Scenario:Gayne - A Shy Dance

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A Shy Dance

A fight suddenly broke out at a rather crowded stall.With a series of graceful flourishes, the dancer had made short work of her opponent. She set her eyes on our heroes, mistaking them for friends of the fallen man.She told them of the partner she'd abandoned, a good-for-nothing skirt-chaser. She decided to join the Order in hopes of finding a better one.

(Captain)'s party arrived on an island, finding themselves in a bustling marketplace.
The party is having a grand old time. It seems as if each stall is better than the last. But the amiable atmosphere is soon broken by a voice. A voice that sounds rather irate.
Riffraff: Hehehe...It's fine by me. What's so wrong with me?
Gayne: Enough, already! There's nothing worse than a man who simply doesn't know when to call it quits!
Vyrn: Whoa! What's the deal? Are they fighting?
Riffraff: Whazzat? Here I was trying to be a nice guy...well no more o' that!
Vyrn: Whoa!

He's taking out his sword!

(Captain)! We gotta stop her!
Vyrn: Hey, guy! You'd better not lay a finger on he?
Riffraff: Nngh! Oooooowch!
Gayne: Are you done yet? How can you expect to fight me if you don't even understand my techniques?
Gayne: I'll give you my name, least. Come back when you're ready to put up a proper fight!
Vyrn: Not bad!

She's got some serious skills!

Who is she, d'you think?
Gayne: Gasp!
Gayne: And who are you lot? The shameless staring! Some would take that as harassment!
Vyrn: Er...I don't know what you were expecting flashing your sword around like that.
Gayne: Oh, be quiet! I'm quite done with excuses!
Gayne: Hold on...there's something quite off about you. Perhaps that man is a friend of yours...
Lyria: Wait! Wait just a minute! (Captain) is one of the good guys!
Gayne: Ack! A g-girl, of all people?!
Gayne: Wh-what...what on earth is going on?! What did they do to you?!
Vyrn: You got it...some things happened and, uh, (Captain) and Lyria kind of went in halfsies on a soul.
Gayne: I see...shared souls, flying lizards. Quite the fascinating tale...
Gayne: Hm...perhaps they're not the evil bunch I thought they were...
Vyrn: Er, lady...would you mind speaking up...
Gayne: Well that's that! (Captain)! Lyria! Er...Mr. Lizard!
Gayne: I beg you. My sword is ready! Join me!
Lyria: Buh?
Vyrn: What'd you say?! Hey, wait a minute! Why d'you gotta call me a lizard?!
Gayne: I couldn't have found a more perfect match!

Let us go.

We shall climb to the very heights of dance!
Vyrn: Whoa, there! What d'you mean, partner?! And climb?
Vyrn: Try talking some sense! We don't even know your name, lady!
Gayne: ...!

Oh, how rude of me.

I got a bit ahead of myself.
Gayne: I am Gayne, the traveling dancer. I'd actually been traveling with a partner of mine. A swordsman...
The dancer Gayne began to spin a tale. She and her partner had set out on a journey, dreaming of being a household name on every island.
But this partner of hers had quite the serious problem. When it came to the ladies, he just couldn't help himself.
One night, he'd been at a tavern and had managed to blow every last bit of the money they'd saved up on the local ladies. Once Gayne found out she'd, well...
Gayne: So I gave him a thump and threw him out.
Vyrn: Er...a thump, you say...
Gayne: I'd never felt so good! That sword of his was the only thing he had going for him, anyway!
Gayne: Though he was quite the partner. I'll give him that...
Gayne: A-anyway. Since then I've been looking for someone to join me in my sword dancing.
Vyrn: you thought you'd roll out the carpet for us.
Vyrn: Hey, lady. We're kind of in a situation...right, (Captain)?
  1. We're busy
  2. Dancing, you say?

Choose: We're busy
Gayne: Busy?
Vyrn: Heheh! We're on a world tour! We're trying to find the Sky Map!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Dancing, you say?
Gayne: Truly?! The steps don't take long to learn...
Vyrn: Damnit, lady! Did you hear what I just said?! Sky. Map. World. Tour!
Continue 1
Gayne: So you're saying you're world travelers?
Vyrn: Exaaactly...same as you. That means we're doing a good bit of journeying on our own.
Gayne: Well, then! (Captain)? Perhaps you'd allow me to come with you and your friends?!
Vyrn: Wait a second! What happened to the dancing?
Gayne: Well, I can't exactly do it without a partner...
Gayne: So I'm thinking, the world's a big place. Maybe I can find a new one.
Gayne: And I can be around if you decide to change your mind, (Captain)! You'd be great!
  1. There's no way I'm saying no
  2. Fine, fine...

Choose: There's no way I'm saying no
Gayne: Truly?! Oh, thank you!
Go to "Continue 2"

Choose: Fine, fine...
Gayne: ...! Oh, thank you!
Go to "Continue 3"

Continue 2
Gayne: As you like. Prepare yourself a for a lesson in the true beauty of the sword dance!
Continue 3
Lyria: Wow! I can't wait!
Vyrn: (I'm pretty sure we already know who her partner is...)
Gayne: Did you say something?
Vyrn: Whoa! Who, me? Nothing! Nothing at all!
And so our heroes continued their journey, finding a new friend in a rather passionate sword dancer.
Though whether she found her selfish former partner is a story for another time...