there. You're right though. Turning into a tree would spell the end for me.
Gawain: How can you be so nonchalant about all this? Your life is in constant danger!
Lennah: Hehe. It's a serious problem all right. But it's not all bad.
Lennah: Now I'm able to make lots and lots of flowers. Isn't it wonderful?
Gawain: Are you being serious? Has the constant threat of doom made you lose your mind?
Lennah: Hehe. Who can say? I certainly hope not.
Lennah puts a hand on her cheek and giggles. Gawain stares at that
never-changing smile and ventures a question.
Gawain: Don't you feel any despair at your situation?
Lennah: Hm? Despair?
Lennah gives a blank stare for a moment. Then, realizing the answer he's looking for, she narrows her eyes ever so slightly.
Lennah: It's true; there was a time I cried every day out of fear. For the first few years at least.
Lennah: But I knew crying wouldn't solve anything. The tears stopped eventually.
Gawain: Hm... You just... gave up?
Lennah: I didn't give it much thought at the time, but yes, perhaps I did.
Gawain: But why? Don't you want to find the one who did this to you? Take revenge?
Lennah: Hmm, perhaps. I honestly don't think it matters anymore.
Lennah: But I realized... While it's easy to wallow in sadness when misfortune strikes, it's even easier to just be happy.
Gawain: Hm? Wh-what do you mean?
Lennah: Hehe. Tears come unbidden when you're sad, but isn't it just so tiring? By the time you're done, your head hurts and your eyes are all puffy.
Lennah: But when you're happy, you smile. And when you smile, your heart starts to feel light and all your pains just fade away.
Lennah: Yes, my curse can be troublesome. Yes, it took a few things away from me. But I don't have to let it take my happiness.
Lennah: So you see... I don't think myself misfortunate at all.
Gawain: No, that's the very definition of misfortune. You're suffering more than others are. That's what the word means.
Lennah: Oh, so you regard yourself unfortunate then?
Gawain: Of course I do... Just look at all the humiliation I have to suffer.
Lennah: Is that so? You don't seem that unfortunate to me.
Gawain: Don't be absurd!
Gawain: I have a curse! I'm cursed! What part of that don't you understand?
Lennah: Hehe. I've never seen someone so eager to say they're miserable.
Gawain: Wha!
Lennah: You know what's great about my situation?
Lennah: I've learned to appreciate even the smallest things in life.
Lennah: And if I can help someone else appreciate that little bit of everyday happiness, that makes me all the happier.
Gawain: Fool's talk! How can that be happiness! Flowers can't bring happi—ngh!
Lennah: Are you all right? Where does it hurt?
Gawain: Ngh. Pay no mind. It's because of my curse. I'm used to it.
Gawain: Sigh... How can you say any good can come of this.
Lennah: Well, I'm sure there's something that we've realized that no one else has.
Gawain: Whatever that is, I don't know it. There is no silver lining in this, I assure you.
Gawain: This curse has done nothing but make me long for the everyday life I'd taken for granted.
Lennah: There you go! A silver lining if there ever was one!
Gawain: Humph. Maybe you're right. Maybe I have gained something from all this suffering.
Gawain: But if you think I can accept that someone can be happy in this state, that's another matter entirely.
Lennah: Are you saying I'm only pretending to be happy? Just putting on a brave face?
Gawain: No! That's not what I meant! It's just... well...
Gawain: Everyone feels a little bit of negativity toward their situation. Just admit it. It's okay to be a little selfish sometimes.
Lennah: Oh, selfish, you say?
Lennah: Hehe, how kind of you, Gawain. Seems there's a warm heart pumping all that hot blood.
Gawain: M-make no mistake! It's just because I can't stand seeing you act the way you do!
Lennah: Well then, because you're so kind, maybe I should indulge you with a selfish request.
Lennah: Get me a teacup. I hear (Captain) needs a new one.
Gawain: Sigh... This is what you call being selfish...
Gawain: Humph. You really are something.
Lennah and Gawain. Each with their own burden, each with their own way.
Having gained new insight into the life of a fellow curse-bearer, they each re-examine the lives they lead, and what they wish to make of it.