Scenario:Geisenborger - The Chariot's Motives

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The Chariot's Motives

Geisenborger rages through the battlefield, making quick work of the opposition. When Vyrn and Lyria sense the power of primal beasts from the card in (Captain)'s hand, Geisenborger speaks of the eleven primal beasts who created the card. It turns out his goal is to crush the ambitions of those primals, and so he asks the crew for assistance.

Geisenborger: Ngraaah!
Geisenborger rages across the battlefield alone, battering legions of foes with siege-engine efficiency. The crew is dumbfounded.
Vyrn: Yowza, that's some serious power! Guess they called him Chariot for a reason!
Lyria: Is he going to be okay though? They're hitting him pretty hard.
Lyria: Strange... It almost seems like he's letting himself get hit on purpose.
Vyrn: Oh c'mon, Lyria! What kind of lunatic would let himself get hit on purpose?
Lyria: Hm, maybe I'm just imagining things.
Suddenly the card in (Captain)'s hand begins glowing ominously.
Lyria: Look, (Captain)! The card's shining again!
Vyrn: Did something happen?
The card stops shining, almost as if in response to Vyrn's question.
Vyrn: Okay, now the card's just messing with me. Ditch it, (Captain)! That thing's bad news!
Lyria: I'm worried about it too. The presence I'm sensing feels just like a primal beast's.
Suddenly Geisenborger appears in front of them.
Geisenborger: Quite the astute observation, girl.
Geisenborger: That's right. That card was created by a group of eleven primal beasts.
Vyrn: Wait, primal beasts made this?
Lyria: Then does this memory of the War belong to them too?
Geisenborger: Verily. They created such cards to sate their desire...
Lyria: Desire?
Lyria: Wait, you don't mean... the War itself is their desire?
Geisenborger: Heh heh, clever girl. That's right. All for the sake of creating a new world.
Lyria: A new world...
Geisenborger: A world that belongs not to the skydwellers or the Astrals, but to them alone.
Geisenborger: That's what they're aiming for above all else.
Vyrn: Now I get it. That's why you called us here to mess with their plans, huh?
Geisenborger: You grasp my intentions at last.
Geisenborger: So take up your weapons, and let us bring their wanton ambitions to an end!
Geisenborger lets out a deafening war cry and charges into the heat of battle, a crazed smile on his face.
(Captain) and the others, however, have difficulty concealing their concern.
The crew members feel there's some reason in his words but don't know whether they can trust him.
Vyrn: Hm, Wrench Armstrong can probably handle this on his own, right?
Lyria: I agree. It doesn't seem like we need to get involved.
Vyrn: Still, I can't help but think he's hiding something from us.
(Captain) and company continue to question themselves, but there seem to be no easy answers.