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Beyond Anger

While (Captain) and the others are delivering relief supplies to an island afflicted by meteor storms, they receive warning that a colossal meteor is about to come crashing down. The crew members evacuate the island's populace onto the ship, but shortly after departure they realize Ghandagoza is not aboard. Only after the meteor makes impact are they able to return and search for him.

Skimming through the storm of meteors that tear down from above, the Grandcypher narrowly escapes the island.
Rackam helms the airship cautiously out of deference to the many evacuees aboard.
As the Grandcypher continues its ascent, Eugen realizes that Ghandagoza is not on board.
Eugen: Ma—Master! Where in hell's name has he gone? Just a moment ago he was—
A sense of foreboding fills Eugen, and he looks down below.
It seems his intuition was correct: visible on the island is the lone form of Ghandagoza.
Eugen: Rackam! Master's still on the island!
Rackam: Huh! Why isn't he on board?
Rackam: Wasn't he on deck duking it out with the meteors a few moments ago?
Lyria: Rackam, can you take the airship back to the island?
Rackam glares at the colossal meteor and braces himself.
Rackam: What choice do we have? We'll fly back to the island full-bore...
Rackam: And then get out before the big boy drops!
Rackam: Sound good to you, (Captain)?
  1. Of course!

Choose: Of course!

Rackam: All right... Hold on tight, everyone! We could be in for a bit of a bumpy ride!
As Rackam attempts to shift the course of the ship, the voice of Ghandagoza rings out from the island.
Ghandagoza: Don't concern yourselves with meeee!
Ghandagoza: Evacuate this instant!
Rackam: Bah...
Rackam: What right does he have to say that!
The ship speeds down vertically toward the island.
But time is in short supply.
Rackam: Damn it! We're not going to make it!
Lyria: Ghandagoza!
A thundering crash announces the violent impact of the colossal meteor with the island.
The resulting gales blow the ship back out into the sky.
Once the violent winds settle, (Captain) and the rest of the crew make an emergency landing on the island.
The dust stirred up by the meteor strike obscures the crew's sight.
But the crew members nonetheless rush out of the airship in search of Ghandagoza.
Rackam: Hell, I guess we should've lashed him to the Grandcypher's mast...
Eugen: Remember who you're talkin' about now. The master's bound to be alive—don't you worry.
Rackam: Heh, 'course. Never doubted him for a second.
Rackam: I mean, a warrior like that's the stuff of legends.
(Captain) and the others silently hope that Rackam is correct.
How did it come to this? It all started a while back...
(Captain) and crew are called to the Knickknack Shack by Sierokarte.
Sierokarte: As a matter of fact, on an island in the west of Phantagrande...
Sierokarte: There's been a rain of meteors. I hear that many people have suffered as a result.
Sierokarte: That's why I'd like for you to deliver some relief supplies.
Vyrn: Um... I don't get what you're saying...
Vyrn: Meteo-whatsits?
Vyrn: You mean those things messed up the island just by falling outta the sky?
Sierokarte: Ah, I'm sorry. I left out some important details.
Sierokarte: Meteors are hard, rocklike objects that fall from high, high in the sky.
Sierokarte: As they fly down toward the island, they become red hot.
Sierokarte: So it's like balls of fire raining down onto the island.
Vyrn: Balls of fire falling from the sky... That does sound like a mess.
Sierokarte: The island was seriously harmed as a result.
Lyria: (Captain), let's go help everyone who's in trouble right away!
(Captain) and company hurry to the island to deliver the relief goods from Sierokarte.

Beyond Anger: Scene 2

(Captain) and crew encounter a young man who trained with his father under Ghandagoza a decade ago. The young man reveals his wish to crush meteors with his bare fists as payback for the meteor impact that took his father's life, and in response Ghandagoza encourages the young man to continue training.

On the disaster-stricken island, the crew members notice large craters pockmarking the ground.
When they learn that each is the product of a meteor strike, the number and power of the impacts stuns the crew.
Ghandagoza: Humph... To think that stones no bigger than fists could have such destructive power...
Ghandagoza: How high they must have fallen from.
Ghandagoza looks up at the sky curiously.
As if imagining how to destroy the meteors, he pumps his fists sharply up into the air.
Ghandagoza: Hi-yaaah!
Rackam: C'mon now! Don't tell me you're about to try smashing meteors.
Eugen: Wha? Enough, Rackam! You've already said—
Ignoring Eugen's attempt to stop him, Rackam continues to prod Ghandagoza.
Rackam: Just take a look around.
Rackam: You might be a master, but this is impossible for a person to handle. Don't even think about it.
Ghandagoza: Impossible?
Eugen: Great, now you've done it...
Ghandagoza: Nothing is impossible. People have told me all my life that my goals were impossible.
Ghandagoza: But I have accomplished them all the same. Every time.
Ghandagoza: With this fist!
Ghandagoza: This one right here!
Ghandagoza lets out a cry and looks up into the sky once more, rapidly pumping his fist into the air again and again.
With an irked expression on his face, Eugen shrugs and nudges Rackam.
Eugen: You just had to say that, didn't you?
Rackam: Sorry 'bout that. Guess it just slipped out... Haha!
Young Man: ...
Vyrn: What gives?
Young Man: The ship docked at port is yours, isn't it?
Lyria: Yes, it is.
Young Man: So then you're that famous crew...
Vyrn: Hehe, famous? You're gonna embarrass us!
Young Man: I was helping to rebuild the town, but then I saw your airship...
Young Man: I really wanted to talk with you, so I rushed here.
Rackam: Oh, is something wrong? We're all ears.
Young Man: Uh, no, it's just that...
Rackam: Hm?
Lyria: You're looking at Ghandagoza... aren't you?
The young man watches Ghandagoza punching and grins joyfully.
Young Man: I knew it. That's Ghandagoza!
Ghandagoza: Hm?
Young Man: It's been a while.
Young Man: I heard a rumor that you'd joined this famous crew...
Vyrn: You know each other?
Ghandagoza looks at the young man and tilts his head.
Ghandagoza: Well now. Who might you be?
Young Man: Oh...
Young Man: Ahaha! Oh, that's right. I'm a lot bigger now.
Young Man: Do you remember the father-son fighting duo who studied with you in Golonzo and Valtz?
Ghandagoza: Father-son fighting duo?
The master gazes penetratingly at the young man's face and reviews his memory.
Ghandagoza: Oh, you're the tyke from long ago! Gahaha, look how big you've grown.
Ghandagoza must be overjoyed by the reunion with the young man, for he rubs his beard and laughs heartily.
Ghandagoza: Where is that delightful father of yours? I'd love to toast with him again.
Young Man: ...
Ghandagoza: Hm...
The young man gives a deep sigh, and a forced smile appears on his face.
Young Man: My father... He died a decade ago.
Ghandagoza: To think the young master would reach the great beyond before me.
Young Man: If my father knew that you called him a master, he would've cried tears of joy.
Young Man: But nothing came of my father's wish to die like one of the greats...
Young Man: He didn't wager his life in battle. No, it was a falling meteor that took his life.
Ghandagoza: A meteor?
Young Man: Yes...
The young man raises his eyes to the night sky, and they fill with resentment.
Young Man: I hate the meteors.
Young Man: I've been training so that one day I can crush them with my bare fists.
Rackam: Aaah... Sorry for butting in, but I wouldn't try that if I were you.
Rackam: Those things pack more power than you think.
Rackam: You could end up like your old man...
Young Man: I'm prepared for that possibility.
Young Man: The other day I misread the meteor's trajectory, but not next time!
Eugen: Is every master of the martial arts like this? Ain'tcha scared at all?
Young Man: I'd be lying if I said no... But I've made up my mind.
Sensing the strength of the young man's conviction, all the crew members are left speechless.
All, that is, but Ghandagoza.
Ghandagoza: Your determination is evident.
Ghandagoza: Use the whole of your being and strike me with your fiiiist!
Young Man: Huh?
Ghandagoza: No hesitating! Have I overestimated how determined you are?
Young Man: ...
Ghandagoza: Give it all you have!
Young Man: Yes sir!
Young Man: Daaaaah!
Perceiving this as a perfect opportunity to test his strength, the young man focuses and throws a fist into Ghandagoza's abdomen.
But little happens.
Ghandagoza: That's nothing! Nothing at all! Opposing meteors at your level is laughable!
Ghandagoza: Fists such as those are unable to destroy a thing. To be strong, you must calm your heart as the greats have theirs.
Young Man: Ack...
Ghandagoza: If you allow destructive impulses to command you, only anguish awaits.
Young Man: Crap, crap! I'm... I'm weak!
Ghandagoza: All begins with knowledge of one's strength. Devote yourself, and the way may reveal itself to you.
Ghandagoza: This is not a time for recklessness. Train with renewed conviction—and surpass your very father!
Young Man: Ghandagoza...
Ghandagoza: Your father would surely want as much. Because I know I do.
Ghandagoza: Gahahaha!
(Captain) and the crew are moved by Ghandagoza's magnanimity as he counsels and encourages the young man.

Beyond Anger: Scene 3

The village elder passionately relates an old saying that a meteor storm will be followed by an impact so great as to devastate the island; immediately afterward Ghandagoza spots a gigantic meteor on a collision course with the island. While the crew prepares to evacuate the islanders, the master holds off panicked monsters.

The young man accompanies the party.
Together they carry the relief supplies from Sierokarte into town.
The damage from the meteor impacts seems to pale beside the fear it has stirred in the people's hearts.
Smiles on their faces, the crew members tend to the wounded and give people the strength to go on.
Lyria: How is that? Does it still hurt?
Villager 1: It's all better. Thank you, darling.
Villager 2: It's a relief to have you here.
Villager 2: When it's just us, we start remembering the meteors and end up in a real dark place.
Villager 1: The fields are a loss, but what matters is that we're still breathing.
Eugen: That's right! As long are you're kickin', you've always got another chance.
Villager 1: Hehe, I can keep on going yet.
Lyria: That's right!
Just as the people begin to glimpse hope, a harried voice rings out from the town center.
???: Listen, everyone! The danger's not passed. Off the island! There's no time to waste!
Eugen: Hey, what's the big commotion?
Rackam: I say we go and listen.
The crew and (Captain) head toward the overflowing town square.
A man who seems to be the village elder is gesticulating as he attempts to win over the people.
Villager 3: Elder, sir, the island has obviously suffered a lot of damage. But do we really need to leave?
Villager 3: The meteors have stopped falling. Let's get back into the mines and start plowing the fields again.
Village Elder: I understand that you don't want to leave the island you've always called home. But those meteors aren't done falling.
Villager 3: I'm sorry, but this is where I stay. Those old wives' tales aren't gonna rule my life.
Villager 3: C'mon, everyone. Let's head home.
Village Elder: Hey, would you hold up?
Unable or unwilling to heed the elder's words, the people shuffle out of the square.
The elder slumps his shoulders and begins shedding bitter tears.
Lyria: Um, about what you were saying earlier... Is it true that more meteors are going to fall?
Village Elder: Who're you folks?
Vyrn: We're a bunch of skyfarers bringing relief supplies from Sierokarte!
Village Elder: Oh my, my! Thank you very much. I don't know how to express my thanks.
Rackam: Well, what's more pressing is the issue of the meteors.
Rackam: You were really serious about trying to convince the people. So where's your proof?
Village Elder: As a matter of fact, in this land there's an old story about the meteors.
Village Elder: It's said that after the passage of some time, meteors will rain down again...
Village Elder: And following that, a meteor big enough to annihilate the land itself will fall...
Young Man: My father told me about that once before.
Village Elder: I'll bet he did. But nobody takes it seriously.
Village Elder: They've all just accepted what happened as an isolated disaster.
Eugen: This young fellow told me that the meteors also fell ten years back.
Eugen: Are things worse this time around?
Village Elder: Oh, yes... Their numbers dwarf those of the last time.
Village Elder: I don't know if you can even call this a blessing anymore.
Rackam: A blessing? Are you sure you don't mean disaster?
Village Elder: No, that's not quite how I'd put it either.
Village Elder: Long, long ago hundreds of meteors rained destruction on this land.
Village Elder: But all the same, they blasted through the sheerest mountains and changed the course of waterways.
Village Elder: They made this place fit for living like never before.
Village Elder: And the meteorites contain minerals that can't be mined elsewhere.
Village Elder: If it weren't for those meteorites, we wouldn't be famous for mining in the way we are now.
Village Elder: But this time around I'm worried sick that a giant meteor's going to come falling down like in the tale...
Rackam: That might be. But it looks to me like our little meteor shower's cleared up.
Rackam: I can see why the islanders wouldn't want to leave.
As everyone is putting their heads together, a flock of birds in the distant woods takes flight; the howls of monsters echo from the mountains.
Vyrn: Where did that come from?
Eugen: Monsters and animals have keen intuition. They might've sensed something.
Ghandagoza: Humph... You're exactly right.
At Ghandagoza's remark (Captain) and the others look up to see meteors blazing down through the sky.
The townspeople who notice it scream.
Village Elder: Aaah! I expected this wasn't over...
Young Man: Stupid meteors!
Vyrn: Hey, where are you headed?
Ghandagoza: ...
  1. Evacuate the islanders to the ship!

Choose: Evacuate the islanders to the ship!

Rackam: Yeah, that's right!
Rackam: Get everyone onto the ship. We're leaving the island!
Rackam: If it turns out there's no big one, we'll just fly on back. Right?
Lyria: Right!
Ghandagoza: But before that we must quell the monsters.
Ghandagoza stares at the waves of oncoming monsters and clenches his fists tightly.
Monster: Groooar!
Lyria: Oh no! This is all so sudden!
Eugen: These monsters knew meteors were headed their way, so they fled the woods and mountains.
Eugen: They fear for their lives, and it's drivin' 'em mad.
Rackam: Damn it! We're gonna have injured people on our hands before we even start the evacuation.
Ghandagoza: Don't panic!
Ghandagoza: I can easily handle this alone. You attend to the townsfolk!
Vyrn: Well, what about that kid? I hope he didn't get any weird ideas...
Ghandagoza: Relax! Once I kick these monsters aside, I'll catch him and hurl him onto the ship.
Vyrn: Great!
Ghandagoza: Go now—leave this to me!
Ghandagoza: Ghandagoza is on his waaay!
While (Captain) and the others oversee the evacuation, Ghandagoza heads off to vanquish the monsters alone.

Beyond Anger: Scene 4

The young man tells (Captain) and the others how Ghandagoza saved him from his own attempt to contend against meteors. The party rushes to Ghandagoza, who is beating back monsters with an eerie, preternatural force.

Monster: Grrrr...
Ghandagoza: This isn't so much as a warm-up!
A moment passes.
A meteor slams down near Ghandagoza, who is roused by the explosive winds.
Ghandagoza: Gnuuuh! Listen, meteors!
Ghandagoza: I want to settle this with you this instant.
Ghandagoza: (But first I must find that tyke. Stay in the sky until then!)
Ghandagoza scans the area in search of the young man.
The young man stares resentfully at the falling meteor.
Young Man: I knew it all along. I was an idiot to think that I could ever beat a meteor.
Young Man: Still, if I didn't do something about these feelings, I couldn't have gone on living.
A crackling roar splits the sky as the meteor bears down on him from above.
Realizing that he won't be able to flee in time, he closes his eyes and begins to prepare himself.
Young Man: (Huff, huff... I'm sorry, Ghandagoza...)
In that moment a voice cries out.
Ghandagoza: Ngwoooah! Who told you to give up!
Young Man: Ghandagoza?
The master seems to materialize out of thin air, and he hurtles toward the young man at a speed greater than the meteor.
He grabs the young man, hurries out of the meteor's trajectory, and then dives onto the ground.
The impact of the meteor-turned-meteorite booms out behind the two, and explosive winds stir up an all-enshrouding cloud of dust.
Ghandagoza: Gahahaha! That was close indeed!
Young Man: Ghandagoza, I don't know what to say. I... I...
Ghandagoza: Uncertainty only narrows one's perspective. But what's important now is to survive. Nothing matters otherwise.
Young Man: Yes sir!
Ghandagoza: Now then, I must take you to the ship.
Ghandagoza: Come—follow me.
In this way Ghandagoza rushes to bring the young man back to the Grandcypher where (Captain) and the others are waiting.
The sky flashes, and a moment later a rain of meteors falls from the sky in Ghandagoza's direction.
Looking around, the master sees only rolling plains. There is no place to hide.
Ghandagoza: Humph... There seems to be no other option.
Ghandagoza: Head back to the ship while I take care of these.
Young Man: Hm? Ghandagoza, you don't mean—
Ghandagoza: That is exactly what I mean.
Young Man: What are you thinking! Meteors can... blast through mountains and change the landscape!
Young Man: No person can handle them. It's impossible!
Ghandagoza: Impossible? Nothing is impossible.
Ghandagoza: People have told me all my life that my goals were impossible.
Ghandagoza: But I have accomplished them all the same. Every time.
Ghandagoza: With this fist! This one right here!
Ghandagoza: Now go!
Young Man: B-but...
Ghandagoza: Who do you take me for? I am the master of the Eternal Rage Style!
Ghandagoza: Do you not trust me!
Young Man: No, I do! So come back afterward. Come back no matter what!
Ghandagoza: Run, and don't look back!
Ghandagoza: Hah...
After ensuring that the young man has fled, Ghandagoza gets into position to take on the first meteor.
Ghandagoza: Ooooh!
He hurls a fist toward it.
The master's vast reserve of strength is evident in the blow.
But it has no effect on the heavenly body. Ghandagoza's entire body is flung back by the impact.
Ghandagoza: G-gwaaaah!
Ghandagoza: I... won't be beaten... I am the master of the Eternal Rage Style...
The shock wave and violent blast of air take a serious toll on Ghandagoza.
But slowly, proudly he rises to his feet.
Ghandagoza: Impossible... What's "impossible"? Haven't I abjured the word?
Ghandagoza: Wasn't my life's purpose to destroy a divine creator with a single, all-powerful strike?
Ghandagoza: I will not be defeated by pebbles such as these! The name of Ghandagoza, founder of the arts of the Eternal Rage Style, would lose all meaning!
A faint whiff of vapor rises from Ghandagoza's head as he bemoans his powerlessness.
The plaintive wail rattles the air and booms across the island.
(Captain) and the others are just moments away from boarding the last passengers onto the ship.
Rackam: The meteors are falling heavier. We've got to evacuate soon or else...
Lyria: Ghandagoza and that young man aren't back yet. I'm worried...
???: Hey, everyone!
Vyrn: Huh? Oh, speak of the devil!
Young Man: Huff, huff... This is serious, everyone!
Young Man: To help me escape, Ghandagoza went up against one of the meteors...
Rackam: What!
Eugen: Hey, take us to him right away!
The party hurries to find Ghandagoza.
The young man leads them into the heart of the island, but there seems to be no trace of Ghandagoza there.
Rackam: Wait, what? This is where the master went up against the meteor, right?
Rackam: No, don't tell me he...
Eugen: Rackam, you know if anyone could do it, it's Master... Isn't that right?
Everyone gathered there quietly hopes for Ghandagoza's safety.
A stupendous blast wave rings out from the mountains.
Vyrn: What in the skies is that?
Rackam: It could be the master. Let's go, (Captain)!
The party hastens up the mountain to the blast site. There they can hardly believe their eyes.
As if possessed, Ghandagoza kicks away one attacking monster after another.
Monster 1: Graaah!
Ghandagoza: Huurng!
Monster 2: Gurrrah!
Ghandagoza: Hi-yaaah!
Rackam: You said the master went up against a meteor?
Young Man: Y-yes!
Rackam: Then why is he battling monsters here in the mountains?
Young Man: Why indeed...
Rackam: Well, anyway, we have to help!
Ghandagoza: Nnnnuh!
Monster: Grrrruh...
Eugen: Stand back, Rackam!
Rackam: Huh?
Rackam: Whoa! Ah, that was close!
Rackam narrowly evades one of the monsters blown back by Ghandagoza.
Rackam: Phew... That power!
Rackam: If we get too near, we're likely to end up as collateral.
Rackam: Hey, Master!
Ghandagoza: Ngraaah!
Rackam's voice doesn't seem to reach Ghandagoza.
The surroundings appear to have fallen away for the master, who continues to knock back the monsters single-mindedly.
Vyrn: So if the big old guy duked it out with a meteor...
Vyrn: Then why's he even more energetic than ever?
Lyria: Good question...
  1. A master's different from you or me!
  2. Is that... a fake?

Choose: A master's different from you or me!

Eugen: Haha! You might be right about that.
Rackam: Hey, didn't take much to convince you.
Vyrn: But... Dontcha think it makes sense in a way?
Rackam: Well, I suppose so...
Lyria: Hah... haha...
Eugen lets out a chuckle as he watches Ghandagoza continue to exercise preternatural strength.
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Choose: Is that... a fake?

Eugen: There's a dreadful air about him—it's almost like he's possessed.
Eugen: But there's no mistaking the master.
Vyrn: There aren't any legends about a fake going wild, are there?
Lyria: That would be so scary.
Eugen: Don't worry. Never heard anything of the sort.
Rackam: Then how do you explain what's happening here?
Eugen: Simple enough. A master's different from you or me.
Eugen lets out a chuckle as he watches Ghandagoza continue to exercise preternatural strength.

Continue 1

Rackam: Huh? You're laughing at a time like this?
Eugen: No... I just figured that someone as ancient as him would normally be hunting for an apprentice, not training.
Eugen: But I figured wrong. He's not about to call it quits yet—he'll keep on evolving.
Ghandagoza: Gaaah!
(Captain) and the party feel a sense of relief at seeing Ghandagoza more powerful than ever.
But none of them seem to have noticed the power of the ominous shock waves emanating from Ghandagoza.