Scenario:Gayne and Helnar - So Close, Yet So Far

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So Close, Yet So Far

Helnar and Gayne's reunion does not go according to plan, and Gayne is on the point of leaving when monsters appear. The pair perform a dazzling sword dance to defeat the monsters, kindling a light of hope for their partnership.

During their journey, the crew crosses paths with Gayne, a dancer, and Helnar, an itinerant entertainer.
They hope to reunite these former partners, thinking perhaps they'll share another blade dance. At the crucial moment, however, a key ingredient is missing: Helnar himself.
Vyrn: Huh? Where'd that dude get off to? Have you seen him, Katalina?
Katalina: Hmm? Helnar, eh? I know he said something about a harvest festival they were holding in town...
Gayne: Unbelievable. Standing me up to traipse off to a festival? He clearly isn't the least bit sorry for his actions!
Lyria: Well, wait. I mean, Helnar had no idea you'd be here.
Gayne: Hmph! Well, let's go find that chump!
Lyria: Hehe. I just know he'll be surprised to see her.
The crew heads into town to find a harvest festival in full swing, complete with dances to celebrate this year's bounty.
The people clustered around to watch one particular performance seem even livelier than the rest. (Captain) and the others drift over to check it out.
Dancer 1: Wow! Check out those two! Just look at those moves! They're in perfect sync!
Dancer 2: My, my, my... You're quite the agile dancer.
Helnar: Haha, right back at you, gorgeous. I've never had such a perfect partner in my life.
Gayne: Ugh... men. He leaves me alone to go galumphing around with some other woman...
Dancer 1: I. Can't. Even! Dance with me, Helnar!
Dancer 3: You were so dashing! Me next! Pick me!
Helnar: Hehe. Aren't you a sweet bunch of kittens. There's more than enough Helnar to go around, so let's form a nice, orderly line!
Gayne: Goodness... Everyone appears to be enjoying themselves so much! Would the gentleman perhaps condescend to dance with me?
Helnar: Oh, but of course! If you'd kindly just step to the back of the line...
Helnar: Wait, what? G-Gayne?! What in two hills are you doing here?
Vyrn: Yeesh. Helnar has the worst timing.
Gayne: Tee hee. How have you been, Helnar?
Gayne: You've helped me realize something, you know. I realized that I wouldn't want to dance with a hardheaded dandy like you if you were the last man on earth!
Helnar: Wait, wait! This isn't what it looks like! Gayne!
Gayne: We're done here, (Captain)! I should've known better than to think he could change!
Monster: Grrroaaar!
Dancer 1: Aaahhh! M-m-monsters! Monsters in the town!
Gayne: What a ruckus! Well, perfect timing, because I've got some frustrations to work out!
Lyria: Th-this is bad! First they're fighting, and now monsters! We need to do something, (Captain)!
  1. Gayne's going to need some help!
  2. We can't let Helnar get away!

Choose: Gayne's going to need some help!

Helnar: Wait, (Captain)!
Helnar: Could you let me take care of this? I'm begging you...
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Choose: We can't let Helnar get away!

Helnar: And sorry, (Captain)... Didn't mean for you to worry about me.
Helnar: It's decision time. Gotta show her how I feel.

Continue 1

Helnar: I'll apologize for what happened. And I'm gonna say it straight out! I wanna travel with her again!
Lyria: Good luck, Helnar!
Vyrn: Attaboy, Helnar! Show her how much you've grown up!
Monster: Grrrr...
Gayne: Psh. You call that dancing? That takes care of the monsters, at least...
Spectator: Aaahh! There were more monsters hiding over there!
Monster: Grrroaaar!
Gayne: Eek!
Monster: Grrrr...
Helnar: My lovely, lovely Gayne. I do hope you aren't hurt?
Gayne: Helnar... What are you doing here?
Helnar: Haha... Who saves a princess in a pinch but her dear prince?
Gayne: Just stop talking, already. Quit being a clown for once in your life.
Helnar: Haha! Still the same Gayne. May I have this dance? Pretty please?
Gayne: Hmph... fine. But this is the last time! You'd better savor it! Helnar
In an instant, the two stood back to back and launched into a blade dance for the ages. Their steps were perfectly timed.
None could look away from their enchanting, liquid grace, and in that instant the monsters ravaging the festival were gone.
Vyrn: Lord have mercy...
Lyria: It's so... so beautiful...
For a single moment, all was silence.
The crowd quickly regained their composure, breaking out in ear-splitting cheers.
Gayne: Well color me impressed! Who knows when you'll hear applause like THAT again...
Helnar: Haha! Aw, shucks! You hear that? I think they're asking us for an encore? How about it?
Gayne: Don't get the wrong idea, mister. Your name is still mud...
Gayne: But you know, when we dance together... There's really no place I'd rather be. So sure. Just this once...
Helnar: Hold it! I'll let you finish, but there's something I need to tell you...
Helnar: I, er... I realize how much I let you down now... You're my partner, Gayne... my only partner. So, uh...
Helnar: Please... could you give me one more chance? We promised each other when we were kids that we'd be world famous. I want to see that happen!
Gayne: Oh, Helnar... me, too...
Mr. Oblivious: Hey! Mr. Helnar! You wanted to party with those dancers, right? Everything's up and running!
Helnar: What?
Helnar: That's strange. I don't believe I've ever seen you before in my life. Sure you don't have the wrong guy?
Mr. Oblivious: What? Surely you're joking? You are Mr. Helnar, aren’t you? The same Mr. Helnar who told me to gather, and I quote, “the finest jewels among dancers”?
Helnar: Okay, okay! Just. Stop. Talking! I’m begging you!
Gayne: ...
Helnar: Gayne... it's not what it sounds like, I swear! I did it before I knew you were here, okay? You gotta believe me... don't you?!
Helnar: Wha?!
Gayne: I think I've heard enough. All right, everyone! Let’s get back to the ship and leave this... man... to his precious jewels.
Vyrn: So much for making up... You all right, Helnar?
Helnar: Urk...
Lyria: H-hey! You alright?! Helnar! (Captain)! Do you think you can carry Helnar? I don't think Gayne is going to wait for us!
Just as it seemed Gayne and Helnar had finally patched things up, a man with an exceptionally poor sense of timing brought it all crashing back down.
But still the journey went on. Perhaps time would heal all wounds. Of course, that's a big perhaps.