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Bare-Handed Man

One day, Ghandagoza seems like he is trying to exchange blows with the Grandcypher itself. Ghandagoza explains to the panicked crew that he is not actually hitting the airship, he is instead repeatedly striking the ground in an attempt to take off using merely the force of his punches. A herd of monsters is attracted to the thunderous sound of his fist, and appear before the crew.

The martial artist Ghandagoza, who had joined (Captain)'s team, had more than a few bad habits it turned out.
One in particular was his need to challenge anyone or anything that seemed bigger or stronger than himself to a fight.
Katalina: Ghandagoza. Don't you think that's impossible?
Ghandagoza: Mwahaha, "impossible"? Everything that I have accomplished until now had been called such.
Ghandagoza: And yet, have I not risen to the challenge and proven that the impossible is possible every time? With one almighty fist! Gaarh!
Katalina: But, don't you think this challenge is a little extreme…
Ghandagoza: Mwahahaha! Come, let us exchange blows until our hearts lay content, Grandcypher!
Rackam: You can't really exchange blows with an inanimate object… This is a joke! Master, I implore you, give us a break!
Eugen: It is as Rackam says. Master, however sturdy the airship may be, it will still crumble under your great fist.
Ghandagoza: Who said I intend to hit the Grandcypher?
Rackam: Wait, so what are you doing then?
Ghandagoza: Of course, attacking something that cannot strike back wouldn't be a fight at all.
Eugen: Oh no, oh no, oh no, this isn't good. Master is about to start off on one of his tirades again!
Rackam: Huh? What is he doing?
Ghandagoza: Hai-yah! Hai-yah! Hai-yah!
Hai-yah! Hai-yah! Hai-yah!
Ghandagoza raised his fist up high, and repeatedly struck down toward the ground with all of his might.
However, his fist would always stop just before it hit the ground, then he would raise it back up again.
He repeated this over and over, his speed increasing with each thrust.
Until eventually, as he hit the air, it began emitting a roaring thunder sound.
Rackam: I'm telling you this is impossible. If you could hit the ground with enough force to fly, then we wouldn't need airships at all!
Eugen: Wait, Rackam.
Rackam: What is it?
Eugen: I heard a something about this…
Rackam: Heard what?
Eugen: There is an old legend about a famed fighter…
Eugen: There was an island plagued by a foul storm. One day a fighter appeared as if from nowhere, and with his fist dispelled the storm.
Eugen: All it took was a single blow. But, the force of that swing was so tremendous that, like a tornado, it blew everything away.
Rackam: You don't mean! Is Master trying to…
As the pair turned around, Ghandagoza let out a cry.
Ghandagoza: The Eternal Rage Style secret move! Thousand Palms Infinite Strike!
Ghandagoza: Haaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii…
The condensed power of Ghandagoza's strike sounded the air like a gong as it was released toward the ground.
Eugen: Oh no, oh no, this isn't happening. Something's coming!
Rackam: What has he done now…
Monster: GRAAAWL!
Eugen: A group of monsters have heard Master's strikes and are heading this way!
Rackam: For a special move, this "Thousand Palms " sure has it's drawbacks!
Ghandagoza: Gahahaha! So I failed… I guess we all have off days! Gahahaha…
Eugen: Can I say just one thing, Rackam?
Rackam: I don't wanna hear it.
Eugen: It's just, I may have seen something…
Rackam: Don't say it!
Eugen: With his final move, Master, he… He rose up into the air just a little.
Rackam: Eugen, you must be mistaken!
Eugen: But, I'm sure I saw?
Rackam: I won't believe it! What garbage! I absolutely won't believe it!
Ghandagoza: Gahahahaha! Seems we have quite the crowd gathered! Come, you fiends. Let me entertain you with my fist!
Monster: Graaaaaargh!

Bare-Handed Man: Scene 2

The crew had landed on an island somewhere and are heading for the town, when they realize that Ghandagoza is missing. They manage to find him, but he is preparing to punch a nearby hill. Fearful that he will deform the shape of the island under the weight of his fist, the crew attempt to stop him, but they are too late. He smashes open the hill, revealing a monster nest in its place.

(Captain)'s crew had landed on an island somewhere.
On the hurried journey from the cape where they had landed to the town, Rackam noticed something.
Rackam: Oi, what happened to Master?
Lyria: Huh? He's gone…
Eugen: Did anybody see or hear anything?
Vyrn: No, not a thing.
Katalina: This is Ghandagoza we're talking about. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.
Rackam: Jeez, I guess it can't be helped. I'm gonna go back and look for him.
Eugen: OK! I'll go with you!
Katalina: I'm sorry, I'm going to leave this to you two. The rest of us can use this as an opportunity to take a break for a while.
Vyrn: Lyria, let's eat some apples!
Lyria: Apples, apples, oh so sweet!
Apples, apples, what a treat!
Eugen: Ah! Seems Master was easy to find! Look, Rackam, he's over this way!
Rackam: Huh? What the-? What's he doing over there?
Eugen: Oi! Master! Come quickly! Everyone is waiting for us!
Ghandagoza, who was hunched over as if trying to strike something, looked up at them.
Ghandagoza: Ohoho, look who it is now.
Rackam: What is it, Master? Has something happened?
Ghandagoza: No, it's just a small mountain.
Rackam and Eugen looked up to see a gently sloping grass verge.
Eugen: Hey now, don't tell me you're seriously trying to fight this hill?
Ghandagoza: It isn't a hill… It is a mountain!
Rackam: Pfft! Hahahahahah…
Eugen: Haaahahahahha…
Eugen: I apologize. It's just, even for a legendary fighter, challenging the island itself…
Rackam: Oh no, I think we said something wrong! Don't glare at us like that, Master!
Rackam: Oi… Master… Don't tell me you feel like fighting…
Ghandagoza: Hwaaaah! This mountain is in the way!
Rackam: Eh? What's this feeling in the air?
Eugen: Wait, it couldn't be…
Rackam: Eugen, do you know something?
Eugen: There is an old legend about a famed fighter…
Eugen: One day, the fighter went training at the foot of a mountain.
Eugen: A villager who happened to be passing by called out, "Aren't you supposed to train deep in the recesses of the mountain?"
Eugen: However, nobody knows what the fighter thought about this, because he turned on his side and fell asleep.
Eugen: Then, a few hours later an incident occurred.
Eugen: All of a sudden, a thunderous sound echoed from the mountain, and the panicked villagers rushed to see what had happened.
Eugen: The fighter had turned over in his sleep, accidently hitting the rock face, boring a massive hole in the side of the mountain.
Rackam: No-no way!
Eugen: I thought it was just a rumor, but looking at Master now, it seems like it could be true…
Rackam: Stop! Master! Stop! You'll deform the island!
Ghandagoza: The Eternal Rage Style secret move. Demon-Mountain Sundering Touch of Death!
Rackam: …Huh?
Nothing happened. The hill looks the same.
Ghandagoza: Gyahahaha… Seems like I failed. Well, we all have off days! It won't withstand my force a second time, though!
Ghandagoza leaned in, and readied himself to fight once more.
Rackam: Enough already Master, we need to get moving. Everyone is waiting for us!
Ghandagoza: …Hmmm.
Rackam: Wh-what is it?
Ghandagoza: Both of you should prepare yourselves.
Rackam: What… do you mean?
Eugen: Rackam! Look! There's a crack in the hill!
Rackam: Th-this is a joke! Don't tell me he actually did it…
Monster: Graaaaaargh!
Rackam: It's a monster nest?
Ghandagoza: People of the nearby village pass by here often. It would be dangerous to let these creatures build a nest here! Gyahahaha!
Eugen: Master, don’t tell me you had this in mind all along…
Ghandagoza: Now everyone, I must recommend you don't fall too far behind… Now, witness the power of me, the legendary fighter, Ghandagoza!

Bare-Handed Man: Scene 3

One day, as the crew is travelling through the sky, the airship emits a strange noise. When the crew head to the engine room to investigate, they find Ghandagoza getting ready to face off against the engine. As he starts striking, the engine suddenly begins working again, and out creeps a monster that was the source of the airship's malfunction.

(Captain) and the crew were flying through the sky one day.
Even up in the air, Ghandagoza's training was never ending.
Ghandagoza: True strength cannot be achieved simply by facing challenges.
Ghandagoza: If one truly wishes to become powerful, one must know what it is to have a strong mind and spirit.
Rackam: …I see, Master. So… that's why you've bound yourself to the airship's mast?
Eugen: Garr, I don't get it at all. Is something like this really gonna make him stronger?
Rackam: Maybe we should just go back inside and leave him here…
Just then, a strange sound reverberated from within the Grandcypher.
Eugen: Arrr, cut me some slack… The airship is showing her age.
Rackam: Don't be crazy! In this morning's inspection it was in shipshape.
Lyria: Huh? Ghandagoza, he's… gone…
Vyrn: It's true. All that's left is the rope he used to bind himself.
Katalina: If it's Ghandagoza you're wondering about, I saw him untie himself and walk over there.
Vyrn: Over there? You mean…
Katalina: The engine room.
Eugen: Arrgh, is it just me who's got a bad feeling about this?
Rackam: Cut the chitchat, let's hurry!
Rackam: Darn, I should have known!
Ghandagoza was stood before the massive engine with his back lowered, ready to start pummeling.
Ghandagoza: Just in time to see my special move (Captain). Watch and learn!
Rackam: No, stop! What are you going to do?
Ghandagoza: Eternal Rage Style secret move!
Enlightened Goddess Fury Strike!
Rackam: I said stop! You don't know what will happen if you hit it!
Ghandagoza: Oh, really?
Ghandagoza: On an island I visited long ago, I was told that a broken engine could be fixed by slamming it like so.
Ghandagoza: Or so some old grannies were saying…
Rackam: The Grandcypher's engine is a detailed and complicated thing. We wouldn't need a mechanic if she could be fixed so easily.
Katalina: Hm? …Is it fixed?
Vyrn: It seems that the airship's flight has become more stable.
Lyria: Wow, Mr. Ghandagoza, you're so talented!
Rackam: You sure it wasn't just dumb luck…
Eugen: Hold your horses. Did anyone hear that strange sound just now?
Rackam: See! It's not fixed after all!
Eugen: No, it's not that… This sound is…
Monster: Graaawrr!
A monster crept out from behind the massive shadow of the engine, snarling painfully.
Ghandagoza: Gyahahaha… It seems to have worked. It must have been hit by the reverberations of my shockwave!
Eugen: Master, did you… Did you know all along that something was lurking in the engine?
Ghandagoza: I could hear sinister noises reverberating along the mast of the ship! Gyahahaha…
Rackam: Is this guy for real?
Eugen: He is the legendary fighter, Ghandagoza, after all.
Katalina: He's certainly in a different league to the rest of us.
Monster: Graaaaaargh!
Ghandagoza: Silence yourself, beast! My fist alone will make enough noise for all of us!

Bare-Handed Man: Scene 4

The crew come to understand the extent of Ghandagoza’s true abilities. Thus, Rackam, Eugen, and (Captain) wish to learn the secrets of Ghandagoza’s mysterious strength, and begin training with him. And so, just as Ghandagoza foresaw, his followers increase, and he continues to train his fist as he anticipates the arrival of his one true follower.

Now fully aware of Ghandagoza's true abilities, (Captain)'s crew reconsidered their attitude toward him.
Rackam: …I guess I was wrong… I admit it, he seems like the real deal.
Eugen: Hahar, I told you so. I, of course, knew it all along.
Katalina: You're one to talk. The pair of you have been following him around like sheep since he joined us.
Eugen: Arrr… I apologize. I guess I did get a little carried away…
Rackam: But, now we know what Master's really like, it makes me wonder about his strange behavior…
Rackam: Even something that seems like an empty gesture could actually mean something.
Katalina: Don't you think you're reading into things a little too much?
Eugen: Possibly… But I don't think it would be a bad idea if we started training the way Master does.
Rackam: Yeah… Let's all join his training! (Captain)!
Ghandagoza: Hai… YAH!
Hai… YAH!
Hai… YAH!
Eugen: Hai… YAH!
Low… YAH!
Rackam: Hai… YA!
Bye… YA!
Ghandagoza: What is it (Captain)? And you two, also…
Rackam: Master?No, Grand Master! We implore you, teach us the ways of the fist!
Eugen: Our interest is finally blossoming… We beg you, Master!
Ghandagoza: Gyahahaha… I mind not! Behold my teachings and learn to your hearts' content!
Ghandagoza: Hai… YAH!
Hai… YAH!
Hai… YAH!
Katalina: If everyone on the airship joins in with this we're going to have a problem…
Katalina: I wonder if this is what Ghandagoza had in mind all along…
Lyria: Hai… Yah! Hai… Yah!
Katalina: Lyria, not you too!
And so, in admiration of Ghandagoza's exciting lifestyle, the followers of the Eternal Rage Style aboard the Grandcypher increased.
However, Ghandagoza was unsatisfied. He continued to train his fist, awaiting the day he would encounter his one true disciple.