Scenario:Geisenborger - Sensation of War

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Sensation of War

Geisenborger explains that he had lost all bodily sensation when the primal kept him alive for his arduous trek through the desert, which is why he craves battle so much. He is surprised to see that the crew overheard everything he said.

Geisenborger watches attentively over the battle as if trying to confirm something.
Geisenborger: Heh heh, laughable, isn't it? I believed in you completely, starbeast, like a purehearted little schoolgirl.
Geisenborger: That's right. I had complete faith in you. Complete faith that my prayer to the stars made it through that night.
Geisenborger: But in reality, my body had simply lost its ability to sense pain.
Geisenborger: Not just pain. Tiredness, exhaustion, hunger, cold... My senses, in nearly every way measurable, had left me.
Geisenborger: They weren't coming back, and what's worse is I didn't want them. My sense of want had left me too.
Geisenborger: Respiration, sleep, digestion, perspiration...
All my basic bodily functions had failed. Only medicine brought me sleep.
Geisenborger: It was the very definition of torture. But I soldiered on, enduring the endless indignities of having a useless body unable to feel pain.
Geisenborger: Can you comprehend that? My search for pain? My life lived in pursuit of death?
Geisenborger: By tormenting my own flesh, I was able to lay my hands on an ersatz version of my previous life.
Geisenborger: I grew infatuated with inflicting pain on myself, knowing full well that the sensations I felt were a sham. A mirage.
Geisenborger: But how could you understand? What would you know of the suffering endured by a warrior forever robbed of pain?
Geisenborger: Answer me, you infernal starbeast! My pain will reach even you!
Geisenborger: My anguish will tear across the heavens!
Geisenborger continues to shout, his years of pent-up grief pushing him.
Until suddenly he stops.
Full of fear, he slowly turns toward the shadows behind him.
Geisenborger: When... When did you get here?
Lyria: I think I understand what your true goals are now, Geisenborger.
From Geisenborger's point of view, the shadows cast by (Captain) and the crew begin to blur.