Scenario:Gayne - For Whom the Blade Dances

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For Whom the Blade Dances

By Gayne’s request, the company had stopped by the city of art. But the Azalea Dance Troupe, which they’ve been looking forward to, canceled their performance due to a monster attack. Gayne draws her sword before thinking first and stands up to the monsters.

Lyria: Wow...! I can’t wait! Gayne!
Gayne: Yes! I’ve always wanted to see them...!
Gayne: The stage of the Azalea Dance Troupe! Now let’s hurry! I must watch it at the best seat there is!
Vyrn: Oh, brother... How many hours do you think it is until it starts?
The company had descended upon a graceful town known as the city of art.
There is supposed to be a performance of a famous dance troupe in that town.
Upon hearing that, Gayne requested that the company go to the performance. However...
Receptionist: Like I said earlier... The performance is canceled...
Lyria: What? That’s terrible...
Gayne: And I’m asking you why that is! I was looking forward to it!
Receptionist: Please, just trust me! It’s for your own good to run away while you can!
Katalina: ... Huh? Run away? What do you mean...?
Lyria: Look! (Captain)! Monsters over there!
Vyrn: Whoa! There’s a lot of them! This is in the middle of town! What’s going on?!
Gayne: We’ll work that out later! Let’s defeat them!

For Whom the Blade Dances: Scene 2

The reason why monsters started appearing in this town was due to a wealthy man that lives in the outskirts. Out of a greedy desire to keep the dance troupe for himself, he sent monsters to town in order to have the performance canceled. Gayne is furious when she hears this, and resolves to fight the monsters sent by the wealthy man.

Rackam: Hm... I heard it was a peaceful town, but monsters have begun to appear here. Is that why the performance was canceled?
Receptionist: N-No. That’s not it...
Receptionist: Well... To tell you the truth. A very wealthy man has moved to the outskirts of the town.
Receptionist: And he has taken a very strong liking to the troupe. He said that he wanted to keep their performance to himself.
Receptionist: Anyway... He threatened to send monsters unless the performance was canceled everywhere except his manor...
Katalina: What? That’s outrageous!
Gayne: He wants to keep it for himself? That can’t be allowed!
???: Why, you...! Nnnnnnrr!
Katalina: What was that scream?
???: Grr! My... My precious monsters!
???: Hey! Are you the one that bullied my precious monsters?!
Receptionist: Ahhh! It’s him! The guy with the money...!
Greedy Rich Man: How dare y-y-you defy me! My precious monsters! Tear them apart!
Receptionist: Eek!
Gayne: You will pay for this...
Vyrn: Eek?! Gayne...?
Gayne: For trying to keep the performance all to yourself and ruin everyone else's fun...
Gayne: For not thinking about how the dancers feel... You will pay!
Gayne: Let’s go, (Captain)! My blade will cut through you and your heartless greed!

For Whom the Blade Dances: Scene 3

After punishing the greedy wealthy man, the company watches the performance from the front row. After the performance, Gayne regretted ever leaving the stage. But she had sworn to herself that she will not return until her partner was found. Her sword skills will be used for the sake of her friends for the time being.

Greedy Rich Man: Waaaah! My precious monsters...!
Gayne: Now then... I’ll have you pay for trying to keep the stage to yourself.
Greedy Rich Man: Eek! W-Waaaah! I’m so sorry! Please forgive me!
Greedy Rich Man: Gasp! Your dress... Miss, are you a dancer? You’re beautiful... Please come to my manor and...
Greedy Rich Man: Ahhh! Urg...
Gayne: Phew... I hope you learned your lesson and will never try to do this again!
Receptionist: Thank you! Thank you so much! Now the show can go on!
Receptionist: Um... This is a small token of our appreciation, but we've made some room for you on the front row.
Lyria: Hooray!
And thus, (Captain) and company enjoyed the graceful performance of the dance troupe.
Lyria: That was a really beautiful dance... I want to be a dancer, too! Twirl twirl!
Lyria: Uh oh! Urg... My head is spinning...
Katalina: Haha. Are you all right, Lyria?
Gayne: ...
Vyrn: What’s the matter, Gayne? You look like something’s bothering you. Let me guess. You want to go back on stage?
Gayne: No. Actually... I guess that's a lie... I do want to... just a little bit.
Gayne: But I’m fine. The only time I will return to the stage is when I find the best partner for my sword dance.
Gayne: Either that, or when that idiot changes his mind and comes back.
Gayne: Besides...
Child: Hey! It’s the sword lady! Miss!
Child: Thank you! You went and punished the selfish rich man, right?! Please come back anytime!
Gayne: Being thanked for fighting like this isn’t half-bad.
The time for the strong and beautiful dancer Gayne to charm the audience on stage will come at a later time.
Until that day, her sword will be wielded for the sake of her comrades.